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"A Fresh Start"

Sentinel 11407.22

USS Sentinel, Mission #5
The away team have found some disturbing evidence in the transporter logs, subroutines and functions with the crew's IDs attached than have run after their patterns were supposedly lost in the accident.

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<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::works furiously on a padd::
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Sits in her chair on the bridge, looking around::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Wonders how long she's going to be on this Ghost ship... It feels like it's been weeks.::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG: All right, first question: do you think it's possible to get them back into the buffer, get them out of there?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS: Theoretically. There are some ethical concerns... I've been working on a way to possibly communicate with them, see if we can find out more about their situation.
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps away at his station, impatiently waiting on several scans, occasionally glancing at the transporter lock on the away team with concern.::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::deadpan:: ENG: 'Ethical concerns'.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @ENG: Can we transfer them to the buffer on the Sentinel? Her transporters have to be far more powerful than the Maubry's...
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS: Well, yeah... I mean, there's a strong possibility we won't get all of a person back. What we get could end up being a vegetable, or missing a vital organ. ::glances over to D'Mera:: TAC: Possibly? This... this isn't really something they cover at the Academy, you know? Then there's all sorts of issues about what happens to the Maubry when we remove them, and... It'd be nice to have some time to research all this, you know?
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: Any update Ensign? Last we heard you were in the middle of a ghost story.

ACTION: The lights begin flickering through the ship, the doors to the transporter room swish open suddenly and the corridor outside the transporter room darkens

<TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Yes, let's waste more time on this stupid ship.:: @ENG: Can't we just wirelessly transfer the patterns? Or even use an umbilical from a shuttlecraft? Once the patterns are in the Sentinel, we can spend the time to research how to get them out properly...
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::jumps, her nerves starting to fray::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG: What happens to the Maubry even if we move them was my second question. ::short sigh:: *CO*: Transporter accidents account for a good number of ghost stories these days, sir. We've found the crew. Getting them reconstituted is going to be the challenging part.
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> *Listens intently as the CO attempts to get an update from the away team, ready to beam them out in an instant.::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Reminds herself of the horror holonovels back home, and all of this is just the crew inside the buffer. She purses her lips as she waits for shTolar to consider the options...::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: Well, you’ll have a far easier time reconstituting them on the Sentinel, do everything you can to transfer their patterns here.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> CO: With that many people, i'm surprised the pattern buffer has lasted this long.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: What patterns would that be? You mean the ones integrated into systems all over the ship? Oh, I'm sure I can just seamlessly remove them from the computer core without a second thought. ::tosses the padd showing the pervasiveness of the crew IDs in the ship's systems:: Let me just get out my magical engineering wand and pull a miracle out of my ass!
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @*CO*: Sir--there are...ethical concerns, but more importantly than that, the patterns aren't exactly patterns. They're not in the buffer. As far as we can tell, they've somehow become subroutines that are currently keeping the ship from exploding into a very violent ball of fire.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> AUX: All the better reason to have them transferred to the ship that's not 80 years old.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @ENG: My mistake, I thought you Starfleet Engineers could make phasers out of rocks and twigs. A few patterns scattered throughout an old ship should be old hat... ::She smirks at the Engineer.::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG/TAC: Both of you, quit acting like damn children.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS* What sort of ethical concerns?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: And I'm sure I could buy an evening between your legs if I had the latinum. Aren't preconceived notions fun? ::gives her an obscene gesture::
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> CO: True...::Hears the other part of the update::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @OPS: Then why don't you make a decision rather than lamenting how "hard" this is - it doesn't matter if it's "hard" - it can be done. Figure it out. ::Starts tapping at the console in front of the transporter.:: @ENG: I didn't realize I got sent over here with the two most "can't-do" attitudes in the Federation.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: If those crew's patterns are truly part of the subroutines now, and we assume their preventing the ship's reactor from going critical. How much time would we have between removing those patterns and the destruction of the ship?
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Blinks at the conversation, taken aback somewhat.:: CO: Transporter patters transformed into subroutines?  Goodness...facinating..... ::Turns and begins running simulations on ways to reconstitute the subroutines back into patterns.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: If I had a goddamn moment to think without some clueless fuckwit lobbing useless suggestions at me, then maybe I'd be able to think of something.
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Looks up, speaking excitedly.:: CO: Captain! Are the crewmembers aware of our away team?!  Can they communicate!
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @ENG: Excuse me a minute, while I do your job for you. ::Ignores her as she continues examining the mess of subroutines splayed throughout the ship's systems.::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *TAC/ENG*:Cut the shit, I have no patience for this while a crew's lives are in danger.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG/TAC: I said that's ENOUGH. sh'Tolar, you get your ass in gear figuring out how you can move these subroutines to the Sentinel, whether they're as they are or as patterns.  D'Mera, you can either help her or you can stand by the door and stay quuiet.
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ALL: Perhaps if we can consolidate them into the Maubrys main computer, we can segrigate them back into their seperate entities....we don't want any cross contamination of the data..no,no, can't have that.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Looks up at Baudin:: OPS: Help? I'm the only one looking for a solution you halfwit. ::hears the Commander as she realizes they're on open comms. Her face goes pale green as she turns back to the computer::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS/*CO*: I don't have time to deal with this know-it-all bitch. I'm going to Engineering where I might actually get some work done. ::storms out of the transporter room::

ACTION: The doors slam closed after sh'Tolar walks out, her torch casting shadows in the dark corridor

<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps his combadge, completely unaware of the personal striff occuring.:: *ENG* Ensign Tolar, have you attempted to communicate with the crewman subroutines?
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Smiles at the CO's remark:: CO: Thank you sir. I was about to say something myself.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @All: Here, look. ::Shows what she's found on the computer:: All: If we duplicated the subroutines and transferred the copies to the Sentinel, we can be off this ship without fear of it exploding in a matter of minutes. ::Points to the screen.:: ENG: was that so hard?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::jumps again, just about at her wit's end:: *CSO*: I'D BE TRYING IF IT WEREN'T FOR ENSIGN FUCKFACE! ::continues on towards Engineering::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Sees shTolar storm out:: OPS: See, look here. We can duplicate every file in the Maubry. There's plenty of room on the Sentinel.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::lays a hand on the helmet he still hasn't seen fit ot take off:: TAC: I believe sh'Tolar would consider the copying of beings and leaving the original to possibly be destroyed an 'ethical concern'. But your suggestion is noted, and if you can set that up, that would be appreciated.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: Do not actually copy anything over until I or the captain give the say-so. This situation needs to be handled more delicately than it's being right now.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @OPS: It's ready. And we don't have to destroy the originals. If we determine we can unravel the mess in here from the Sentinel's more powerful computers, we can pull up the original data, merge it, and bring out 12 people, just like it says here, and hte Maubry will explode at a harmless distance.
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Physically cringes slightly at the angry torrent.:: *ENG*: Oh my!  ::recovers::  *ENG*: Well, given the situation ensign, that should be the first course of action.  Please attempt to do so and I'll lias with you from here.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Sees the CSO cringe at the comment and steps up:: *ENG*: I understand you're upset, but you are a starfleet officer. Control yourself, Ensign.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::takes a look, frowning:: TAC: Easier said than done.  We're going to have degredation when we move them over. We might not actually GET twelve people when we're done. And it puts some of Sentinel's systems at risk. Judging from this, some of our subroutines will have to be rewritten to store them.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::pauses:: *AUX*: I don't know who this is, but bite me, lady. ::stomps into Engineering and moves to the MSD, getting to work on a potential translation matrix::
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Swivles his chair to face the Captain.:: CO: Captain, I believe it may be possible to reconstitute the Maubry crewmembers, but we have to seprate the data for each member.  As subroutines they're criss-crossing and in some instances, combining data as they traverse the ships systems.  before we can reconstitute them back into Transporter patterns, we need to communicate with them to store themselves in the ships main computer core, its the only system large enough to contain them all at once.  Once they're seperated from each other, we can attempt to recover their transporter patterns.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @OPS: you're telling me the best and brightest onboard the fresh and clean Sentinel can't isolate a little space outside of its own systems for this data? ::Realizes she really is a layman here...::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::sighs heavily, taking a moment to try and cool down:: *AUX*: I'm sorry. I just... I need a minute to gather my thoughts, ok?
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> *ENG*: This is Commander Stradiot. Your Councellor. In the absence of the Chief Medical Officer, I can pull you out of there as unfit for duty. ::Hears the apology:: Apology accepted. Just remember yourself and put the situation first. ::Closes the com::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> AUX: When all this is said and done, we're gonna need to have a little talk with our away team.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Nods:: CO: It would seem so, sir.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: The safety of that crw takes priority over the Sentinel's systems. Do whatever is necessary.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @Self: Okay... let's try this... ::implements the matrix, and inputs a simple binary message:: Crew: 'Can you read this?'
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: I know what I'm talking about. I know what the ship can hold, and I know about data transferrence. Not all of this can even be turned into pure data; we're talking about people, D'Mera. They might be, at the most basic, lines of code right now, but the transporters handle sending atoms around for a reason, not engineering subroutines.

ACTION: There's no answer from sh'Tolar's console.

<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::nods.:: *ENG*: Mr. Sh Tolar, please let me know when you've begun your attempts to communicate with the Maubry crew subroutines.  I suggest something simple, perhaps use a console to transmit morse code?
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: That said, we are going to have to work together to get each of the Maubry's crew untangled from each other and their ship. Do you think you can keep yourself from punching our engineer at least until we get out of here?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @Self: Okay... option tw- ::glances to her combadge:: CSO: That assumes the crew even knows morse code. I'm trying to implement a translation matrix using binary, but it might take a while to get it right. Hell, we're not even sure if there's any awareness here, sir.
<GM_James> <*CSO*>
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps his combadge again.:: *ENG*: Very possible, but we do have some options should our current prove unfruitful.  What are your thoughts on slowly closing off the ships subroutine paths until the main core is the only destination?
<TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Steps back and lets Baudin to the console.:: OPS: It doesn't seem to matter what I say, so why don't you spin your wheels some more.
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps his combadge once more.::  *OPS & TAC* : gentlemen, we're endeavoring to rectify the situation on the Maubry, if  you'll please rejoin Mr. sh Tolar, your imput would be appreciated.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::implements the modified matrix, this one focused on more basic subroutines::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::glad for the momentary distraction:: *CSO*: Aye sir, right away. ::he's so out of there. he'll just ASSUME D'Mera's following.::

ACTION: The entire subroutine disappears.

<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @*CSO*: It's possible? I guess I'd be concerned about accidentally closing off or damaging part of their code; I can't think of any precedent for this, Lieutenant. We're essentially flying blind, here.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Follows Baudin, a look of disdain on her face.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::stops dead:: Self: Oh, no... oh, no no no... ::attempts to restore the subroutine::

ACTION: A brand new one appears with the same name and function

<CSO_LtJG_Hret> *ENG*: Indeed, there's no precident for this situation.  Our only course of action is to approach the situation from a strictly mechnical perspective.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::takes a deep breath, sighing in relief:: *CSO*: I think we just got another piece of the puzzle... I tries to manipulate one of the base subroutines to implement my matrix, and subroutine complete reverted itself to its original state.

ACTION: The entire console shuts down in front of sh'Tolar, and with the lights in that area off there's only blackness.

<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: Do we still not have any indication of what will happen to the Maubry when these subroutines are removed?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::tries to keep herself together as she fumbles around for her flashlight::

ACTION: sh'Tolar's comm crackles with static, getting louder and louder, a buzzing and ringing in her ears while the consoles begin to flash, scatterings of data cascading across the screen.

<TAC_Ens_DMera> @OPS: Baudin, I just want to reiterate that what you can't do from here, a team of Engineers probably can do from the Sentinel... ::Continues following him towards Engineering.::
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: If the subroutines are preventing the Maubry from breaking down and exploding, if the routines are removed it stands to reason she would proceed to her demise.  My concern is how much time we have to recover the crew before she expires.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::furrows her grow slightly, and grabs her tricorder instead, trying to lock onto her badge's interference and boost it:: *Aloud*: Hello?

ACTION: The comm static cuts just as Baudin and D'mera enter engineering, the lights returning to their normal brightness. Just for a moment, before the words disappear from the console, a single subroutine GUID flashes up on screen

<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: We've got Science and Engineering working together. Or is that you suggesting you don't trust sh'Tolar to know what she's doing on our end? ::enters engineering--and flashing console. for his part, he sounds calm:: ENG: What happened?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::brings up the subroutine:: OPS: I think... I think they're trying to tell me something.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Ignores the Operations Officer as they enter Engineering.::
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Waits patiently for sh Tolar to complete her efforts, running another scan of the Maubry from his station.::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::comes to look over her shoulder at the console:: ENG: Is it the same message of help or something new?
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: Alright, thats all I need to hear. *OPS*: Baudin, how long before we can get those patterns transferred to the Sentinel?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS: There was some of that, but... this subroutine they pointed me to. It... looks like a single crew ID is taking over managing the ship's systems while the others consolidate. ::sits back some:: I think it's intending to stay behind while we save the others.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::considers that for a quiet moment:: ENG: Assuming you're right, how long to get eleven over?
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @OPS/ENG: So wait, before we had ethical concerns about moving the data, but now we're considering leaving one behind? ::Scoffs aloud:: ALL: Why don't we just duplicate the data, then beam up, then attempt to pull all of the data up again and merge it with the original? That way we get all twelve either way. Low risk, ethically... gray ::she wiggles her hand:: CONT: But at least we're
<TAC_Ens_DMera> not leaving someone behind!
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::runs some quick calcuations on her tricorder, seeming to slump slightly:: OPS: It will take 15 minutes to transfer the data. Once we start, the one staying behind will be able to keep the ship from going critical for an hour. If we try to take all 12, the ship will go critical in 30 seconds. ::looks over to Baudin::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::taps her combadge::  *CSO*: An update, sir. 11 of the crew are consolidating, and will be ready for transfer shortly. It'll take some work, but we should be able to reconstitute them. The 12th... is staying behind.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *ENG*: How's that? Is there no way to save all 12?
<TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Stares at shTolar as she hears the Captain's question.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @*CO*: It appears the 12th is volunteering to stay behind to save the others. It's... with all 12 of them, they can keep the ship from going critical indefiniately. With none of them, it would explode in 30 seconds, which isn't enough time to transfer the data. One of them staying behind will give us an hour.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @ENG: (whispers) you just murdered that 12th Officer.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Frowns and looks out into space, trying to figure out this puzzle::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *ENG*: Too long to transfer 12 crew patterns, but what about just one?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::gives D'Mera a dark look, but says nothing::
<CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: We may be able to pull the 12 away once we have the other 11.  it takes far less time to transfer a single transporter signature than it does a dozen.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @ENG: (whispers) Duplicate the data! What is wrong with you? ::Debates breaking the chain of command and messaging the Captain, but decides against it...::
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> *ENG*: This may sound off...But can we fix the ship? fix the problem with the ship and we might not have to lose anyone
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: My thinking exactly. And we can beam out the away team in well under 30 seconds correct?
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @*CO/CSO*: The 11 have separated  themselves to make transfer easier. The 12th is now integrated throughout the entire ship.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG: They're not giving us a choice, are they.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @*CO*: And fixing is out of the question; the warp core is too unstable. Frankly, it's a miracle it's still intact.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Sighs:: CO: If we're not being given much of an option here, we gotta take what we can.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::runs a gloved hand through her short white hair::

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