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"The Fire"

Star Trek: Engage Transcript “The Fire” Part 2


Game Directed by: Aoibhe Ni



James Greenman as CO Commander Rhodri Griffiths

Sophie Wakeling as XO Commander Anya Nicole Jameson

Einar Sigurðsson as CEO Lt Commander Anthony Adalberto

CJ Short as CTO Lt. Henry James Sumner

Andrew James as CMO Lt. Ajala Ecchumati

Kyle Renaud as TAC Ensign Darloch

Shawna F as SCI Ensign Raqiin sh'Hruvek

Dave Butler as OPS Cadet Rohan Mór

and Wesley Cowan as NAV Cadet Vincent Calhoun     



Mission Summary:

he Bremen has been tasked with moderating a political dispute between two powerful but peaceful cities on the Federation planet of Nehru. En route, they stopped by Starbase 621, as ordered.

While Captain Griffiths and Ensign sh'Hruvek were visiting Dr. Von Ubique on the station, she accidentally hit a button on one of her machines which send a WHOMP! sound through the station, and the Bremen. There seem to be no ill effects at this time...


<<<Resume Mission>>>


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> @::turns to the Doctor with a look of concern:: Von Ubique: Doctor, are you feeling okay? What was that device?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *TAC*: Sumner to Darloch.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::finishes his diagnostic on the warp core:: XO: Commander, the diagnostic shows no irregularities. However there was a brief power loss midway through, but I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::waits for the diagnostic to finish on her medical equipment::


<Dr_Von_Ubique> @::looks over at CO, waving an old spindly dismissive hand:: CO: It would take too long to explain it to you. Don't worry about it. ::steadies herself and turns to check the machine, anyway::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> @::glances over at Raqiin a little worriedly:: Dr: Was it...supposed to do that?


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CEO: Keep investigating Commander.  I want to know the cause of that power loss.  I don't want us to be vulnerable once we continue our journey.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> XO: Yes ma'am, I'll see if the sensors picked up anything.


<Dr_Von_Ubique> @ CO: Captain, what it is "supposed" to do, not even I am sure at this point, and that is really saying something. ::looks at SCI, wondering if explaining to her would be less of a waste of time. Smiles at the young woman:: SCI: Do you know how to make tea?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::shrugs and initiates the diagnostic himself::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> @::smiles reassuringly, gently urging Raqiin ahead:: Dr: Why don't I make the tea, Doctor, why you explain it to my officer here?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> @::looks a little surprised--but hey, she probably would understand it better...:: Dr: We can always use smaller words to explain it to my captain after.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::takes a sip of her Rak-Pow!, the latest drink doing the rounds, as the diagnostic completes::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> @::tries not to be too offended as he shuffles off to one side where cups and saucers and a teapot are all arrayed out, including some loose leaf tea::


<Dr_Von_Ubique> @ ::eyes SCI up as she settles herself into a high-backed chair:: SCI: Are you always this condescending to your elders?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::frowns some:: XO: Looks like we have a small glitch in our targeting system. Shouldn't be hard to fix. ::gets to work on that::


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> @ ::why no that's not a flash of horror across her face:: Dr: I was only making a joke. I...try not to be, normally. ::ahem::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CTO: Do we know why?  It is due to the incident earlier, or through wear and tear?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::leaves Sickbay::

<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::sighs softly and thinks for a moment:: XO: Last check was green, so this happened recently. It could be we crossed some wear-and-tear threshold since then, but I think it's more likely the result of whatever the hell that was.


<Dr_Von_Ubique> @::settles her lab coat:: SCI: Good. Now, maybe you can explain to your Captain in...small...words... that this machine is in early stages of development, but that once I have perfected my calculations, it should be capable of not only predicting future temporal disturbances, but also to track them back through our space-time continuum. ::sighs and looks at it:: SCI: Or, it is destined to be a very, very expensive paper weight.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> XO: Commander, I think I've traced it back to a glitch in the central processing nodule on deck four. Seems to have dropped a cycle while it processed the primary power coupling....a freak glitch.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CTO: Whilst doing you fix, can you put a team together to initiate a root cause analysis.  Work with Adalberto.  I want to know what kind of surge or scan could have caused all these small incidents


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> XO: Ma'am....with all due respect. That's my job.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Looks over at Adalberto::  CEO: I don't believe in coincidences.  I want you to lead the RCA team.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::looks over at Henry:: XO/CTO: You don't see me shooting phasers.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::glances between Tony and Jameson while finishing up his fix::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> XO: Fine.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Resists rolling her eyes::  CEO: Which is why you are leading the team.  But this affects both your areas.  Therefore you both need to be involved.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::frowns some at a blinking light on his console:: XO: We're receiving a message from Nehru.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CEO/CTO: If we have a potential threat to our defenses or weapons systems, Tactical need to be involved.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::locks his console and turns his chair and grabs a toolkit from underneath his station before standing up:: CTO: Let me give your systems a once over.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Turns her head to Sumner, before facing the viewscreen again::  CTO: On screen


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::walks onto the bridge::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> @::quietly finishes making the tea, carrying a tray with pot, cups, saucers, milk and sugar back to the table over by Raqiin and the Doctor:: Doctor: So...what you're saying is that it's a time...tracking...machine?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> @::no big deal her eyes are just gonna go wide as saucers:: Dr: So any changes that are made to the time-line, we might see them coming or going? But how can you track that kind of fluctuation?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> XO: It's text-only... tensions rising... they request our immediate intervention. ::frowns some::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CTO: Okay.  I'll relay to the Captain that we need to shorten our visit.


<Dr_Von_Ubique> @ ::looks up at CO:: CO: Yes, Captain. But right now, all it is set to do is send out temporal pulses, almost like a ping underwater. Harmless.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::rests his kit on the Tactical console and starts digging through the tools::

<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Taps her badge:: *CO*: Captain, we have received a message from Nehru.  The situation is deteriorating, and we should continue our journey as soon as possible.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::leans back lightly in his chair and look up at Tony:: CEO: I'll let you probe my systems any time. ::gives a slow, wide-eyed nod::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::chuckles:: CTO: Arse. ::kneels down and starts scanning the system for the reported glitch::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Overhears Sumner, and finds herself overcome with silent giggles for a moment::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::wonders if the CEO and CTO are in a relationship as she walks past and takes a spare seat::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CMO: How's it goin', Doc?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> @Dr: But what did you mean when you said you weren't sure what it was "supposed" to do? Would it be able to do anything else right now, do you think? ::maybe by falling into it for instance::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> CTO: Well, all the medical diagnostics returned with positive results, so that's good.


<Dr_Von_Ubique> @ SCI: You have clearly not been a scientist for long, dear, have you? ::sighs and takes a cup of tea:: SCI: Never, ever assume the outcome of an experiment until after you have conducted it. That way, you avoid looking like a fool. ::looks at SCI pointedly, then sips her tea::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CMO: Is Benson down to his target weight, yet?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> Self: Hmmm.... ::closes the tricorder and picks up the ODN Recoupler::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Distracted by the boy's banter, she allows the captain a moment to respond::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> @::taps his comm badge:: *XO*: Understood, Commander. We'll be transporting over shortly. How do the Bremen's systems check out?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> CTO: Doctor - Patient confidentiality, I'm afraid.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> No one: May have to start giving him an extra lap...


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::adjusts the secondary micro-processor:: CTO: Try the targeting scanners now.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CO*: Even the small issues are being fixed in preparation Captain.  We are only awaiting the away team's return to continue our journey.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::sits up and flexes the system again::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Looks over at the officers::  CTO: I thought he was looking fitter last shift


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::nods some:: XO: He's doing well. Just looking after my boy, and such. ::smiles, then reads the results:: CEO: Looks good.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> @*XO*: Understood, Griffiths out. ::turning back to the two scientists, he puts on a gracious smile:: Dr: Sadly, we have to return to our ship. If there's nothing else we can do for you before we're on our way, Doctor?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::closes the panel:: CTO: Strange....this processor had a faulty cycle too.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> XO: Ma'am, I'm heading to Engineering to find the cause of these glitches.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Calls over her shoulder::  CEO: Coincidences? I don't think so


<Dr_Von_Ubique> @ CO: Nothing else, Captain. You have interrupted my day just enough.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::pulls at his collar:: XO: Gold.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> TL: Main engineering.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> XO: You... you realize coincidences happen all the time, right?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> @::stalks show more frustration than admonishment:: Dr: Just enough and not too much, thankfully. ::not even going to ask for an autograph at this point::


<<<Time Warp>>> 1 1/2 hours, en route to Nehru.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::pulls his head out of the computer core's central nexus:: Mac: Nothing.....shitload of nothing.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Is looking up the historical data of how many genuine coincidences have occurred on the Bremen::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> <ENG_Mackenzie>::shrugs:: CEO: I could have told you after the five diagnostics you made me run turned up nothing.....it was a freak glitch. Gremlins. Who knows, but it's not there anymore Tony.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::sits in his chair on the bridge, leaning against the armrest as he checks diagnostics on the console for a moment then glancing over at Jameson:: XO: I can't get that temporal...stuff, out of my head. I hate messing around with time-lines and chronotons and what else...


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Sighs, contemplating her history, and how temporal situations have affected herself and her friends::  CO: Me too Sir.  It rarely ends well.  Especially psychologically.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::stands up and brushes lint off his shoulders:: ENG: Fine. I'm going to return to the Bridge....you clean up here?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CO: About one hour until we hit Nehru.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> <ENG_Mackenzie>CEO: Sure thing. ::smiles:: Dinner later?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::nods as he exits the room:: ENG: See you then!


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Looks over at the Captain, and double takes, seeing Griffiths in the old version of his uniform:: CO: Did you get changed Captain?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::opens his mouth briefly, then closes it:: Self: Huh... ::taps his combadge:: *CEO*: Tony, did we roll back our interface systems?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods quietly, unable to shake the unease in his gut:: CTO: Thank you, Lieutenant. ::blinks and turns back to Jameson:: XO: No, I...Why do you ask? I put a fresh uniform on this morning, it doesn't smell does it?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Funny. What did you do ?


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CO: No....but it's not the same uniform you were wearing a little while



<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CEO*: As far as I know, nothing, but... I'm staring at a really old LCARS layout. Like... 2350s old.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::exits her office and double takes as she notices one of the beds is an older model:: Mendoza: Did you replace the bed? ::wonders if she just remembered wrong::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Henry....what did you do ? Just...I'm coming.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> <MED_Mendoza> CMO: No, but... it's definitely been changed.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::goes around to check the other consoles::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::Looks at the walls of the Turbolift car:: TL: Weird....


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CO: .....Something is NOT right Captain


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::raises his arm to sniff and then blinks, seeing the old red shoulders::

XO: What the...Goddamn Time!


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::taps her badge:: *CEO*: Ecchumati to Adalberto, have any of your engineers been messing around in my sickbay?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::goes for his Tricorder and starts scanning the module.....then looks at the Tricorder::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CO: Temporal Shi...stuff, would be my guess.  ::Sighs a little::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::arrives on the Bridge and holds out the Tricorder:: All: Whose antique is this?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::stands up, pushing his joy at how damned comfortable this uniform is to one side:: NAV: All stop. ::turns to the CTO:: CTO: Go to yellow alert, Mr. Sumner.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CMO*: Not that I know of, why?


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CEO: Ours it appears.  We seem to be experiencing temporal anomalies


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *CEO*: One of my biobeds has been replaced with an older model.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::stares at SCI's console and runs a hand through his hair before returning to his, trying to recall where the alert button would be::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> Self: Not again... Please, not again... ::initiates Yellow Alert::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CMO*: I umh....I think you have to deal for now. Tony out.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Takes a moment to think of what useful, or at least nice, things might be brought back in this situation. ::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::looks at his commbadge as he cut the comm, seeing the older version:: Self: Weird.....


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::glowers at her older console, huffing at her uniform:: CO: Similar reports from all over the ship, sir.  Self: As if that takes anyone by surprise...


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::turns his head:: SCI: Ensign, begin running detailed scans of the ship and surrounding area, look for any chronoton imbalances or temporal fluctuations.


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> CO: I'll...see what I can do.  Sir, should we head back to Doctor Von Ubique?  If anyone would know what's going on, it would have to be her.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::sits down at his station, adjusting easily to the older layout as instinct takes over:: CO: Captain, I need to shut down our warp core for a while.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> Self: Will the Bremen even get us back to the station?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods quietly:: SCI: Yes, but let's see if we can stop the ship from reverting back into it's compound ores first. ::turns to the CEO:: CEO: How long is 'a while', Tony?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CO/SCI: Assuming we haven't yet gone back in time, we need to continue on to Nehru. At the very least, we should contact Starfleet, in case they need to send someone else.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: We're spiking red all over the board......half an hour? I don't know, with this system....maybe more.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: I need to adjust the power output, these systems are not designed to handle this kind of speeds and power.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::looks up at the sky, and nods:: CEO: Alright, but see how quickly you can get it back online. Shut down any non-essential systems for now.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> CTO: Contact Starfleet, make sure they're on Stardate 11406.12 and let them know about our situation.


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::fiddles with the now 20 year old console and figures out how to run the scans she needs to:: Self: Thinks she knows everything...


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::nods and starts bringing the warp core offline::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::nods and sends a message to Starfleet Command, as well as checking the

chronometer against the stars around them::


ACTION: CO's chair becomes a bit more comfy


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> CO: Sir...the whole of the ship is in flux.  That much was a safe bet.  But I don't know how far it goes.  The sensors can't read chronoton particles the way they should.  Hm, makes sense, I guess... ::gives the console a light whap::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::feels his uniform getting tighter and looks down at a veeery tight onesie:: Self: No wonder they spent all their off time in the gym back then..


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::scratches his chin, thinking for a moment:: SCI: Replicators should still function for another....40 years? Start replicating the things we'll need to build a proper chronoton detector. We need to find the flux and neutralise it.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::cruses lightly:: CO: Sir, I'm picking up transmissions of roughly equivalent age. I'd guess we're about 14 years in the past.


ACTION: XO's chair disappears


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Thuds onto the floor, looking around for where her chair has gone to::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::glances at Jameson and thinks that Suder would have loved that::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Starts laughing aloud, reminded of Kesh::  ALL: Someone want to find my chair for me?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> :winces slightly, offering Jameson a hand up:: CTO: That's...not good. Take a look for local nebulae or planetary bodies we can get to within impulse distance. I don't want anyone coming across us.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::reads from the screen:: All: What do you mean 'working' ?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> XO: Maybe in a few years it'll rematerialize. ::rushes off to a replicator, an old style PADD in hand::


<Dr_Von_Ubique> <<<Pause Mission>>>



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