Profile Information

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General Statistics

Ensign Verelan t'Radaik

Sex: Female

Race: Romulan

Weight: 96 kg

Height: 206 cm

Age: 50 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Verelan is easily described as 'a tree'. Her excessive height and lean muscular build lend her a relatively foreboding appearance, though she's largely a gentle giant-- if very stoic. She has jet black hair that is kept in the traditional military haircut sported by most late 24th century Romulans, and green eyes that carry most of her expression. She is a 'ridged' Romulan and has the pointed ears of the species as well.

Notably, she has a prosthetic arm, which begins halfway up her left bicep and replaces the limb she lost in a dominion skirmish early in her career. It's a metallic chrome in appearance and has segmented plates which allow for natural movement. She has three visible instances of scars: There's connective scarring where her prosthetic arm meets her living tissue, one at back of her ear where it connects to her head, and one thick long line down her back which runs the length of her spine. The top of it is just visible over the collar of her uniform.

Her mannerisms attest to her military upbringing, from her stiff stance to her stern and subtle means of expressing her emotions. She's perpetually poker-faced and does not typically smile without reason.

Family & Personal History:
Whether Verelan t'Radaik was to march under the Raptor's wings had never been in question. It was, after all the duty of every loyal citizen and one that Dhiemn and LIunih of the Radaik house were thoroughly insistent upon ensuring for their daughter. The Riov and her erie'Riov husband's nearly fanatic support for their planet and their military affiliation translated strongly to Verelan from the moment she was born.

It had to be. Upon her birth it was discovered that Verelan possessed a concerning blood disorder-- a form of hemophilia which made her a marker for immediate termination. However, the political pull of an insistent set of parents in favor granted her a stay that would allow her to live until she could be tested. The diet of strict discipline that Verelan was fed from then onward ensured that when she was pitted in the traditional deathmatch for her worth at the age of ten, she was the undisputed victor. The event itself was never spoken of again, though the house of the losing party would remain in unspoken disgrace.

The militaristic style of her upbringing only grew sterner from there. She entered her training for her career in the imperial fleet as soon as she reached the age of maturity. Though not a particularly unpleasant person, she was driven and focused on her studies and the training she could need to graduate from the Imperial War College and made only a few close friends- which later became much less so as she realized the importance of keeping people at a length. She never married, and has no children, nor did she have any siblings.

It wasn't until she began her first tour of duty that she began to gain an actual perspective of the highly concerning nature of the empire she served. Her malcontent for the entire governmental system grew throughout the Dominion war particularly, though her ire at the treatment of the Remans and the general xenophobic nature of the species had never sat well with her. She considered defection many times, but the cusp of it all came in the wake of the Hobus disaster. When the Tal'Shiar closed the borders and locked down on the remaining Romulan population, the situation became desperate. Verelan defected with great difficulty-- and it is not something she considers casual conversation material. It's from there that she's gone on to take her place in starfleet's ranks.

Educational History:
Verelan's education progressed as follows:


Romulan Primary and Secondary Education, standard.

Imperial War College - Flight and Tactical specialty. Noted for exceptional dedication to physically-inclined exercises and punctuality.


Starfleet Academy - Cum Laude - Excelled at marksmanship and flight drills. Less accomplished in areas of biological matters and Federation history.

Medical History:
General Health is considered very good.


- Has a medication-controlled form of hemophilia.

-Is a Transhumeral amputee on the left side, with a fully-functioning prosthetic replacement.

-Possesses scarring which poses no medical threat to the pt.

Service Record

11603.16 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Sentinel as TAC

11605.30 - Promoted to Ensign for successfully graduating from Starfleet Academy