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"A Fresh Start"

Sentinel 11407.15

USS Sentinel, Mission #4
The Away Team has managed to get onboard the Maubry and power up some of her systems, a power transfer beam from the Sentinel helping to get critical functions kick started. The lights are back on and the lifts are working, life support is running and the air is clear. However, Baudin's comm seems to be malfunctioning and D'Mera is seeing things in consoles, although a similar theme between these 'hallucinations' is disconcerting at best.

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<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Still in Sickbay, talking over the situation with the survivor::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::monitors the power levels in the EPS junction to ensure there's no looming spike::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Fiddles with her EVA suit controls, not brave enough to take it off, despite the Engineer's advisement regarding the atmosphere.::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> ::Awaits a reply from Starfleet Command::
<GM_James> <aOPS_Spencer> CO: Sir, incoming communication from Starfleet Command.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::motions to D'Mera:: TAC: Now that the doors will be more cooperative, we should start that sweep.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> aOPS: Put it on screen.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @OPS: Notify the Captain that we're ready, then. ::Rechecks the console for the words she'd seen earlier, but her gloved hand rubs against the glass and finds nothing.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> <@ for my last>
<GM_James> <aOPS_Spencer> ::nods, putting it on screen, hoping that if he gets nothing then one day....he'll be the duty officer for OPS::
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> Brack: So...is there anything else you can tell me? Anything at all that might help us?

ACTION: Admiral Tolar's face flashes up on screen.

<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS/TAC: I'll stay here and see if I can learn more about this pseudo breach. ::looks for the ship's error logs::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG: If you're sure. Contact us if anything happens and keep that weapon by your side, just in case.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Shakes her head:: ENG: Captain asked me to keep the safety of the away team top priority - we shouldn't split up.
<Admiral_Tolar> *CO*: Captain Yeremenko, it seems you're having a little more excitement than anticipated for your maiden voyage. How are rescue operations proceeding?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: And if something goes wrong while we're searching the ship, no one will be here to alert you, and we'll all be dead before we know it. So...
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *Admiral Tolar*: As well as can be expected, but it doesn’t seem we’re any closer to any answers.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *Admiral Tolar*: Is anything we need to know about the mission the Maubry was assigned? The circumstances here seem strange to say the least.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Huffs:: ENG: Then advise the Captain of the situation and ask for further instructions. ::Why is everyone so difficult, today? She wonders... This ship is getting to her.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: ... alright. ::taps her combadge:: *CO*: sh'Tolar to Captain Yeremenko. ::learned that name well enough::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: Believe me, I understand where you are coming from. If there wasn't an issue with this..."pseudo breach", then I would want her along. If you'd rather stay here to keep watch, be my guest, but the ship needs searched top to bottom as well. ::leaves it up to her::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *ENG*: Go ahead.
<Admiral_Tolar> *CO*: The Maubry has a shipment of Tellerium that was due for the shipyards on Arcturis. As far as Starfleet is aware it was a standard cargo run, nothing untoward or odd. Why she was in the Barnard's Star system though, it's possible she was off course or using the gravitational pull of that star for a better course plotting.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @*CO*: Sir, we've established a power flow to the Maubry. Ensigns D'Mera and Baudin are ready to search the rest of the ship. I was planning on staying in Engineering and looking into this breach that never happened.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *Admiral Tolar*: Thank you Admiral, we'll keep you informed.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Sighs slightly and stands back up.:: CMO: I'm going to head up to the bridge. There's not much more I can get out of Brack here I think. ::Walks out of Sickbay on her way to the bridge.::
<Admiral_Tolar> ::nods:: *CO*: Good luck, Captain. Starfleet Command out.

ACTION: The Admiral's face winks off the viewscreen

<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG: If you can get some internal sensors up and running, run a scan first and see if anything comes up amiss. Better to know beforehand if we're about to run into something.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *ENG*: Do you have any reason to suspect any threat to your safety? What does Ensign DMera advise?
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Raises her eyebrows in a :smug: face at the Ensign.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::looks over to D'Mera and nods in the general direction of the ship, letting her answer for herself while she tries to bring the internals online::
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Steps into the TL that'll take her to the bridge:: Computer: Bridge. ::Stands patiently.::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> ::Tries to adjust his seat without anyone noticing, it's not as comfortable as he would have liked::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @CO: Captain, I advise we stick together to avoid any surprises. sh'Tolar can access the ship's computers remotely from a PADD - it won't be as direct, but at least... at least we'll be together if something should happen. ::D'Mera seems confident in her surmise of the situation - splitting the party is never advised in these situations in the training programs... But then again, it's
<TAC_Ens_DMera> never "like" the program, is it...::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *TAC*: Agreed, as long as we're even slightly in the dark over there, stick together.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::rolls her eyes some:: OPS: Sensors are up. I guess I'll get the results on a PADD... ::looks around for one::
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Steps off the TL onto the bridge and looks around. Smiling slightly, she looks to the CO's chair and speaks up.:: CO: Lieutenant Commander Claire Stradiot reporting for duty.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::roots one out of his EVA suit. which he hasn't removed yet.:: ENG: Then it'll have to do, so long as we get moving. ::impatient? maybe::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Gives sh’Tolar a smirk.:: OPS: Lead on, I'll take the rear. ::Sturdies her phaser rifle.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::takes the PADD with a nod and connects it to the sensor readouts, while simultaneously giving D'Mera a rude gesture::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::with a more stern frown than he normally wears:: TAC/ENG: Settle down. We go room by room and work our way back to the bridge. We stick together. By the book. ::moves to the door and out::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Motions for sh’Tolar to follow, so that D'Mera can take the rear.::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @*CO*: Sir, requesting an update. Do we have any idea what the Maubry was doing out here? Anything we might be looking specifically for?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::shrugs noncommittally and follows along, keeping an eye on the readouts:: OPS: Doesn't look like there's much left on the ship. No bio readings besides ours, no anomalies outside of the gravity well and the mild radiation...

ACTION: The door opens smoothly, then as the last person passes through it suddenly they begin violently banging together, opening and closing rapidly.

<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::What the shit::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: According to Starfleet Command the Maubry was on a cargo run, hauling Tellerium to Arcturis, nothing that explains what it's doing out here.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> AUX: Ah, welcome aboard. Interesting first day eh?
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Still smiling:: CO: I can't say it's a normal day, no. ::Moves up and sits in her chair.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::yelps and jumps as the doors slam together::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Reaches for the door controls and attempts to manually disable them.::

ACTION: As suddenly as it started, the doors stop and close normally.

<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::spins around to face the noise, wary of any malfunctions--or intruders:: TAC/ENG: ...We should get this done quickly. If it is a transporter incident, these little incidents might be the only way the crew have to try and communicate with us.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @Aloud: That wasn't me - they stopped on their own... ::She shudders at the thought, her hand still hovering near the panel.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::feels her heart race:: OPS/TAC: Well... that was disconcerting...
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> AUX: I'm guessing our rescued crew members weren't of help then?
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> CO: Not entirely...Brack mentioned a power surge on the ship before he was transported off.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::tries to access the system error dumps on the PADD::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> AUX: Not exactly solid evidence of anything.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> CO: No....but perhaps a place to start. If the away team is looking for odd things, perhaps they should be wary of power surges.
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: Ensign, one of the Maubry's survivors reported a power surge aboard the ship before transporting off. Have you found anything to corroborate that?
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @*CO*: We have been experiencing some...occasionally strange phenomenon lately. Comms crackling, doors going haywire. ::and messages not actually written on consoles::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS: Sensors didn't show anything unusual... going through the error dumps now...
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS* Could be a side effect of our power transfer. Except for the message one, what did it say?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::sighs some in frustration:: OPS: I can't access some of the ship's systems with this. ::glances pointedly at D'Mera:: We'll need to go to the transporter room to learn anything about a power surge there.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Nods in agreement.:: ENG: I'm following you both, lead on. ::Reminds herself that her role in this mission is safety, not leading these two around by the hands.::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::looks expectantly at OPS::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @*CO*: We also had a moment where we thought there was some kind of message of help etched into one of the consoles, but...I would hate to blame it on a trick of the light, but it wasn't there a moment later. ::continues down the corridor, on the way to the transporter room::
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @*CO*: We're moving toward the transporters now to see what we can find out about this power surge.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::stows the PADD for now, and gets out her tricorder::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: Sounds good, and by that I mean creepy, just be wary of those transporters, for all we know, they could be the cause of everything.
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Listens to the situation and nods in agreement with the CO::

 <OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::moves at a steady pace but makes sure to be cautious around any open doors or junctions. it's so quiet...:: ENG: Nothing strange happen to you yet? D'Mera had the console, I had the comms...the doors happened to us all...
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::steps into the transporter room, and makes her way towards the operation console, trying to bring up the logs::
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::briefly ponders making a flippant remark about an uppity security officer, but thinks better of it for once:: OPS: Not that I've noticed.

ACTION: The lights are off in the Transporter room, but the console blinks happily

<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::runs a flashlight around the room:: ENG: Be careful what you touch. We do not need to get caught up in the transporter as well.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::gives OPS a mildly annoyed look at the insinuation that she can't do her job properly::
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Points the flashlight on the end of her phaser rifle around the room, the darkness is disheartening...:: ENG: I thought you restored power? ::Smirks::

ACTION: The lights flicker briefly, shadows scattering across the room.

<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @Aloud: ...All right, if nobody else is going to do it, I will. If this is the remaining crew of the Maubry, I promise that we are going to do everything that we can to get you back to the physical plane.
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::frowns some:: OPS: Yeah, I see the surge here. It knocked the annular confinement beam offline during the beam out. ::checks a couple other things:: Looks like the surge coincides with the core disruption. ::keeps reading::
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Thinks for a moment:: CO: Where do you think this is going, sir?
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS: From what I can see, the remaining patterns were dumped. And... huh...
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> AUX: If I knew that, I wouldn't be so uneasy.
<OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG: 'Huh' what?
<AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Nods:: CO: Ahh, so it's not just me then. That's a relief....
<ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::Checks additional logs:: OPS: ... It, uh... the core breach was averted by a massive redistribution of power to hundreds of systems at once. But the subroutines... ::looks over at the other two:: They have the IDs of the missing crew attached to them.
<TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Feels her nose itch... Please, not now... Not while I'm in the suit...::
<CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> AUX: Could be worse though, we could be over there with the away team. ::does a slight chuckle::

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