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U.S.S. Hyperion Mission #10

Directed by: C. J. Short





Einar Sigurðsson as Captain Jonathan Rome

Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin as Commander Niamh Danann

Riccardo Fabris as Ensign Dimak O'kar

Andrew Rice as Cadet Soule Douglas



SUMMARY: After discovering a method to track Adria's ship, the shuttles find themselves set upon by four Orion scouts, and look to survive long enough to get back to the Hyperion. Adria's ship is still nowhere to be seen.



CO_Captain_Rome: ::Stands by the front of the Bridge:: *AT*: Away Teams, we are en route!

 ACTION: Flying wads of plasma assault the shuttle's shields, causing console to spark on occasion. A mess of torpedoes from the Hyperion fly in through the clouds, detonating in proximity and causing the scouts to take evasive maneuvers.

NAV_Ens_OKar: ::begins evasive manoeuvres, angling back towards the Hyperion:: *XO*: We going back, Commander?

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: General hailing frequencies.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ *NAV*: Faster than a dog on fire, Ensign. Defend yourself and retreat! ::shades her face from a sparking console as she maneuvers her shuttle into a sharp turn::

GD_CJ: <aOPS_Fales>::pushes some buttons:: CO: Channel open, sir.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: Come now Adria....I thought it was me you liked.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @ *XO*: Underssstood, Commander! TAC: Douglasss, keep them busssy while I teach them how to dance!

GD_CJ: <aOPS_Fales> ::shakes his head:: CO: No response, Captain.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Cogs turning in his head, preparing weapons and shields for a battle. Trying to come up with a plan...that will work:: *XO*: Commander I think there is a way to take all four of these shuttles out. But we just need some fancy flying. ::Looks over to O'kar with a grin.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @ TAC: You sssure about thisss? *XO*: Commander, I'm game if you are.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: It's me you want isn't it? Or are you just in this for the easy catch?

CO_Captain_Rome: ::turns to Tactical:: TAC: I said take them out.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::rolls her eyes:: *TAC*: Blondie, you can tell me all about the plan when we get back to the ship. Captain's orders. Fire ::winces as the tactical console behind her fizzles ominously in front of her Tactical pal::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Stares at O'kar with a hesitant face:: NAV: Maybe...?

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::sighs, then makes best possible speed back to the Hyperion:: TAC: Maybe another time...

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ *TAC*: Fire... to defend.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @*XO*: Fair enough ma'am. I guess we have to check out of the party early.

 ACTION: The shuttles and scouts exchange fire, the scouts getting the upper hand until the Hyperion emerges from the mists like some kind of righteous angel of wrath, phasers and torps firing with abandon. One scout finds itself quickly destroyed, and the others scramble to avoid the same fate.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::sees the Hyperion on sensors. Whoops into the comm:: *NAV*: Take point, O'kar. Lead us in.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @ *XO*: Aye, Commander. *aNAV on the Hyperion*: Steady the approach, we are coming into Shuttle Bay 1.

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: Tractor beam. Get one of those scouts.

GD_CJ: <aOPS_Fales> CO: Sir! ::initiates the tractor beam::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @::Sulks a little bit at the tactical console, as he was hoping to to engage the enemy scouts longer, and until their defeat::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::bites her lip as she shadows the Horizon on the approach::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::as soon as the Hyperion is steady, O'Kar enters the shuttle bay, touching down smoothly:: TAC: Thank you for flying O'Kar airwaysss. Sssorry we couldn't sssupply the cussstomary glassss of Sssaurian Brandy.

 ACTION: The Hyperion continues to cover the shuttles while the tractor beam manages to capture one of the scout ships, though with a bit more difficulty than you'd expect. One of the remaining scouts fires a last volley at the shuttles, disabling Skyline's port nacelle, stalling the engines for a moment.

CO_Captain_Rome: TAC: Disable our catch of the day.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: Adria, I have one of your playthings. He's quite rowdy.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @ NAV: The flight was fine and the service was sublime, but the entertainment was, I'm afraid a bit lacking.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ Self: Shag it! ::compensates for the lost nacelle, does another turn, re-aligns her shuttle with the Hyperion and aims the Skyline at the open shuttlebay with a little more care than before::

 ACTION: With two scouts neutralized, the other two split and make a break for it. Taking a cue from previous encounters, the Hyperion fires a few low-powered phaser blasts at the trapped scout, disabling its engines and weapons with ease.

NAV_Ens_OKar: TAC: Now where'sss the Ssskyline? ::notices it coming in hot:: TAC: CLEAR THE HANGAR!!

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::touches down with a nasty crunching sound, and begins to power off. Stays in her seat for the briefest of moments to check she has successfully removed power from the damaged nacelle. Leaves the shuttle, a little shaken:: NAV: Women drivers, eh?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Clears out of the way of the Skyline, as he sighs:: Self: Bloody hell.

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: I guess she's not in a talking mood.

NAV_Ens_OKar: XO: I won't comment, Commander. Jussst glad the Ssskyline isss ssstill in one piece. ::smiles::

GD_CJ: <aOPS_Fales> ::frowns:: CO: Sir... I'm not detecting any lifesigns on the scout.

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: Keep our 'friends' in tractor for now. ::Walks over to his seat and sits down, flipping a switch on his armrest:: *AT*: Away team to the Bridge.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::smirks at NAV:: NAV: I like you. You're cheeky. ::taps her comm badge:: *CO*: Shuttlebay to Bridge. We're home safe, Captain. ::looks at the smoking Skyline and grimaces:: *CO*: Just got a little winged is all.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Stares in amazement at the Commander, before turning about and heading to the shuttlebay exit:: Self: So glad....just....so glad

CO_Captain_Rome: ::leans forward:: aOPS: Did we kill them, or is it slaved?

NAV_Ens_OKar: ::starts heading for the Turbolift:: XO: I would recommend not coming in with only one engine next time, however. ::grins::

OPS_Fales> ::works a little magic with the sensors to penetrate the minor interference:: CO: No organic matter detected; looks like it was never manned. ::frowns::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::trots to catch up with NAV:: NAV: Hell, if I'd taken point, that coulda been you, smartarse.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Shouts back at the Commander on hearing her:: XO: They'd never had hit us.

CO_Captain_Rome: aOPS: I've read about unmanned Romulan scouts....back in the 22nd century, but the tech was never deemed worth it really.

CO_Captain_Rome: aOPS: Can you tap into it's systems?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::hides her smirk:: TAC: Cadet... ::stops where she is an raises a finger, curling it towards her. :: TAC: C'mere.

NAV_Ens_OKar: XO: Maybe thisss can be settled in the Holodeck later? I'm alwaysss up for... ::stops momentarily as he sees the XO talk to the Douglas::

GD_CJ: <aOPS_Fales> ::tries a few things, then shakes his head:: CO: Looks like there are some pretty sophisticated firewalls. If observed behavior is any indication, I'd imagine whater system's in place is pretty comprehensive.

CO_Captain_Rome: aOPS: Booby trapped no doubt.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Grins a little whilst his back is turned, stands up bolt straight, clicking his back and shoulders into position, before turning back around and struts up to the Commander:: XO: Yes ma'am

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: NAV: You, me... shuttlecraft chicken later. ::winks and nods for him to continue on his way::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: TAC: Cadet. You did great work out there today. You held it together, remembered your training...you performed well. ::pauses::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: XO: But....

NAV_Ens_OKar: ::Waits patiently as the turbolift goes up to reach the bridge::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: XO: I'm seemingly over confident, possibly arrogant?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::nods knowingly:: TAC: But... until you have accumulated at least one pip on that collar, you remain respectful of your superior officers. Clear?

GD_CJ: <aOPS: ::shrugs:: CO: Can't confirm, but I'm certainly not going over there... ::looks over his shoulder for a moment:: I hope?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: XO: Yes ma'am. Why Blondie by the way?

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up as the Turbolift arrives and looks over his shoulder:: NAV: Waiting for an invitation?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: TAC: I happen to like arrogance... ::pats TAC on the shoulder and starts to walk to the TL:: TAC: Just don't be an ass.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: TAC: Your hair, Cadet. And nicknames save me remember lots of names right off.

NAV_Ens_OKar: CO: No Sssir. ::immediately goes back to the main conn station::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: <save me from remembering:

CO_Captain_Rome: aOPS: Transport a drone over, let's see take a look.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Smiles:: XO: I'll be what ever you want me to be Leftenant Commander, you're my superior officer. And as nicknames go, my hair isnt exactly my most defining feature.

GD_CJ: <aOPS_Fales> CO: Aye, sir. ::sends an order for one sensor drone to Engineering::

CO_Captain_Rome: NAV: Good flying out there, Ensign. ::sits back down::

GD_CJ: <aOPS_Fales> ::perks up:: CO: Neutrino surge, sir.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::waits for TAC in the TL:: TAC: Would you prefer Scarface? Leftie? ::thinks:: TAC: Something about your eye, maybe? TL: Bridge::

NAV_Ens_OKar: NAV: Thank you Sssir. Sssorry we couldn't find her, though. ::looks at his panel:: CO: Sssir, we have an incoming hail.

CO_Captain_Rome: Tactical: Lock weapons on that neutrino surge, now.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::crosses his legs and holds up a hand:: NAV: Keep her waiting

GD_CJ: <aTAC_Robeson: ::locks weapons in the direction of the neutrino stream::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Gets in turbolift and waits with the commander:: XO: At the academy, I remember a group of female cadets referring to me as Tinman, in the derogatory. Some people also referenced me to the Borg.

CO_Captain_Rome: NAV: Alright, let's hear it.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::picks up an empty PADD::

NAV_Ens_OKar: ::puts the hail on the main screen::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::shudders:: TAC: Blondie, I am not calling you Borg. ::feels TL slow to a halt and the doors open. Leaves TAC behind as she steps down to the command area::

 ACTION: Adria appears bedecked in aviator shades and seated askew in her chair, one leg hanging over an arm rest as loud, aggressive music blares over the speakers. Agent Madsen sits at her feet as she nods her head to the beat.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Step out onto the bridge and moves towards his console:: XO: Thank you Commander

CO_Captain_Rome: ::waves the PADD:: *Adria*: Turn that thing down will 'ya.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::glances sidelong at CO as she joins him in the command area. Stands a little aside, her attention on Madsen::

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: Commander Danann here was just handing me this report on your slave rigged scouts.....fascinating tech....is is Romulan? You know the power requirements on those Romulan systems are always a problem for small ships.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: aTAC: I'll take it from here. ::Takes the tactical console, and stares a death down at the image of Madsen at the feet of this Adria::

Adria: ::glances about as she hears something, eventually looking at the screen and lowering her sunglasses in surprise:: Offscreen: Cut it! ::scrambled to sit correctly in the chair, leaning to the side with a sheepish grin on her face:: CO: I'm so sorry, Captain; Alessia here was supposed to tell me when the scouts had been destroyed. We... ::laughs:: we were just going through some of Mr. Madsen's things. I'm enjoying his taste in music.

Adria: <Alessia: ::from offscreen:: *CO*: My bad!

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: Nine inch nails, right? Sorry, I was never much into classical rock.

Adria: ::nudges Madsen lightly with her feet:: *CO*: He wouldn't tell me who it was. I think he's in a bad mood.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::frowns and steps further aside, moving back to TAC. Speaks very quietly, with her back turned away from the screen:: TAC: Can you try and pinpoint where that signal is routing through? I'm sick of this cat and mouse crap.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: I'm fascinated by your set up here. ::glances at the PADD again:: You know, we can come to an arrangement perhaps....Starfleet would love to get their hands on this.

Adria: ::grins widely, regarding the Captain from behind her newfound sunglasses:: *CO*: See, now you're thinking outside the box, Captain.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Grits his teeth at the treatment of the agent:: XO: I've been trying, I was trying when I was on the shuttle as well. I cant quite lock on to it. If we had more time, but ma'am... ::Looks around the room and the viewscreen:: XO: I dont think we have enough, I dont think Mr. Madsen will be alive much longer. ::Stares back at the viewscreen:: XO: We need to move quickly.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::shrugs::

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: So, what is it that drives you Adria? What do you want?

Adria: ::flips her shades up to rest atop her head:: *CO*: I trust by now you don't think we're mere pirates. You're right; I could sell this design and make a killing. Buy my own moon, live comfortable for the rest of my days. But that's not what interests me, you know? I'd get bored.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: I gather. Don't tell me it's galactic domination though....that's getting old.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: TAC: Madsen was following orders, it's what we are trained to do. You do that same when the time comes. ::isn't sure if the CO will risk his own crew again to save a failed undercover operative, oir if he'll wager everything to get him back. Looks at TAC grimly:: TAC: Just keep trying.

Adria: ::laughs lightly and leans forwad, playing gently with the bound Madsen's hair:: *CO*: A losing game, if ever there was one. No, domination is not my goal. My goal is... ::frowns thoughtfully:: You know, I'm not sure I really have one. What I have is more like... a method.

NAV_Ens_OKar: ::out of nothing else, tries to see if there is anything being brought over on the transmission carrier wave except for the audio and video::

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: Playing it by the ear, I get that.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: XO: I know the position he was in ma'am, and I would have probably done the same, but we have to get him. We can't just leave him. Commander if I could get aboard with two, three guys, we could disable that ship and get Madsen.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::watches Adria ruffle Madsen's hair and feels her own anger bubbling up. Such disrespect for a Starfleet officer! Reminds her of so many cruel people she encountered as she grew up::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::leans forward:: *Adria*: You've not yet killed a Starfleet Officer.....do that, and I will hunt you. We all will. No one here wants that, you gain nothing by his death. You only lose.

Adria: ::grins knowingly at Rome:: *CO*: Oh, the things I've heard, Captain. ::begins to lightly caress Madsen's neck and shoulders, to his annoyance:: He'll be free soon. You're close, Jonathan. Just a little further, now.

 ACTION: The comm cuts, the neutrinos dissipating.

CO_Captain_Rome: TAC: Fire.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: XO: If we dont get him now, either they'll kill him soon, or they will break him. And that leaves us two options. Make a run at Adria with everything we've got in the hopes that we get him before they kill him, or we have to destroy the ship.

 ACTION: The Hyperion fires in the direction of the broadcast. It's unknown whether they hit anything.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::Stands up:: TAC: They've already broken him, or they soon will. I don't care.

CO_Captain_Rome: All: We will get him back, alive.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::thinks 'but we wont get Adria'::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::stares down at the CO, re-evaluating him::


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