Profile Information

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General Statistics

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elijah Stark

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 98 kg

Height: 189 cm

Age: 31 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Left = Green, Right = Blue
Build: Slightly above average height with an athletic build.

Family & Personal History:
Born: January 1st, 2372

Place: Mansfield, Ohio North America

Parents: Howard Andrew Stark, Lynn Naoma Stark
Siblings: Howard Andrew Stark III, Sara Mab Stark

History: The middle son of three children, Eli was born into a politically prominent family. His father and grandfather serve on the Federations security council, having parlayed Starfleet service into their political careers. Expecting their children to follow suit, Elijah and his sisters decision to pursue careers in Starfleet have cause some division in the family.

Part of Elijah's decision was the result of overhearing his fathers participation in a less than ethical political maneuver. The result has created a rift between father and son.

Educational History:
After his general education, Eli attended Starfleet Academy. His focus was on Starship Operations, Fleet tactics, and Xeno-cultural studies. Oddly enough, he has shown difficulty with political and negotiation skills, stemming from his personal issues with his families political standing. (Eli sees politics as largely disingenuous and deceptive.) Eli showed an early interest in architecture, but abandoned the interest later in his education.

Medical History:
Elijah has the average past injuries of a young adult human with an active lifestyle. His only real medical oddity is his heterochromia, a mutation that results in different colored eyes.

Service Record

11505.08 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Hyperion as OPS

11507.20 - Awarded the Tzenkethi War Campaign Ribbon for dedication to duty during the Tzenkethi War

11507.20 - Awarded the Admirals Letter of Commendation for excellent service in defense of the Federation

11603.28 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for outstanding dedication to duty and exemplary performance