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"A Fresh Start"

Sentinel 11407.07

USS Sentinel, Mission #3


The crew have returned with three of the Maubry's survivors onboard the shuttle, now safely in Sickbay recovering from their ordeal. Plans are beginning to come together for a trip over to the stricken Maubry, and the selected crew ready themselves in EVA for the transport over.


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<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *CMO*: Doctor, what are the condition of the survivors?

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Checks his scans of the Maubry and the away team.  His brow is furrowed with concern.::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::stands in the transporter room, rigorously cleaning the visor of her helmet:: Self: Gross...

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> @::Sitting in her shuttle, flying towards the USS Sentinel, towards her new assignment and hopefully and new turn in her career....for the better.::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Stands around, feeling insecure...::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Swivels his chair to face the CO.:: CO: Captain, while I'm delighted our fellow crewmen are safe, I recommend caution.  quarantine and security measures should be applied until we can discern why the Maubry found itself in this predicament.

<+CMO_LtJG_Thur> *CO*: Not that bad all things considered, Commander. They're a bit dehydrated, exposure. Eh! Pretty tough! ::muffled sound of a crewman being enthusiastically slapped on the shoulder::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Turns to a beeping console and blinks for a second.:: CO: Also, I am detecting a shuttle on long range sensors Captain, type-9....

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *CMO*: Well, until we're sure they're perfectly safe keep them in quarantine.

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: Are we expecting anyone?

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Pulls up the ships crew compliment and migration reports and nods.:: CO: Yes Captain....a replacement for our Counselor’s post.

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Examines the weapons rack in the transporter room, prepping medical kits and phasers for the away team, should the need them.::

<+CMO_LtJG_Thur> *CO*: Aye sir. ::Turns to crewmembers - "You heard him, kids. We're going to run some deep level scans. Does anyone here have epilepsy or a history of heart disease?"::

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: Well advise them of our situation and have our replacement report to the bridge once aboard.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::glances over at the Orion girl:: TAC: I don't think they detected any lifesigns... ::checks over the helmet again::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Nods.:: CO: At once Captain.  ::Sends a communique to the approaching shuttle and informs the shuttlebay to prepare for arrival.::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> ENG: Better safe than sorry. ::Grabs a phase rifle and checks it, she's reminded of her first away mission on the Hooke. It was easier with Sumner to look up to...::

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> @::Receives the message from the Sentinel and reads it over:: Self: Oh this'll be fun...::Sighs and runs through the docking protocol::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Muses to himself as he continues his scans of the system and the Maubry, his ears twitching at times.::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> ::steps up to the transporter pad, looking ready to go and serious as ever:: All: All right, we don't know what we're going to find over there. There aren't any lifesigns that we can detect, and the power's off. There's going to be some radiation from the breach, so we don't know what kind of condition the inside's going to be in. Weapons to stun. Stick together.

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> All: If we're ready to go, we should head out.


ACTION: The shuttle glides easily through the the shuttlebay doors at the Sentinel's rear, the docking tractor locking on and guiding it down the rest of the way


<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::slips the helmet on, satisfied, and hoists her toolkit:: TAC: I'm more concerned about the warp core. Could just be waiting for a little kick to finish the breach.

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *CMO*: Doctor, I take it our new guests are up for a brief chat?

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::She stands, stretching slightly before stepping out of the shuttle and moves quickly on her way to the nearest TL::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> ENG: Looks like I'm just babysitting, then. ::Slaps the energy cell into place and steps onto the pad.::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::shrugs, and steps onto the pad::

<+CMO_LtJG_Thur> *CO*: Aye sir, they can talk fine. And at high volume, as I have discovered.

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: Still no word on what's happened here. Don't take any chances out there.

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> *CO*: Wasn't planning on it, sir. We'll let you know what we find. ::nods at transporter tech to beam them over::

<Chief_Hex> ::nods to Baudin, locking onto the Maubry bridge and sliding his fingers upwards on the console to begin transport::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps his combadge.::  *OPS*: I'll be monitoring you while your aboard Ensign, any sign of trouble and I'll have emergency beamout prepped.  Be safe.

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *AUX*: If you're on the way to the bridge, take a detour to sickbay, I'd like you to debrief the survivors.


ACTION: The away team disappears in a fizzle of blue light, reappearing a few seconds later in the pitch black of the Maubry. The engines are silent, and the dark is utterly impenetrable


<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Slaves another screen to monitor the away team, prepping an emergency beamout.::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::glances about at the eerie bridge:: All: ... We probably should have gone to engineering, first.

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Thinks quietly to herself, "I've barely been briefed and you want me to debrief others?" before sighing.:: *CO*: Aye, Captain. ::She orders the TL to Sickbay::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Raises her phaser rifle and clicks on the lamp on top of the rifle, counsellor poking the beam of light through the darkness.::


ACTION: The light cuts through the dark, casting eerie shadows across the empty bridge


<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::adheres to the deck and clicks on a light:: ENG: It's like you said, might need just a little kick. Better to play it safe.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::takes out her tricorder, and begins scanning for any signs of power::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::rechecks the the Maubry for hull breaches or any other dangers the away team could face.::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Pulls the HUD wrap from the rifle's butt and affixes it to her ear, it swings in front of her right eye and displays data from the Andorian's tricorder readings as the lens swaps through different light spectrums.::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @All: We'll do a sweep of each room to see if we can't find any bodies or signs of what happened. Slow and steady.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @All: Nothin'. We're not gonna be able to access anything until we get to Engineering. ::closes up her tricorder and makes her way towards a jeffries hatch::


ACTION: The bridge is small and cramped, not meant for more than a handful of crew, and in the dark is just seems to make it all the more claustrophobic


<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::She steps into a familiar looking sickbay and looks around for the CMO::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps his combadge.:: *OPS*: Ensign Baudin, I would suggest refraining from restarting the warp core.  I suggest setting up a power transfer beam instead.

<+CMO_LtJG_Thur> AUX: Well, what's wrong with you?

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> *OPS*: I will defer to Engineer sh-Tolar, but that is my analysis from here.

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: How's it all looking over there? Any idea what went wrong in the first place?

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> ::Follows sh'Tolar into the Jefferies tube:: ENG: Is this really the best way? ::Is reminded of climbing through the ducting on spacedock.::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::follows sh'Tolar to the tubes:: *CSO*: We'll see what it looks like when we get there, but that's probably the safer bet.

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Raises an eyebrow:: CMO: Nothing wrong with me. I'm the counsellor here and the CO ordered me to debrief the survivors.

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: Claustrophobic?

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::pries off the command panel, and pulls the manual release:: OPS: Might work, if we can set up an EPS junction to regulate the transfer. ::glances back to D'Mera:: TAC: Probably not if we're going room to room, but I'd like to get some power restored, to make things easier.

<+CMO_LtJG_Thur> AUX: Ah, of course! Still attaching faces to names. They really should add name tags to these. ::taps commbadge:: Right then! Right this way.


ACTION: The jeffries tube door sticks for a moment, then opens suddenly with a snap


<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: Unknown yet Captain, the ship isn't showing any outward signs of any damage that would explain the exact cause or why the Maubry's course took her so dangerously close to such an environment.

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Smiles:: CMO: I'm sure we'll all get used to it. ::Follows the CMO::

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: It's all certainly very mysterious.

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Frowns at the prospect of crawling through the bowels of a ghost ship.::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::descends gently down the tube to the next junction::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Swivels his chair to face the CO.:: CO:  Agreed, the effect of the gravity well is less of a concern than how the Maubry ended up here in the first place.  No course should have taken them close enough for this to happen in the first place, especially on a transport mission.

ACTION: The light from their beacons cuts swathes through the darkness, highlighting dead consoles and motes of dust that are starting to gather in the zero g environment without proper air regulation


<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::steadily following down the tube, not concerned with the dark or the lack of space:: ENG: Easier if we've got power than prying open every single door with our hands. We might find some data or logs about what was going on before the crew left. I'd rather answer some questions than leave with more.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::switches off her boots, and pulls herself through the next tube, heading for Main Engineering::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @ENG: How do you even know where you're going? I remember my zero G training, but I'm already turned around. ::Looks back over her shoulder and the junction, wondering which direction they'd just come from.::

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: Well, it doesn't seem like we're in any danger at the moment. Now that we've caught our breath, contact Starfleet Command, inform them of our situation, and inquire as to the original mission of the Maubry.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: This is where I should probably say something about how an engineer always knows the way to ME, but I basically just checked the Oberth schematics before we left, and have a decent sense of direction. ::propels herself gently before eventually reaching the hatch to ME::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: Looking back like that is bound to get you turned around to begin with. ::is that a joke or a reprimand who can tell::

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Looking around the sickbay, remembering her previous assignments in the medical field.::

<~Lieutenant_Brack> ::sits up on the Biobed, unable to get any rest despite the medication, idly chewing on one of his nails as he worries about his missing crew:: Self: Missing...not dead....missing....not dead....

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @OPS: Maybe you'd like to watch your own back then? ::Her nerves were grated, this was no time to start being abrasive with her new crewmembers.::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::pulls the manual release, and slips gracefully into Engineering:: All: Ta da..

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Follows sh'Tolar through the portal, not so gracefully, whacking her head on the jefferies tube doorway as she passed through it:: Aloud: Whoops...

ACTION: The sound of a helmet knocking against the bulkhead echoes through the dead engineering deck


<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Steps quietly over to Lt Brack:: Brack: Hello.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::smirks some while grabbing a railing and reactivating her boots:: All: Alright, now to just find an EPS junction... ::pulls out her tricorder::

<~Lieutenant_Brack> ::twitches, glancing between the Doctor and the Lieutenant Commander who just stepped over:: AUX: Commander. Hello, Lieutenant Brack. ::offers his hand::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Activates her magnetic boots and stilts along the deck, checking the room with the light on her phaser rifle::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::pulls out his own to check the levels of radiation and the condition of the engines::

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Takes his hand and gently shakes it.:: Brack: How're you feeling?


ACTION: The lights show a still warp core, one of the older models - the Oberth hasn't been upgraded in nearly thirty years. Utter silence permeates the deck.


<~Lieutenant_Brack> AUX: I've been better, honestly. Do you know what's happened with the crew, yet?

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @Aloud: It's amazing this thing was still running.

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Nods:: Brack: I'm sure. Well, I just want to know what you remember before talking about other things.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @OPS: With proper maintenance, this thing could probably run another fifty years... of course, that may be asking a lot for a freight vessel. I don't wanna know when it's last check up was... ::hops over the railing and floats down to the lower level::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @*CO*: Sir, we've reached engineering. We are going to try and coax a little power through.  No sign of anyone and no sign of what happened yet.

<~Lieutenant_Brack> ::shrugs tiredly:: AUX: We were all on the transporter, the tricorder activated and energised us. As we were dematerialising there was some kind of power surge, we thought the ship was going critical. We rematerialised on the planet, just us three.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::pries off a wall panel, revealing an EPS junction; taps her combadge:: *CSO*: sh'Tolar to, uh... Science dude... still learning names.

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: Sounds good, keep in contact.

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Chuckles slightly.:: *ENG*: H'ret here, go ahead Ensign.

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Accidentally scoffs at sh'Tolar's casual remark::

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> Brack: Anything after that?

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @CSO: I've located an EPS junction; I'm gonna try and power it up with an emergency cell. Go ahead and start setting up the transfer beam. ::pulls a small power cell from her kit::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::attaches the cell and brings the junction online::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Shoulders her rifle and pulls the tricorder from the belt on her EVA suit. She checks the radiation readings.::


ACTION: The console flickers briefly to life, a quiet hum of power filling that little area.


<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::makes a slow pass around engineering, light flicking over the engine, across walls, looking for anything out of place::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps his console and starts the power transfer.:: *ENG*: Power transfer started....keep a close on on the transfer feed from your end.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::starts setting up the protocols for the power transfer::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::rolls her eyes:: Self: You think?

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Taps his console and preps all the current data to send to Starfleet, as well as inquire about the Maubry's mission.::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::comm makes a clicking noise and silences:: Self: What...? ::gives it a tap::

ACTION: One of the phaser emitters on the Sentinel fires a beam towards the Maubry's external power tap, feeding energy to the stricken ship.


<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::prioritizes life support and doors for now:: All: Alright, moving about should be easier, now. ::moves over the the warp core and scans it with her tricorder::

<~Lieutenant_Brack> ::shakes his head:: AUX: Nothing, just surviving on that planet for a few hours and hoping that someone got our message. We thought we were all going to die down there.


ACTION: The lights flicker aboard the Maubry, consoles slowly coming to life one by one.


<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::still a bit wary but shrugs it off when the lights start coming on:: ENG: Good work. Now maybe we can make a little more progress.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::sighs softly:: OPS: Until I know more about this breach, I don't want to risk bringing the core online. We're gonna have to make due with limited power for now. ::moves over to the MSD as it flickers to life::

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Notices something written across the console before it powers up.:: ALL: Did you see that?

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @TAC: See what?

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::glances over:: TAC: What?

<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> Brack: I know how hard that must've been for you. We're looking into what happened now. Is there anything at all that you remember from before you beamed down that can be of use to us?

<~Lieutenant_Brack> ::shrugs uncomfortable:: AUX: I...I don't know. I figured it was just the power surge, but beaming down felt....Painful. Like I could feel my atoms being ripped apart.

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @All: This console... ::The brightness of the display blocks the message scrawled into the glass.:: ENG: Can you pull power from this console?

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::brings up the console on the MSD and tries to lower the power level::

<+CMO_LtJG_Thur> Brack: They're all where they're supposed to be now, I assure you, Lieutenant.

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @::Tries to discern the message scratched into the glass top of the display as the brightness dims::

<@CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *OPS*: We're reading power coming back online over there, how's everything looking?

ACTION: The console powers back down, the black reflective glass showing nothing.


<+AUX_LtCmdr_Stradiot> ::Nods again:: Brack: Thank you, Lieutenant Brack. We're going to try and help as best as we can. ::gives him a smile:: Everything will work out, I'm sure.

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @All: That's... That's so strange... I could've sworn... ::D'Mera rubs at the glass, trying to make the message appear again...::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::starts a little as the comm actually has someone on the other end this time:: *CO*: Looking...stable for now, sir. ::that's a good word for it, right?::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: What, uh... what'd it say?

<+TAC_Ens_DMera> @ENG: It was scratched into the glass... I swear... It just said... "HELP".


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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