Profile Information

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General Statistics

Cadet Sikkat

Sex: Male

Race: Vulcan

Weight: 73 kg

Height: 210 cm

Age: 37 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
A little tall for a Vulcan, and definitely tall for a betazoid, Sikkat had light brown hair and striking green eyes. Though nearly always covered there is a long scar running down his back from the base of his neck, across his spine and all the way to the small of his back. His skin the tan color one would expect of a Vulcan, but he has a softness like a betazoid. His ears maintain their dominant Vulcan point.

Family & Personal History:
Sikkat spent his early years on Betazed though as he grew older and began to interact with others in large numbers he began to grow more and more violent. Not lashing out at people, but unable to control his impulses. His mother tried to help him learn to control his emotions but it was too hard for him on a planet were so many emotions fluttered into his mind. At only to he moved to Vulcan to begin learning ho to control and repress his emotions. At first he found it very hard, struggling to fit in there. Not long after he moved back to Vulcan the ship that his father was on had a warp drive malfunction. The result of it was unknown, but the ship was never found again. His mother left alone sought out employment on Vulcan and found herself a consultant for Interspecies relationships. Not terribly different from the position that she had on Betazed, one in which she had met His father through. He knew that he had a half sister on Betazed, but not much at all about her. It seemed his mother was caused tumult by thinking of her, so hat he knows is only her name, that she is about 5 years his elder, and still lives on Betazed.

Educational History:
Sikkat spent a good deal of time learning on vulcan though when it came time to enter higher academies, he decided to leave Vulcan and try another location. After a short stay on Betazed he decided that he would try another place. What he had learned to control his emotions so at odds with the culture there he found it difficult to coexist. Moving to earth he enrolled in Starfleet Academy and found that it was an excellent place. Many were learning discipline for the first time and learning from them learning he was able to find other ways to discipline his mind. Excelling in theoretical mechanics and mathematics courses. Classes that he struggled in were few, but he did often have a great number of problems with social relations that disrupted any kind of extra curricular success.

Medical History:
Due to the nature of his parentage there is great difficulty finding synthesized blood that is compatible with his biology. He carries with him the specifications for one that is needed hen he transfers, but standard facilities are not likely to carry it. Along his back is a long scar and his internal organs show signs they have all received trauma, that has been repaired though the records for the cause of this are all classified.

Service Record

11611.21 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Sentinel as ENG