Profile Information

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General Statistics

Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Trevanion

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 99 kg

Height: 188 cm

Age: 57 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Male Human Caucasian, tall, broad shouldered.
Once black hair, turning white these days, light blue eyes.
Wears a neatly trimmed two centimeter beard.
Had two circular Tattoos of his '62 and '63 sector champion titles in Formula A (for asteroid) sublight racing, one on each shoulder.
Had any accident or war scars removed by dermal specialists.

Family & Personal History:
- Born 2344 on Aldebaran from human parents, who served as science officers on the USS Port of Cornwall (Miranda class).
- Spent the boring first twelve years of his life on board the PoC with his parents, until they retired to Coridan III. Marcus was sent off to the Starfleet backed schools on Aldebaran.
- Built himself a reputation in several racing sports, with wins in ground, air and space speed runs. Formula A (for asteroid) Sector Champion, '61 and '62. Took full advantage of his popularity, in multiple ways.
- At nineteen, upon completion of his civil classes, he was transferred to The Academy on Earth. This was the first time he saw the SOL system. Pleasantly surprised by "the view", he felt motivated enough to stay.
- Majored in Navigation, Minored in Tactical. Held the SFA record marks in advanced small craft flight training for eleven years afterwards, and in classical astronavigation for nine.
- Graduated in '68, assigned to the Nebula class USS Sutherland after its refit, as second helmsman.
- Got himself reprimanded for the first time in service after just one year, was reassigned to the mobile backup force, filling numerous temporary NAV slots over the next three years.
- Returned to the Sutherland in '72 and as its full NAV officer, which carried on to the beginning year of the Dominion War.
- Flew six different ship assignments in the war, got a field promotion to LtJG on the second, to Lt. on the fifth. Earned several awards, but also as many reprimands for questioning orders.
- During the war, Coridan III got overrun by the Jem Hadar, parents missing since. Took four days of leave to attend the wake in their honour, then resumed his efforts in the fighting.
- Post war, late 2376, he was pulled out of active service, promoted to LtCmdr and assigned to the New Aberdeen fleetyards, R&D, as a test pilot. Mostly because of his skills, but likely for suspected emotional instabilty as well. He felt indifferent, just happy to be able to keep flying and have plenty of spare time for more racing and women. Spent eleven years there.
- Transferred to NAV school as an instructor in '88. Was at odds with the Nav training facility's strictly conservative overseer, Admiral Warren Brooks, from day one.
- Insulted and headbutted Brooks over a dispute in teaching methods in early '91. Suspended from duty until his court martial in '92, where he refused to adhere to procedures and insulted the sitting court. Had his rank stripped back to Ensign, his wings revoked and was placed under planetary arrest, confining him to Aldebaran and its moons for a year.
- Recieved a letter from HQ on stardate 11603.01, reactivating him to active service and instructing him to travel to Starbase 212, report there, to await his new assignment.

Educational History:
- Recieved general schooling on board the USS Port Of Cornwall until the age of twelve.
- Took civil education on Aldebaran, at the prime Starfleet sponsored boarding school.
- After graduation at the age of nineteen, moved to Earth to attend Starfleet Academy.
- Major in Navigation, minor in Tactical, graduated with top marks, class of '68.
- Never failed a final exam in his life, but had a tendency to be late for morning classes.

Medical History:
Return to service assessment
By Lieutenant Mara Telari
Health specialist, SFC personnel div.

- Physically in very decent shape, no history of disease to speak of.
- Suffered numerous injuries during racing and in service, but no post traumatic residual disabilities remain present.
- Mentally deemed barely fit for duty, but passed the official tests.
- Stubborn to the point of having people present proof of their expert opinions at times.
- Does not reject his career history of regular verbal and sporadical physical violence.
- Will disobey orders when he doesn't feel they're right or efficient, or after he's had a bad night.
- Has a fierce aversion to anything Dominion/Cardassian, except for the recreational facilities on DS9.
- Believes love and marriage to be for the weak, and children to have no business aboard starships.

* NOTE TO FUTURE SENIORS: Advised to keep mister Trevanion under passive surveillance at all times while on duty or acting in official matters.

Service Record

11603.26 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as TAC

11609.29 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for dedication to service