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"A Fresh Start"

Sentinel 11406.23

Mission #2, Summary

The Sentinel has responded to a distress call  within the vicinity of Barnard's Star, finding the stricken U.S.S. Maubry - an old Oberth class vessel relegated to freight hauling - stuck within the gravitational well of a small moon. The Maubry appeared to be losing warp core containment, but once the Sentinel arrived all seemed well except for no power on the Maubry, and three faint life signs on the moon's surface. One question is on everyone's mind - If those three are the remains of the crew, what happened to the other 9 people onboard?


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ACTION: A crackling, static-filled comm channel is achieved with someone on the surface of the moon that has a Federation comm badge.


<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::stands in Engineering, drawing names out of a hat for the away team::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> CO: Sounds like we've got a connection, sir. Could be one of the crew...

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::it's a ridiculous hat::

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> OPS: Is it possible to clear it up any?

<+SCI_Lt_Marshal> ::Stretching his arms a bit, he presses a few buttons on his console, looking around.::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::curses and sighs:: Self: Of course I draw my own name...

<+CMO_LtJg_Thur> ::In sickbay, taps fingernail on PADD distractedly. Is there NOTHING else to do? Nothing but the wait, now.::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> CO: The distortions are making it difficult enough to punch through even this much. I might be able to clear it more as we go.


ACTION: The comm comes through over audio.


<+SCI_Lt_Marshal> ::Takes a look at the readings:: CO: Captain, the gravitational issues around the moon is all natural as far as I can tell.

<~Lieutenant_Brack> @*Sentinel*: This is...-nant Brack o-... Maubry! Can anyone....---us?

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::steals a tool kit from someone and taps her combadge:: *OPS*: sh'Tolar to, uh... whoever's at OPS? Sorry, I'm still learning names.

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *Brack*: This is Commander Yeremenko of the USS Sentinel. We are currently in orbit over your position. What is your situation?

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> ::rolls his eyes heavenward for a moment--not the best time, but...:: *ENG*: Baudin. What do you need?

<~Lieutenant_Brack> @::breathes a sigh of relief, partly audible over comms:: *CO*: Oh than-...God! We weren't sure i-..got out before we be-.....down. Only three of-.....it, we think the other crew went.....with the sh-.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> *OPS*: Just a reminder to whoever else is going on this away mission that they need an EVA suit. The Maubry is still riddled with radiation from the core accident.

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *Brack*: The Maubry is currently in orbit, seemingly undamaged but without power. We’re not picking up any other crew than those at your position. Can you elaborate on this?

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> *ENG*: Let's hope it's not more than that. ::pulls up a list of the away team, sends a short message::

<~Lieutenant_Brack> @::tilts his head, although that doesn't come over the comm channel - his voice sounds curious:: *CO*: We were all standing on the transporter pa-...Only myself, Crewman Lindt and Crewman Tre-...it down here. There was a power surge during beamout, we assumed the oth-....stuck on the Maubry and perished. Are you saying that the Maubry is in orbit? And with no lifes-...

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> SCI: Are our transporters capable of beaming these three through the gravitational distortion?

<+SCI_Lt_Marshal> CO: Let me check. There might be an issue....::Starts scanning and running figures::

<+SCI_Lt_Marshal> ::Reads the results:: CO: It'd take a bit of time, but yes we could. We'd just need to get closer to get a positive lock.

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> SCI: And there's no indication this same distortion could have been responsible for the current status of the Maubry?

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Trots onto the bridge, slightly out of breath.:: All: Heavens.....I forgot how large a Sovereign class ship really was!

<+TAC_Lt_Marshal> ::Stifles a laugh and hands the SCI station to the CSO and moves over to the TAC station.::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: Apologies Captain, I was endeavoring to discern if the gravity well was the cause of the ships distress...

<+CMO_LtJg_Thur> ::Komkor stares gloomily at his PADD, awaiting updates. "You humanoids are very fragile,

<+CMO_LtJg_Thur> " said his Halmalki chief nurse.::

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> OPS: Inform Lieutenant Brack we'll be sending a shuttlecraft to beam them through the distortion, and please see if they are in need of any medical attention.

<+CMO_LtJg_Thur> ::"How many arms and legs can you grow back? This is a joke. I am cheering you up."::

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *ENG*: How is that away team looking?

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> *Brack*: Lieutenant, we're sending a shuttle your way.  Are there any injuries?

<~Lieutenant_Brack> @*CO*: Negative, Commander! We're loo-....-d to getting back! ::taps out some commands on his tricorder:: You should have our coordina-.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> *CO*: Mildly annoyed, but ready, sir. ::works on picking out an EVA suit::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: The scans I started in the lab aren't quite complete, but my hypothesis is that she Maubry's issue stem from attempting to compensate for the gravity well.

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *ENG*: Fantastic, we'll have you get near enough the moon to beam the survivors of the Maubry aboard. Whether you board the Maubry will depend on what information they're able to provide.

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: As to the cause of the gravity well, that needs a bit more investigation that I am currently in the process of.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> *CO*: Oh, good... ::slips off the boots and pants, and starts dragging the suit to the shuttlebay::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Starts several scans, one on the Maubry and its functions, the second on the Maubry crew on the moons surface, and the third on the planet and the effects/cause of the gravity well.::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: The well itself seems to be a natural effect brought about by the moon's size, mineral composition, and natural orbit of its governing body.

<+CMO_LtJg_Thur> ::Speeds around another corner, huffing on his way to the shuttle::

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> CO: The only thing that confuses me is how the Maubry managed to fall prey to something that should be common knowledge.  Curious.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::stows the suit in a storage compartment and starts prepping the shuttle for launch::

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> CSO: Well, keep an eye on it. Last thing we need is to fall into the same predicament.

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Nods.:: CO: Indeed.

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Slaves a fourth scan to watch the away team when they begin their approach.::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> ::leaves the stations to capable hands...to get to the shuttle, which will then be in his own capable hands.::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::hopes she isn't expected to pilot::

<+CMO_LtJg_Thur> ::Snaps seatbelt on, reflects on the multiple shuttle crashes in his recent life::

<TAC_Ens_Red> ::Quickly jumps into the shuttle and takes his seat::

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::nods to all the strangers in the shuttle with her:: All: How's it goin?

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> ::tosses himself into the shuttle with a nod to everyone, moving to the pilot's seat without anyone even needing to direct him and powering up::

<TAC_Ens_Red> ::Grins:: Eng: I'm excited! It's my first away mission.

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @::and takes them out, slow and steady:: ENG: We're NOT looking at anything other than a leak, right?

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> OPS: Far as I can tell. The crewmen might be able to tell us more.


ACTION: The shuttle hums with power as the warp core comes online, sleekly exiting the Sentinel's main shuttlebay and speeding towards the moon.


ACTION: The shuttle bucks and rolls as it enters the gravitational swell, the small mass of the shuttle and her powerful engines allowing them to ride through it - albeit roughly. Ensign Red smacks his elbow on the bulkhead during the shuffle.


<+CMO_LtJg_Thur> ::runs a tricorder over Red:: Ens: We may have to amputate.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::smirks some at the CMO's comment while she tries to compensate for the gravity waves::

<TAC_Ens_Red> @::Winces from the pain:: Self: I hope this isn't a bad sign...::Looks scared:: CMO: Amputate? i just bumped it?!

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: Compartment syndrome.

<+CO_Cmdr_Yeremenko> *ENG*: Keep a watchful eye on that gravitational distortion. Also, which shuttle did you take?

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @All: Sorry for the rough ride, but Blacktip and I are going to make this as smooth as possible.


ACTION: The shuttle evens out slightly, the bumps becoming less pronounced and more jouncy than rocking.


<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: Once had a fellow engineer on a Bolian freighter; dropped an impulse coupling on his leg. Figured it was just a bruise. Next day, whole leg was twice the size; had to be cut off.

<TAC_Ens_Red> ::Shakes his head:: All: You guys aren't serious....are you?

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @*CO*: The innuendo one, sir.

<+CSO_LtJG_Hret> ::Checks the information he's getting back from this scans on the shuttles approach.::  CO: The shuttles experiencing some turbulence, but everything seems to be within tolerances Captain.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @TAC: It's in the medical database; look it up.

<+ENG_Ens_shTolar> @::checks her readings:: OPS: I'm picking up the survivors... I can get a transporter lock. ::smiles::

<+OPS_Ens_Baudin> @ENG: Then we should probably say hello to our supposed survivors face to face.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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