Profile Information

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General Statistics

Cadet Jonas Illin

Sex: Male

Race: Betazoid

Weight: 78 kg

Height: 182 cm

Age: 30 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Jonas has an athletic physique, and typically dark Betazoid eyes. His hair is coloured a light brown and is of a medium length with a long fringe that falls just above his eyes. He's fresh faced and looks relatively lanky, but is deceptively strong.

Family & Personal History:
Jonas was born to a relatively low ranked house on Betazed. He was a middle child out of five, though he is the youngest of two sons. His mother served as the house's matriarch as is typical for Betazoid families and was a domineering force in the siblings lives, feeling a need to 'guide' each one of them on a path which she saw fit. Jonas' father was meanwhile a well known writer and holo-novelist among the Federation, writing a series of holographic adventures set aboard a Vulcan science vessel turned warship during the Romulan Wars in the 22nd Century. These stories and the research that went behind them fascinated Jonas, and he frequently went with his father on trips to the Vulcan homeworld to do further research. While there Jonas became enamoured with the Vulcan way of life and their need for serenity. However, due to this love for somewhere beyond Betazed, his mother insisted he should go to Starfleet Academy to fulfil what she felt was Jonas' need to explore. Jonas felt somewhat put out by this as he was not sure himself what he wished to do, but applied anyway, grudgingly choosing to go when he was accepted, though ultimately doing so to get some distance from his mother as much as it was to do as she wished. He took his father's creative talent with him however and has a creative spirit which emerges in art and writing, which he shares with his father at every opportunity.

Educational History:
In his first year, Jonas' guidance counsellor noted that he had attended the Academy for all the wrong reasons, but saw a great deal of potential in him. Jonas performed mostly adequately throughout his Academy education, spending the first year drifting through as he was unsure if he wanted to really be there. However, his empathic nature allowed him to excel and semesters related to diplomacy and first contact scenarios, while his natural athleticism proved more than sufficient to get him through the more physically demanding tactical courses, though as he is naturally non-violent he was unable to obtain top grades. At the academy he found a passion for history and culture, embracing any subjects which delved into the backgrounds of some of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants more enigmatic races. He failed linguistics in the classroom, though was given a passing grade as his professors discovered that he had a talent for using his empathic powers to discern the emotions behind alien words and phrases, meaning that Jonas can learn other languages surprisingly quickly, but only when he is in contact with different races in person.
By the time of his graduation, Jonas had a major in xeno-archaeology and a minor in xeno-linguistics. He obtained a level two shuttle pilot certification and foundation level knowledge of starship engineering and operations, with particular focus on sensor systems. He was an active member in many artistic societies with his peers.

Medical History:
Suffers from frequent headaches from his empathic abilities which are unusually strong. Otherwise he is fit and healthy, though did have to undergo surgery after suffering a torn ham string while running in the Academy marathon in his second year.

Service Record

11608.19 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as ENG