Profile Information

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General Statistics

Lieutenant Commander Raqiin sh'Hruvek

Sex: Female

Race: Aenar

Weight: 60 kg

Height: 171 cm

Age: 33 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Pale blue tinted skin, much lighter than Andorian skin but not stark white like Aenar. Equally pale eyes, often giving the impression that she might be blind. Long white hair normally tied back in a braid ending just under the shoulder blades. Her antennae sit just enough back for the bases to be hidden in her hair. Some of her human friends in the Academy had nicknames for her relating to her ghost-like features, though she prefers to think of herself like snow. Her face has a pleasant roundness, full cheeks.

As with any Andorian, her stalks show more than she tends to be willing to. Outwardly, she tends to be calm and centered, a softness to her features. However, she has been known to let her curiosity get the better of her, or let her joy of the job lend to an outburst, or be particularly aggressive (so to speak) with any firmly-held beliefs. It isn't wise to rile an Andorian, even one that's half Aenar, but she tries not to be quick to anger.

Family & Personal History:
Half-Andorian, half-Aenar, four parents, it isn't easy to have sides of the family that have very different philosophies. The Aenar half fought (in the proverbial sense) to give her a simpler, more traditionally Aenar name; they never asked for anything more. Her poor eyesight worried her Andorian parents, but they didn't see a need to rush the procedure on a young child until she was old enough to start learning to read and write, which she would need if she wanted to live among Andorians given her less than stellar telepathic abilities.

She was particularly close to her Andorian father, Shelhabathi, until he went off to fight in the Dominion War. News that he had been killed in the line of duty hit when she was six, and, once the grief began to abate, the family found itself split. Raqiin went with her Andorian mother, Chavrintushik, a teacher who would oversee her corrected vision and her overall education, while Thrit and Alaneb, her Aenar parents, stayed in their ancestral homeland together. Tushik was always a distant, refined woman who had a taste for the arts and didn't make much time for family even before Habathi's death, and Raqiin sometimes felt like just another student instead of her daughter. But she would remark that Raqiin had Habathi's sense of adventure, and the ice, so to speak, would melt from time to time. Raqiin was never made to enter into a marriage arrangement, despite it being socially and culturally expected of her--perhaps to save her from Tushik's fate of becoming a mother before she was ready--nor was she pushed toward the Guard like Habathi.

Raqiin made sure to visit her other set of parents in her teens when she became old enough to travel on her own (or rather, be allowed to travel on her own). She, at times, felt like both a stranger in a land she had not seen in many years and like she always belonged among people who understood her more unique traits. The older she became, the more curious she got, and she slowly began to find her calling in the study of life and all of its forms. Life, she thought, had more poetry and less sadness. There wasn't any way she was joining the Imperial Guard, not after what happened to Habathi--and certainly not with her uncertain views on pacifism, beliefs picked up from her blind family and continually edited to fit her changing view of the universe--but she couldn't just stay on Andor all of her life when there was so much more out there. With a few padds worth of books and notes, she paid her way onto trade ship going...anywhere.

For nearly two years, she lived like this: disembarking on whatever planet or station was happened upon, sticking around to take notes on the plants, animals, and people she saw, and working odd jobs to help pay the next ship of goods or passengers going somewhere out there, but it really wasn't any way to spend her life. A formal education would be needed, a steady job, and a more stable chance to discover what else is in the galaxy. Earth, and Starfleet Academy, the Federation's peacekeeping ways, would have to sate her appetite for discovery and adventure.

Educational History:
Entered the Academy slightly older than most due to her travels and waffling on what to do with the directionless life ahead of her. Due to her light telepathic abilities and calm (for an Andorian) personality, it was suggested she try psychology. It wasn't something that was ever on her list of things to do with herself, but the Academy offered such a wide range of topics to sample, and her advisor suggested it, well, what could go wrong? After a few semesters, she decided it wasn't what she wanted to do with herself--too soft to appease her Andorian side, not enough doing, too much into the medical track for her liking. She quickly switched her focus back to what always interested her: biochemistry and exobiology. Life. She excelled in the science track, fascinated by the methods of gathering data, and the idea of being on a ship, informing a captain, making strides and discoveries, placated her desire for new life great and small.

Her physical and weapons training went abysmally, even when she was allowed to practice only on inanimate objects, and her pacifism was noted in her files with concern. (Of course, her advisor told her, if at all possible, nobody wants a science officer to have to take up arms, but in dire situations...) Nevertheless, with strong dedication, she all but forced her way past the less scientific tests thrown at her. She wasn't about to let that kind of roadblock keep her from the stars.

Medical History:
Poor eyesight/partial blindness as a child - surgically corrected vision, complaints of sensitivity to direct bright light
Mild telepathic abilities - can 'see' objects and surroundings around her, even or especially in pitch black; can sense the emotions of others in her vicinity; cannot read thoughts or send messages

As of Stardate 11605.19, received severe crush injuries to her legs resulting in extensive surgery on her left and the removal of right foot. Using existing tissue, foot was regrown and attached. Though discharged from sickbay, has taken to occasionally wearing leg braces, and has complaints of healed injuries aching at warp or inclement weather.

Service Record

11403.08 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as SCI

11404.23 - Promoted to Ensign for bravery and dedication to duty

11406.05 - Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valour for putting her welfare above that of the crew in the face of overwhelming danger

11408.11 - Awarded the Captains Letter of Commendation for ingenuity in the face of danger

11410.30 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for upholding the finest traditions of Starfleet, and for your skill and loyalty to your crew in the face of danger

11501.19 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as CSO

11508.23 - Promoted to Lieutenant for dedication to duty

11508.23 - Awarded the Tzenkethi War Campaign Ribbon for dedication to duty during the Tzenkethi War

11508.23 - Awarded the Admirals Letter of Commendation for excellent service in defence of the Federation

11508.23 - Awarded the Starfleet Silver Palm for outstanding dedication to duty and crew

11604.14 - Awarded the Starfleet Silver Palm for exceptional, meritorious achievement in relation to the safe recovery of Twissel to our dimension

11604.14 - Awarded the Medal of Commendation for for exceptional crew conduct in relation to the safe recovery of Twissel to our dimension

11612.08 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander for diligence of duty and loyal service