Profile Information

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General Statistics

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hamlet

Sex: Male

Race: Klingon

Weight: 127 kg

Height: 209 cm

Age: 60 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Has an incredibly imposing stature at 6ft 10in tall.
Has green eyes.
Black hair with numerous grey streaks.
Is missing his right little finger, and has a scar on his chest marginally below the postion of his heart.

Is actually not as imposing as his height makes him appear; he is good natured and doesnt posses the generally inherent aggression of a Klingon, being quite polite and well mannered. He freely admits that although he served in the Klingon Imperial Navy, he has never truly considered himself to be a Klingon Warrior. He is also a self described family man.

Growing up in Scotland he picked up a distinctive accent. He is also very softly spoken for a Klingon, and rarely shouts or growls.

Family & Personal History:
1st son of Kretok of House HoQaa; Hamlet (named for his father's favourite Shakespearean play) was born to a eminent family on Qo'noS, his father being the Klingon ambassador to Vulcan. His mother Qel'na, died not long after he was born, after which his father moved to Vulcan to be closer to his work. He eventually met, fell in love with and married T'mara; the Vulcan ambassador to Qo'noS, the family then moved to Earth, due to pressure from T'mara's family from her marriage to a Klingon. They searched for somewhere agreeable to live, before finally settling on Scotland.

His father belonged to a group of Klingons who believed in a revival of the Empire's Golden Age; a time when combat was not the core principle of Klingon society, when they took on more artistic and scholarly pursuits; hence Hamlet and his 5 half-siblings were brought up in kind. They were taught a healthy respect for nature and the sciences and were trained to overcome their animalistic urges and aggression. Hamlet's father groomed him in interplanetary law, with high hopes that one day he would become a barrister or a politician.

However, Hamlet and his brother Macbeth rebelled when the latter turned of age and fled Earth to join the Imperial Fleet, where they both served aboard the IKS Khitomer. The Khitomer was fraught with bad luck over the years, and the brothers were both able to obtain the rank of Sogh relatively quickly. They both served for a number of years, until the outbreak of the short lived Klingon-Federation war. Their father denounced his loyalty to the Empire and Hamlet followed suit; Macbeth did not however and was killed shortly after; in battle with a Federation ship.

In a deep bout of depression; Hamlet lost his way. He drifted from slum world to slum world, believing he had disgraced and dishonoured himself and his family by failing to protect his brother. He refused to go home to his family on Earth because of this fact, fearing that they no longer loved him. He spent his time getting drunk in dive bars, fighting and maiming the locals in the hopes he could reclaim what he had lost. He was located by a group of hired finders; he fought them, mistakenly believing they were sent there by the Empire to kill him for desertion. After they eventually incapacitated him, they gave him the dire news that his father was dying, and his presence was needed. The group raced back to Earth, but were too late, and Hamlet was met by his grieving family.

Not all was lost however; his father had left personal messages for his children within the mind of T'mara. She initiated a mind-meld with him and showed him his father's last thoughts; he forgave him for leaving, told him he and the family never blamed him for his brother's death, and that he was always proud of him. He also implored his son to join Starfleet, saying that The Revival would be abetted by the Federation one day, and in this, both sides would need forward thinkers like him. This was the defining moment in Hamlet's life; it filled him with a renewed sense of self and determination, and as per his father's final request he joined Starfleet.

It was at the academy that he realised how much like his father he was, as he met and fell in love with a Vuclan named Cre'el. At first she was not interested in his advances, believing he was a stereotypical Klingon, but he was eventually able to wear her down. They went on to serve aboard their first ship together, where they married and had their first child. Hamlet was later asked to teach Klingon politics and law at the academy; a job offer he nearly didnt take until Cre'el was offered a position at Starfleet Medical. So the family moved to Scotland where he had grown up, and today Hamlet and Cre'el have two sons and three daughters.

Educational History:
As a child he had an extensive education. Very early on he gained a love of the sciences; in particular astronomy and astrometics due to the beauty of the cosmos. His step mother trained him in Vulcan logic and reasoning, whilst his father taught him law and politics (as before becoming an ambassador he was a barrister). He was also extensively versed in Vulcan and Klingon culture and history. He was also taught and obtained a love of Terran literature.

He gained first hand experience in starship operations during his time in the Klingon Imperial Navy and was the IKS Khitomer's science officer (although in that capacity he rarely had a practical use), he was also commended as a efficient warrior. He obtained the rank of Sogh and with it gained some command experience.

At the academy he did fairly well.
He took up his love of science and had marks that his instructors found to be unexpectedly high considering his being Klingon.
As to be expected he had excellent marks in his close combat lessons, however he did not do quite as well at ship-to-ship combat training; expressing a disdain for the tactical post.
Although understanding the physics, in practice he isn't overly proficient at engineering.
At navigation he showed some promise, in the end obtaining average marks.
He became a qualified field medic, after swooning after his future wife (who gives him consistent refresher courses on the subject).
His highest field of study was xenopolitics and law (specialising in Klingon and Vulcan law), for which he had his academic year's highest marks. He also passed the bar exam whilst at the academy, with the potential to become a JAG officer.
He also taught Klingon politics and law at the academy for seven years.

Medical History:
Is missing his right little finger.
Has a scar just below his heart caused by a bat'leth. Must have yearly check ups on the internal damage, as the blade knicked his heart when it occured.

Service Record

11409.24 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Sentinel as SCI

11503.09 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for quick thinking during the Sentinel's energy crisis and aiding in the rescue of the USS Artur

11507.06 - Awarded the Captains Letter of Commendation for oustanding service to the U.S.S. Sentinel and her crew during the Tzenkethi incursion

11507.06 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Sentinel as CSO