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Star Trek: Engage Transcript “PERCEPTION”


Game Directed by: Aoibhe Ni



James Greenman as CO Commander Rhodri Griffiths

Sophie Wakeling as XO Commander Anya Nicole Jameson

Einar Sigurðsson as CEO Lt Commander Anthony Adalberto

CJ Short as CTO Lt. Henry James Sumner

Andrew James as CMO Lt. Ajala Ecchumati

Kyle Renaud as TAC Ensign Darloch

Shawna F as SCI Ensign Raqiin sh'Hruvek

Dave Butler as OPS Cadet Rohan Mór

and Wesley Cowan as NAV Cadet Vincent Calhoun     



Mission Summary:

USS Bremen's murder mystery has deepened with the discovery that the canister used in the killing was one procured from the planetology team that had traveled with the Bremen to the USS Hooke crew transfer site.

In addition, the whole poker group has now been remanded in custody, pending questioning.

We join them while the whole crew are busy digging to the bottom of this murder.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::taps his combadge:: *CEO*: Sumner to Adalberto.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::taps idly at his chair console, his face a mask of worry tinged with anger::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Go ahead, Henry.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: still digging threw security reports compiling for CTO::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Is sitting on the bridge, waiting for Sumner to give her a heads up on his next interview::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CEO*: If you get a minute, I need someone to check out Mr. Noran's alibi. He claims he was doing maintenance on a gel-pack node, and had to access several systems in the process, including environmental controls.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::steps out of her office into the main sickbay::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: I haven't even BEEN to Engineering yet....well yes I have, but I didn't stop for long. But sure, I'll find the reports.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CEO*: You, or someone else. An underling, maybe. What's that one lady's name who keeps giving you those longing gazes whenever I'm down there?


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Looks through her profile on Ashington, seeing where his path crossed with Dyl, in case her affair theory pans out::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Shut up. I'll get it for you. Tony out.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::grins to himself, then taps his badge again:: *XO*: I'm about to move on to Lott, Commander.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Stands up, bringing the PADD with her, tapping her badge:: *CTO* On my way Lt.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *XO*: Am I meeting you there, or are you meeting me here?


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CTO*: I was going to come to your location, assuming that is the location you are performing the interviews.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *XO*: Mr. Noran was a bit of a special case. I'm planning on going to the individual quarters for the rest.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: still have the poker group under house arrest and under guard::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Looks down at her PADD:: *CTO*: I'll meet you at Lott's quarter's then.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::taps her badge:: *CEO*: Sickbay to Adalberto.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::picks up a PADD and starts heading for Lott's quarters:: *XO*: Understood.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CMO*: Go ahead...erm....Sickbay.


ACTION: a report of a skuffle on Deck Nine reaches the bridge.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Gets to the turbolift, and requests the correct floor::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::brings up the maintenance logs for the past few days and scrolls through the logs::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::frowns as the report comes in:: *CTO*: Bridge to Lieutenant Sumner. There are reports of a scuffle on Deck Nine, have a security team meet me there.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *CEO*: I'm afraid the annual physicals have rolled around. When you have some time, please report to Sickbay. And please, don't make me chase you down or your physical will take twice as long and I'll restrict your alcoholic consumption on medical grounds, I guarantee it. ::says it with a smile::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::pushes himself up from the chair and hands the bridge off to the next duty officer, stepping into the Turbolift:: TL: Deck Nine, crew quarters.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CO*: Understood. ::taps his badge once more:: *TAC*: Darlock, take a couple guys down to deck 9; there's some sort of scuffle going on. Look sharp; Captain's going to be joining you.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CMO*: Hey Doc....I'm all up for a little spit and tickle, but you do realize we have a killer on the lose.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Exits onto the deck, and heads in the direction she thinks is the quarters::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> *CTO* understood     :: grabs nearest security team and heads to deck 9::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *CEO*: Indeed I do, Commander, as I said, when you have the appropriate time available. Thank you.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::waits outside the quarters, quickly reviewing the PADD::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CMO*: Any time, Doc. ::rolls his eyes and turns back to the logs and taps his badge::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Adalberto to Sumner.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CEO*: Go ahead.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::taps her badge again:: *NAV*: Ecchumati to Ensign Calhoun. Please report to Sickbay.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Sees Sumner ahead of her, and allows herself a small smile that she's finally finding herself around the ship::


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::paces in his quarters, repeatedly looking at Bill's bedroom door, frowning worriedly::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods to Darloch as he meets the Security team on the deck, opting out of taking a phaser and heading along the corridor towards the disturbance::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: arrives at deck 9 and starts breaking up the scuffle:: security team : no one is to leave until we get to bottom of this

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Your...my....the Engineer, he's logged doing that work at that time. Access codes, etc. No visible recording though.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CEO*: Alright, thanks. I'll keep him on ice for now.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: According to the reports, he's usually on time and has a good success rate...a bit slow though.


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> :: glances around the bridge, hoping that someone will say something:: *CMO*: Understood, Doctor. Give me a few. :: Stands and begins in the proper direction::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Any time. Tony out.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Overhears Adalberto::  CTO: Another one bites the dust?


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> SCENE: Deck Nine, Shuttle Bay. The Captain and his team step in to find several crewmen at the tail end of a fist fight. Black eyes and bloody noses range across the four men. Three humans, one Bajoran (surprise, surprise)


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::nods to Jameson:: XO: Maybe. ::taps his badge for what he hopes is the last time:: *CMO*: Sumner to Sickbay.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::stands there, holding back the security team as he yells, his voice carrying across the entire deck:: All: AAAAATTENTION! Captain on deck!


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::moves over to the bio bed and makes sure all the sharpest and most intrusive instruments are clearly displayed:: *CTO*: Ecchumati here.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: Snaps to attention ::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::whispers quietly:: TAC: Not you.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CMO*: Doctor, I know the DNA samples on that film were degraded, but is there any way you can get partial profiles from them?


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: stands at ease and informs CO of what was witnessed by myself upon arrival::


ACTION: The Four men manage to contain their anger enough to let go of each other. The Bajoran goes for one last swing, though.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::thinks back to what Henry said earlier about her..::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Waits quietly while Sumner continues his quest for information::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: security officer jumps in and catches the arm to prevent any further contact at this time::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods to the security officer to let the man go, then steps forward:: All: Alright, which one of you wants to tell me a lie first?


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> :: Reaching the Sickbay after purposefully walking slower than normal, Calhoun enters:: CMO: You asked to see me? :: Notices the various implements.:: CMO: Seriously, Doc?


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Crewman_Cook> CO: It's was just a friendly.. er... ::stops speaking, stays at attention::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::turns back to studying the cylinder with a sigh::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::glances to the XO as he waits::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::frowns quietly, eying all four men:: All: Is this what we've been reduced to? Squabbling because of some political, social, religious debate a hundred light years from here? ::his stance shows him to be waiting for an answer, this wasn't rhetorical::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *CTO*: I'll take a look and get back to you. ::turns to Calhoun with a deadly serious face:: NAV: Don't worry, I don't usually need all of them. This one ::picks up a pointy one:: can double as a deep body thermometer if I hold it just right. ::pauses and puts it down:: But it seems you're in luck as I've just been asked to do some DNA analysis. You may return to the bridge.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Smiles, as she felt Sumner look over at her, and continues to study her PADD::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::nods some, and enters his clearance code by the door, entering the quarters:: Lott: Mr. Lott.


ACTION: All four men stay silent. One of them clearly has a broken nose and a boot-shaped bruise on the jaw.


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::looks up from his pacing:: CTO: Fine place to leave me trapped.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Looks up, and follows the Lt into the quarters, purposely taking a backseat in the questioning::


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> :: Signs dramatically.:: CMO: Thank God. I'm not a fan of hospitals. No offense, just spent too much time there as a kid. :: Turns and leaves quickly.::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> All: You're Starfleet officers. But more than that...you're recreates. Your lives are in each others hands every. Single. Day. You watch out for one another, protect one another, because when all else breaks down you will always have your crew there to watch your back.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> Lott: It is, isn't it? Sorry, I probably should have picked somewhere else to hold you, but you know, I'm kinda busy. Mind if I ask you some questions?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::lets out a chuckle when he leaves, her laugh quickly halted at remembering the 'letter' she received::


ACTION: The Bajoran crewman doesn't look at all convinced.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Tries to blend into the background, but attempts a general reading of Lott::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::moves over to a work station and brings up the data SCI collected, seeing if she can find any partial prints::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::looks disappointed, and sighs:: All: Cook, Morrison, Rigby. Go with security to Sickbay and get patched up, then you're confined to quarters until further notice. Your replicator rations have been revoked.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::frowns as he goes over his earlier findings:: *CMO*: Adalberto to Sickbay.


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::looks at XO, then to CTO:: CTO: I don't see that I have a choice. ::waves the CTO to continue. Looks tired and bedraggled::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::points to the chairs:: Lott: Seat?


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::stays standing:: CTO: Yes, it is.

<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Gives a small smile at the response from Lott::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::grins:: Lott: I like you. You're funny. ::sits down and scrolls through his PADD:: Lott: Where's your ear ring, Crewman?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> Self: Aren't we popular today? *CEO*: Go ahead.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods to Darloch and Security to escort the others, then glances at the Bajoran:: Bajoran: Crewman Telin, walk with me.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CMO*: You couldn't have been wrong about the Time of death?


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> :: Returns to the bridge and takes his seat.:: Self: Hopefully nothing changed in my absence... :: Checks his monitors, not sure who took his place, even if only temporarily.::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Sits at the same time as Sumner, still trying to probe Lott, telepathically, as Sumner asks his questions::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *CEO*: That's right. ::nods though he wouldn't see it::

<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::hands goes to his ear instantly:: CTO: I lost it, about a week ago. ::blinks:: CTO: Why? What business is it of yours exactly?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CMO*: Just checking, thanks Doc.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::doesn't look up:: Lott: Did you report it missing?

<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CO::yes sir  ::takes others to quarters leaves guards out side doors and heads back to security to find out if i can pull up any recordings of what caused or started this scuffle


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Crewman_Telin> ::hesitates, wipes his bloody lip on his sleeve and steps towards the Captain, hiding a pronounced limp::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::steps over to one of the cargo containers small enough to sit on, and gestures for Telin to do so::


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::looks at CTO with a shrug:: CTO: It's just an earring. Not like I lost my ear, sir.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::looks up and furrows his brow:: Lott: 'Just' an ear ring?


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: at this rate i think we are going to need more security personnel to guard quarters i think to my self::  :: sends preliminary report on current scuffle to CTO via data padd::


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::looks down, flushes.::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::finds some residual DNA and begins analysing it best she can considering the degradation::


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Crewman_Telin> ::pulls himself onto the container with a sharp intake of breath. Might have a cracked rib in there somewhere.::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> Lott: When did you notice it was missing? What were you doing before you lost it?


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::blinks a few times, glances at XO, then to CTO again:: CTO: I can't remember.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *XO*: Adalberto to Jameson.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::nods some, looking back to the PADD:: Lott: Well, you might be pleased to know that we found it. ::shows him a picture of the ear ring found next to Ashington::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Gives Sumner an apologetic look, as she quietly exits the room::  *CEO*: Jameson here


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::taps her badge:: *XO/CTO*: Sickbay to Jameson and Sumner.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *XO*: Sorry to bother you, Commander but the Captain is indisposed.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::talks, almost as if he's talking to himself:: Telin: You know, it's been less than nine hours since Bill Ashington died. Less than three since we found out. And already the crew are fighting. Attacking people. Bajorans. Why do you think that would be? This isn't exactly a crew of thousands, everyone on board knows each other and have for a while...How did things break down this quickly?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *XO*: My earlier report on the timer...I missed something.


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::face goes pale as a ghost::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CEO*: Quick please Commander, I need to get back into that interview


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CEO*: The timer was set an hour before the Hooke met up with the Bremen..

<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::taps his comm badge:: *Sickbay*: Send a medical person down to Shuttlebay one.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> Lott: Still don't remember?


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Crewman_Telin> ::stays silent, unwilling to set the CO of all people straight on what he thinks happened here.::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *CO*: On my way, what's the situation Captain?


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CEO*: So it's confirmed that it's was set by one of the original Bremen crew. ::Sigh::  Thanks Adalberto


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *XO*: No problem, Commander.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CEO*: Jameson here Doctor


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::feels slightly relieved that one of 'his' didn't do it::

<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::goes to sit down, the shock of seeing his roommate lying dead too much for him. Breaks down::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> *CMO*: A fight, Crewman Telin has a broken nose, bruises, possibly a cracked rib. Thanks, Doctor. Griffiths out. ::turns back to Telin::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> Telin: Which one of them started the fight, Crewman?

<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Starts tapping her fingers against her leg, anxious to get back into the room::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> <CMO>


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Crewman_Telin> ::dabs his lip with his sleeve again and remains silent. Opts to avoid eye contact with his CO, too.::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::sets the PADD aside for the moment:: Lott: I know this has been stressful, Crewman, but this is a very serious situation. I need you to tell me anything you know, and I need you to answer my questions honestly. Understood?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::grabs a medkit and exits sickbay:: *XO*: Commander, using the information Ensign shHruvek collected from the crime scene, I've managed to find a partial DNA sample. It's degraded somewhat, and at first I thought it was Vulcan, except the nucleotide sequ... ::cuts herself short:: long story short, there was definitely a Romulan in that room.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::turns briefly to look back at the XO, giving her a knowing look::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Closes her eyes, and utters a short curse to herself::  *CMO* You certain Doc?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> Telin: You're not on trial here, Dace. I am genuinely worried at what could cause the crew on my ship to be at each others throats so easily. Is it Bajoran sympathy with the New Kai, or is it xenophobia towards Bajorans for the same? I can't seem to find which side is which.


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::looks up at CTO:: CTO: If I knew anything of relevance, I'd have told you the first chance I got. Why- ::puts head in his hands, speaking with head bowed:: CTO: Why would I hold anything back? I want to find out who did this as much as you do.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> <delete last>


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *XO*: Absolutely positive Commander. ::wonders why people keep questioning her competence today and shakes her head::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::regards Lott for a moment, thinking Jameson would have been handy for that one:: Lott: Do you remember what happened to your ear ring?


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Crewman_Telin> ::hops off the crate with a grunt:: CO: It's so simple for you isn't i- ::stops speaking, shaking his head:: CO: Apologies, sir, I'm... speaking out of turn. ::takes a shallow breath and grimaces::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::enters the shuttlebay::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CMO*: If we found the source of the DNA, could you match it to your evidence?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::smiles quietly:: Telin: Do you think I would be asking you questions if I didn't want you to speak? I can take my pips off if it makes you feel more comfortable.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *XO*: The sample is somewhat degraded, but I think we'd have a good shot.


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::looks up at CTO:: CTO: Believe me, it's not relevant, sir.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CMO*: How long would it take to check the DNA of the crew on board?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods to the CMO and then towards the patient:: CMO: Thanks, Doctor.


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Telin> CO: There has been a murder, and suddenly, this crew are rounding up Bajorans, frog-marching them into confinement, sir.

<CTO_Lt_Sumner> Lott: It was found next to a dead crewman. It's pretty relevant to me. ::thinks for a moment:: Lott: Think about it for a moment. I'll be right back. ::gets up and steps out of the quarters, looking to the XO::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> *XO*: I'm sorry, I'm not familiar yet with how many crew are on board, but a couple of hours I suspect. ::nods to the Captain and moves to the patient, pulling out her medical tricorder::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> *CMO*: And Doc, I want you to keep this information contained, until further notice.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Signs off, and heads back into the interview::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> <Edit to:  ::Signs off, and heads over to Sumner::>


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::remains sitting, too overcome with a sense of loss to think straight::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> XO: Anything?


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CTO: Problems. big stinking piles of them.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> I was talking about whether Lott was lying, but do tell.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> <last to XO>


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::hears the tail end of that conversation and raises an eyebrow, glancing towards Telin:: Telin: All non-essential crew have been assigned to quarters, not just the Bajorans. Two Bajorans have been interviewed regarding Crewman Ashington's death, one being his bunk mate and the other someone who was also connected to the scene. There's nothing untoward happening towards Bajorans, Dace, I can assure you.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> CTO: Quick overview? Lott is lying about his earring.  The canister was set an hour before the Hooke transferred over, and there's Romulan involvement.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::gestures to the man in front of him:: Telin: You weren't confined to quarters, for example.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::frowns:: XO: Romulans?


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Telin> ::looks to CMO, then back to CO:: CO: You have no idea how many times similar phrases have appeared in our history books, sir.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Shakes her head in resignation::  CTO: Romulans.  DNA evidence found by Ecchumati.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: with all the weird situations going on i figure its time to get a security detail at all important ship areas so i start drawing up duty postings and shifts for security personnel also sends a copy to CTO for approval before putting it in place::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::silently tends to the injuries::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> XO: Well... that's certainly... different... ::thinks for a moment, connecting a few potential dots:: Alright, let's finish this up.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::heads back in::


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::looks up at CTO and XO reappear::

<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Murmers::  CTO: I want to know why Lott is lying about losing his earring


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods sadly:: Telin: I'm all too aware of that. But this is the Bremen, here you have no race, no gender, no creed except that of a Starfleet officer. Every single one of you is exactly like everyone else, and will be treated as such. Make no mistake, I will never discriminate against any member of this crew because of the colour of their skin, the amount of eyes they have, or whether their forehead ridges one way or another


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::sits gain, his expression professionally neutral:: Lott: Let's try this again, Crewman. I need to know how your ear ring ended up next to a dead man. You claim you lost it; I need to know how, and I need to know when. I don't care if it's embarrassing.


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> <Telin> ::his expression softens a very little:: CO: Yes sir. ::but the rumours that had been circulating are hard to shake off::


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> ::shakes for a second:: CTO: Look, this can't be part of the official record. ::purses his lips:: CTO: His wife can't find out.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::nods:: Lott: Only relevant information will make it into my report. I promise.


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Resists smiling to herself victoriously, her theory about to be proven correct::


<Crewman_Lott_Dyl> CTO: It only happened the once. Stress, too much to drink... ::sighs:: CTO: I was more interested in him than he was in me, but... ::looks away:: CTO: It must have fallen off then.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::sets his face grimly, and gives the man a nod:: Telin: I'll get to the bottom of this. Bill's killer will be brought to justice, and we can get back to some semblance of normality. Just remember that the New Kai will still exist, and anyone can support or depose them as they wish. As long as it doesn't interfere with your duties, or your relationships with the crew, it's no business of mine - and that's how it will always b


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::glances to the XO::


<XO_Cmdr_Jameson> ::Her internal smile fades, as she felt his internal pain and loss::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> Telin: Let the Doctor fix you up and get some rest. I'll see you at your duty station when you're ready, Dace. ::gently, he pats the man on the shoulder:: CMO: A word please when you're done, Doctor.


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