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"The Fire"

Star Trek: Engage Transcript “The Fire” Part 3


Game Directed by: Aoibhe Ni



James Greenman as CO Commander Rhodri Griffiths

Sophie Wakeling as XO Commander Anya Nicole Jameson

Einar Sigurðsson as CEO Lt Commander Anthony Adalberto

CJ Short as CTO Lt. Henry James Sumner

Andrew James as CMO Lt. Ajala Ecchumati

Kyle Renaud as TAC Ensign Darloch

Shawna F as SCI Ensign Raqiin sh'Hruvek

Dave Butler as OPS Cadet Rohan Mór

and Wesley Cowan as NAV Cadet Vincent Calhoun     



Mission Summary:

The Bremen appears to be experiencing something of an inconvenient reversal in temporal direction at the moment. The ship, and all its inanimate contents are gradually reverting to earlier iterations as the crew struggle to maintain control.

Currently the ship finds itself shaped like a Galaxy-class, and the crew are all dressed in the appropriate uniforms for that time period. Including Sumner, who has that fetching man-dress on.


<<<Resume Mission>>>


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::walks onto the bridge like nothing's wrong and stands at the new/old tactical station::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::feels just a little uncomfortable with his sleek, Intrepid class ship having been replaced with this Galaxy class variant. Quietly he opens a comm:: *SCI*: Bridge to Ensign sh'Hruvek. Have you had any luck developing the chronoton detector?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::was sure her chair had wheels on it when she sat down:: Mendoza: Looks like the crew aren't changing like the furniture. Which is  good thing being as we'd all have stopped existing by now.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::heads to quarters to get cleaned up before shift


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::raises an eyebrow, wondering if Griffiths isn't too stuck on this whole chronoton thing::


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> *CO*: Sir, we're having a few bumps along the way. The farther back we go, the less modern the materials I'm getting.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::frowns deeply:: *SCI*: Any ideas on some way to slow this regression down?


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::after cleaning up i head to bridge before shift to get a run down on latest reports


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::thinks for a moment:: CO: Sir, I may need to use the comms. We should track down Dr. Von Ubique; she may be able to help.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> <Nurse_Mendoza> CMO: If we go much further back in time, I won't know how to use this equipment, meaning the ship will basically be without a proper medical center.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::scratches his chin:: CTO: She'd be just as far back as the ship right now, and we can't risk the communication. Temporal displacement policy means we run with an entire communications blackout unless contacted directly.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::checks his console as he gets a short update on his chair console, his eyes widening slightly as he reads it, then narrowing further::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CO: Firstly, there's no reason to assume that she's traveling at the same rate as us. Secondly, I was talking about the past Von Ubique. The one that's not hurtling through time.


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::makes sure her sigh is not audible over the comm:: *CO*: At the moment? No idea. We'd have to find out what exactly is causing this, and as far as we know, that's the doctor's machine. I can't even tell you why it's only the things reversing and not the people.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CTO: See if you can get some scans of the Deep Space station, check the quantum flux levels and see if they match ours here. It could suggest that they are going through the same thing...However, do not get in contact until we know for certain. ::standing up, he pulls a Picard:: I'll be in my ready room, notify me when you have something. ::walks off the bridge::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::decides he kind of doesn't like Captain Griffiths::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::sits down behind his desk, taking note of the fish and wondering if he'll have to feed it:: *CMO*: Griffiths to the Doctor. Please report to my ready room. Immediately.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::runs some long range scans of the station::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::looks up, knowing what this must be about:: *CO*: Acknowledged. ::gets up::

<GM_Aoibhe> <Computer> CTO: Working... ::voice sounds oddly similar but younger than before::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: Anything interesting going on?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::looks over to Darloch, somewhat incredulous:: TAC: You mean besides the whole slipping backwards in time thing?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::walks onto the bridge, takes a breath, and rings the ready room chime::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::looks up from his terminal towards the door:: CMO: Come.


ACTION: CMO walks into CO's Ready Room wearing that red uniform with the corrugated white collar.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO:What did you all do i go for practice and you all try to make sure it never happened


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> <ENG_Dimitriou> SCI: Let me take a crack at it. You know what you need, I'll know what kind of materials we can work with. ...Just don't throw anything at me. Please.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CMO: Take a seat, Doctor.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> TAC: ... Practice for what?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::sits down::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::turns his terminal around and hits the play button. Ajala's message to herself begins playing::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> CO: I've already heard it.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: My hockey practice remember i invited you to my first game


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CMO: Both of you have, yes.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::says nothing::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::spins his terminal back around, placing his hands on the table, fingers clasped together:: CMO: Do you want to explain yourself, or should we just cut to the chase?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::lightly pinches the bridge of his nose:: TAC: You were on the holodeck during your shift?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> CO: With respect Sir, you've heard the message, I think you already understand without further explanation.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CMO: I'm just trying to wrap my head around what would possess one of my officers to have such an extreme lapse of judgment. This is huge, Lieutenant. Once we get back to our own time-line, the ramifications of what you've done are going to ripple forwards - on top of that I'm going to have to explain things to Temporal Investigations and they do not have the same types of moral compass you and I might.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: no last i knew we were on shore leave i finished my paper work put it on your desk and when my shift ended i went to practice when it finished i got cleaned up and just arrived here now

<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::leans forward:: CO: Do you have children, Captain?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CMO: I do not, but don't pull the parent card on me, Doctor. I understand perfectly why you would see this as an option in your situation, and how much of a temptation it was. I am disappointed in that fact that you gave in. There were other courses of action you could of taken - Hell, you could have talked to me for a start, being a Starfleet Captain has to count for something with Federation bureaucracy.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> TAC: Nothing about that sentence is correct. ::eyes the Klingon for a moment:: Go down to the security office, talk to Lt. Benson. He'll have something for you to do.


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> Dimitiriou: When this is over, I promise I'll buy you a drink as apology. Two drinks, even. Let's get creative and finish this up. These replicators probably won't be around much longer. We'll throw it all together and see what we get.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> CO: I saw an opportunity. I took it. ::sits back again:: I am prepared to take whatever disciplinary actions you implement.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO:yes sir on my way now. ::Heads to turbo lift to head to security office


ACTION: a small alarm starts to go off on CTO's console. He finds himself standing on an Excelsior-class bridge.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> Self: Oh, that can't be good. ::tries to check the alarm::


ACTION: Turbolifts shift position slightly, and TAC walks into a wall


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods quietly, trying to ignore the room shifting around them:: CMO: I see. Report to your station, Doctor, we will continue this once we're back in our own time and can properly assess the damage. You're dismissed.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::shakes his head and taps his combadge:: *CO*: Sir, we've got a problem. According to internal scans, 14 crewmen are missing.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::gets up and leaves without another word, her head held high::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::states out loud what the.       just happened the door just moved::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> TAC: Try to keep up, Darloch. ::grins::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::can't help feeling a grudging respect for the Doctor, a tinge of shame colouring the disappointment of what will have to happen::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::frowns as he hears the comm:: CTO: Fourteen?! Where did they go, Lieutenant, any signs? Are they still in the computer system as attached to this vessel?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::takes a breath. takes two, even. starts grabbing everything up and looking around and--:: Dimitriou: Great, we'll have to ask the computer for directions. Let's just set this up here, it'll be easier.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::trys this turbo lift again to see if this time i can make my way to security office::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::meanders his way around the outdated system:: *CO*: Their files are still in the database, but their life-signs are no longer aboard. I think it's time we stopped sitting around with our thumbs up our asses. Sir.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::pushes himself to his feet and steps back out onto the bridge:: CTO: Report.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::walks back into Sickbay::

<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> <Nurse_Mendoza> CMO: Everything okay?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CTO: Noted, Lieutenant. Do you want to break the temporal prime directive first, or should I?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::taps his comm badge:: SCI: Bridge to Ensign sh'Hruvek, please tell me you have something to report.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::nods:: Mendoza: Yes, but I'd not get too used to me. Before long, you'll probably be breaking in a new CMO. ::walks into her office without another word leaving Mendoza looking confused::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CO: Wouldn't be my first time, sir. It's either that, or we sit here and watch the entire crew disapp-... ::seems suddenly crestfallen::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::arrives and reports to security hoping to get a recap of what happened::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::glances over at the new old tactical station:: CTO: Did you get the scan results from the station? Are they in the same sort of temporal flux as we are?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::scrambles to activate the transporters:: *CMO*: Medical emergency, cargo bay 1! Exposure to vacuum! ::feels his composure start to slip::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::blinks, wondering where that came from:: CTO: Report! Did we breach? Are there containment fields in place?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::gently tosses a piece to Dimitriou with an apologetic smile:: *CO*: Slapping it together and calling it 'quantum engineering' as we speak, sir. We'll know soon whether this thing will even work.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *CTO*: On my way! ::rushes back out of Sickbay, hoping the medkit she picked up has all the tools in it the normal timeline medkits do::


ACTION: Transporters prove temperamental and the CTO can't get a good lock.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::looks up, shaken:: CO: The missing crewmen are floating near the saucer section. ::keeps trying the transporters::


ACTION: CTO achieves a partial lock


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::gets to where she thinks she should be:: *CTO*: Where are my patients, Lieutenant?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CMO*: I'm trying... should be coming now. ::gets as many as he can, knowing the odds aren't good::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::grits his teeth, a low, dangerous growl in his throat:: CTO: I have absolutely no idea what's going on, there is no rhyme nor reason to this phenomenon. It's like someone is toying with us!


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CO: We need to get back to the station and Dr. Von Ubique, or find the other Von Ubique, or something; the solution is not here, sir.


ACTION: patients start appearing from thin air in Cargo Bay 1 in front of the CMO's eyes.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::rushes over to the patients, her medical team spreading out::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CTO: And WHAT, Lieutenant?! Von Ubique's device doesn't even EXIST in this time period, so what exactly are we supposed to do? Talk to a twenty-year-younger woman and try to persuade her to help us, contaminate the time-line further?!

<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CO: This isn't the kind of device you just think up one day; it had to be something she'd been working on, potentially for most of her life. If the station is going through the same thing we're going through, then it's possible the machine is still there!


<TAC_Johnson> ::is laid on a stretcher, lips are blue and skin is bloodshot::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::turns to face Tactical, eyes narrows:: CTO: She didn't even know what it did in our future, she's going to have even less idea twenty years earlier. Get me those damned scans, Lieutenant.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CO: She didn't *tell* you what it did in our future, and I already took your damn scans; the station is experiencing the same chronoton emissions we are.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::starts the initial stabilization process:: MED: Let's get them down to Sickbay!


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CTO: She did indeed tell me what it did, which is nothing like what we're experiencing. She's a mad old woman who's fucked with my ship and my crew and the goddamn timeline for the last time. ::turns to the conn:: aNAV: Set course for the station, maximum warp.


<TAC_Johnson> <MED_Li> CMO: yes doctor!


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::bites his tongue before saying something really nasty, instead planting his hands on the tactical console and trying to keep himself together::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::grits his teeth, finding himself on the verge of punching someone, and instead sits down and seethes silently::


<TAC_Johnson> <COMPUTER> ::in a very electronic, feminine voice:: CTO: Unknown... command.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::is working medical magic::


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> *CO*: sh'Hruvek to the captain, I have at least a little good news for you. The chronoton detector's working. Aaaand I can tell you that the particles are spinning counter clockwise. ::please don't ask what that means please don't ask::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::just gives the ceiling an annoyed look::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> *SCI*: What does that mean, Ensign?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::she can't say for sure, but she'll give as straight and deadpan an answer as she can muster:: *CO*: I believe it means we're going backwards in time, sir.



<<<Pause Mission>>>




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