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U.S.S. Hyperion Mission #9

Directed by: C. J. Short





Einar Sigurðsson as Captain Jonathan Rome

Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin as Commander Niamh Danann

Riccardo Fabris as Ensign Dimak O'kar

Andrew Rice as Cadet Soule Douglas



Guest Starring


James Greenman as Lieutenant Commander Richard Foxworthy


SUMMARY: Adria has upped the ante by revealing that she holds captive a Starfleet Intelligence operative. With his freedom on the line, the Hyperion enacts a daring plan to dragnet the Arachnid Nebula, and find Adria.



CO_Captain_Rome: ::sits down in the center chair::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::trots off to the shuttlebay to grab her shuttle::

NAV_Ens_OKar: ::steps into the Horizon after finishing his visual check outside::

NAV_Ens_OKar: TAC: Alright Ssssssoule, ready to get thisss party sssstarted?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Is already underway with the Horizon's primary system checks::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::goes through her run-down, patting the outside of the shuttle before opening the hatch and entering.::

CO_Captain_Rome: *CEO*: Commander, status report.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: I'm ready. I'm not happy, I dont feel as prepared for the mission as I was before we were told of a SI hostage ::Sits pondering the next few hours with a grimmace on his face::

NAV_Ens_OKar: ::sees Lt Cmdr Danann entering the Skyline:: XO: I didn't know you were coming with usss, commander.

GD_JC: <aNAV_Vasquez> CO: Alternate vector laid in, sir. Ready to enter the nebula on your command.

CO_Captain_Rome: aNAV: Wait for the Skyline and the Horizon to enter the nebula first, multiple points of entry.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::turns as she goes to step into the Skyline:: NAV: Seems like it might be a bit of a party, Ensign. I hate to miss out on those. ::winks:: NAV: See you in space, eh? Fair winds. ::taps the shuttle's hull once more for good luck and steps inside::

GD_JC: <aNAV_Vasquez> CO: Aye, sir.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::wonders what that weird smell is::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::looks over at the CEO:: CEO: Commander?

NAV_Ens_OKar: XO: Fair windsss to you. ::Closes the hatch and starts the launch sequence::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::files away for later the iodea that the crew needs to be reminded that shuttles were not suitable locations for recreational activities...::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::settles herself into the NAV seat of the Skyline and powers up::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::steps back to the shuttlebay docking controls, running final checks on the pair of Type-11s and waiting for them to get ready for departure::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::initiates a comm connection with the Horizon:: *NAV: Skyline to Horizon. Follow me out. Standard formation til we're clear of the Hyperion, Ensign.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @ *XO*: Aye, Commander, following your lead. ::starts the shuttle to hover off the hangar::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @ ::Looks over at Okar with his concerned face:: NAV: Do you feel me Okar. I have a bad feeling. My Soule Senses are tingling....

CO_Captain_Rome: *CEO*: Commander Foxworthy, your report?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::taps his comm badge:: *CO*: Shuttles have had their transporters checked and enhanced as much as I can, Captain. They're departing now.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @::sticks on a bit of Pink Floyd in the background as she initiates thrusters and eases the Skyline out of the shuttle bay::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: <and that one :D:

CO_Captain_Rome: *CEO*: Well done, Commander. Report back to the Bridge when you're finished.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @ ::looks askew at Soule, trying to make the equivalent of a mocking grin:: TAC: Don't worry, you are with the bessst pilot in the fleet!

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods to himself and closes off the console:: *CO*: Acknowledged, Captain. On my way now.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::follows the Skyline out of the shuttle bay::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::chuckles:: *NAV*: I heard that, Ensign. Remind me to challenge you to some sort of a shuttle-based duel when we get back, yea?

 ACTION: Horizon and Skyline clear the shuttle bay, making an attractive-looking arc towards the blue and green nebula.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::taps her comm badge:: *CO*: Captain, shuttles are away... comm connection with the Hyperion.. ::taps her console:: ...established.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @ NAV: What if we can't just beam the officer out? We've been told no heroics; I'm a soldier, we cant just leave him behind if we cant get him.

GD_JC: <aNAV_Vasquez>::looks expectantly towards the Captain::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::steps into the Turbolift, ordering it to the bridge, stepping out a few moments later once it arrives and taking his position:: Computer: Computer, transfer engineering control to the bridge.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: We locate and relay to the Hyperon. The Big H will deal with it!

CO_Captain_Rome: *XO*: Nice song....keep the line open, mute the album though. Godspeed, Commander.

CO_Captain_Rome: aNAV: Engage.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: Make sssure you check those sssensssorsss though, we don't want to be caught unawaresss.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::smirks and rolls her eyes. Mutes the music, depsite it being pretty awesome backing for the nebula up ahead...:: *CO*: Aye, sir.

GD_JC: <aNAV_Vasquez>::initiates impulse engines, approaching the nebula from a different angle::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: I dunno Okar, something feels off to me. I hope it's just a feeling.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::initiates scans as far ahead as she can, while keeping an eye on the Horizon to her aft::

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Commander, any ideas?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @::Laughs:: NAV: Don't worry about the sensors. Nothing gets past me ::Points at his prosthetic eye with his prosthetic hand::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ Self: This is like swimming in pea soup... ::squints at the viewscreen, then down at her controls, aiming as far as she can be certain in the direction of the last transmission::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::remembers she's on an open comm:: All: Not that I have even swam in pea soup...

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: Well if I sssmasssh againssst a ssship, I'm blaming you...

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: We've got the shuttle transponders on sensors, I recommend we light their way with Nav buoys from the sidelines. Provide long range fire support and attempt to disable Adria's vessel when it shows up.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::laughs::

CO_Captain_Rome: *XO*: We're in agreement here, Commander.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: If you do, I'm taking it as a sign from the Gods that heroics are in order.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods:: CEO: Go ahead.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: If we can pin her down long enough for the shuttles to close in and grab the hostage, we'll have the advantage.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: If wishes were horses Commander...I feel we're just playing a game.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::tries to look into the nebula:: TAC: People from Earth would sssay that thisss isss like finding a needle in a hayssstack. A quessstion, if I may: why not jussst use a tricorder? ::laughs::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::chuckles again, her smile freezing on her face as she sees sopmething on sensors:: *ALL*: I got a blip, 10 clicks to starboard!

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nod ::nods:: CO: She seems to like games, Captain. ::takes up his station and brings up the tactical systems, running scans and preparing probes::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::becomes serious when he gets the report from the XO:: *XO*: Moving to confirm!

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: Woah. I got something.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ tries to scan the area more thoroughly:: *ALL*: Damn... It's disappeared!

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: Okar 10km to port

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::begins launching more probes to light the way, dropping them in areas that'll provide help for the shuttles without giving away their positions::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::moves immediately as directed, setting the shuttle to 3 quarters impulse::

CO_Captain_Rome: *AT*: Away team, we are lighting your way.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @::Keeps the sensors focussed on the direction of the last ping::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::mirrors the Horizon, at a fair distance as she moves forward:: *CO*: Much appreciated, Captain. ::begins to scan for lifesigns::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: Our sensors confirm the readings, Captain. Something on either side. Lighting it up ::launches a probe::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: Anything from the probesss of the Hyperion?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: Negative, not at the moment. We're getting close though.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Status of our shields this deep in?

 ACTION: The well-aimed probe lights up two scout-sized vessels, appearing to mirror the shuttles. The probe is quickly destroyed.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: Captain, scout vessels on either side of the shuttles!

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::eyes widen:: Self: Whoa...

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: There, two scouts ships Okar....you ready?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @::Puts his game face on, and prepares to engage::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: Asss ready asss I'll ever be... *XO*: Are we attacking, Commander?

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Can you lock weapons ?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: If we launch a barrage of torpedoes, we could lock weapons as soon as it lights them up.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: *CO*: Captain, we've got ghosts. *NAV*: Defense pattern Theta. Don't engage the enemy yet. We don't know how big their guns are. ::sets her vector:: On my mark, Okar!

CO_Captain_Rome: *XO*: See what they are up to, do not engage unless fired upon. We're seconds away.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ *NAV*: Mark! ::barrel rolls to the side::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::barrel rolls to the opposite side::

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Will the nebula react to that high a yield? We have people in there in less protected vessels.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods:: CO: We can run standard FoF detonations, the torpedoes will dud in the presence of a friendly ship. It'll get us a view to grab a lock before the nebula cloaks them again, and we might even catch one with the torpedo

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Inform the away team, then fire when ready.

 ACTION: The shuttles roll towards their respective targets, and each soon comes upon a small Orion attack craft, veering away from the oncoming shuttle.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ *CO*: Understood, sir... *NAV*: You still got your shadow?

 ACTION: The shuttles perform their maneuvers, altering their course. With the probe destroyed, it's hard to tell whether it worked.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods again, opening a comm:: *AT*: You have incoming fire support from the Hyperion. Drop your heads, people. ::launches a barrage or torpedoes towards the last blip, waiting for an enemy to show up for a phaser lock::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: Are they ssstill following usss?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: *NAV*: I suggest you dive immediately, Okar! ::sets the Skyline into a downward spin, travelling as directly away from the last recorded sighting as possible::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @ ::Scans for the targets hoping something is there:: NAV: I'm afraid not my reptilian friend

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::fires a second barrage, them a third, watching his tracer rounds cut through the nebula:: CO: Torpedoes away, Captain. Ready for a weapons lock.

 ACTION: Pockets of nebula erupt in flashes of light as torpedos detonate, trying to reveal the scouts. The shuttles rock lightly, but are undamaged.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::follows suit, leaving the plane and following the trajectory of the Skyline::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::whistles:: *CEO*: You don't give a girl a lot of warning, do you?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::grabs the lock as soon as it appears, tagging weapons and engines before lighting up the phasers::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: Got a lock, Captain! Shooting to disable

NAV_Ens_OKar: @*XO*: Let'sss get out of here, Commander, we have bigger fisssh to fry.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Well done.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: Why I wouldnt give right now, to just be shooting a rifle at someone.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: *XO*: Spoils the surprise, Commander. I've got a lock on one of the vessels, dropping you the coordinates ::updates the shuttle telemetry::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: Man, THISSS isss my element. I'll leave the ground-pounding to you. ::smiles::

 ACTION: The phasers strike home, and the signal disappears, likely destroyed. These scouts seem particularly fragile.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::frowns, going a little cold inside:: *XO*: Might only be wreckage. I dont think these scouts are particularly strong.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ *NAV*: That we do... Two-vessel grid search pattern... ::taps on her console, a little rattled by those scouts:: *NAV*: Start at your current heading. I'll match it.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: Captain, something feels off....

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: I like the personal touch, what can I say, I'm a romantic. Theres no feeling quite like looking into someone's eyes as you squeeze the life out of them.

GD_JC: <aNAV_Vasquez> CO: Sir, hail coming in.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up and walks over to the CEO:: CEO: I agree. Do a multiphasic scan of that debris.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: I recommend launching more probes into the further reaches, Adria's ship isn't near the shuttles.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::turns to face the viewscreen:: aNAV: On screen.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Do what you feel best, don't let her hear you.

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::inputs a vector to get deeper into the nebula:: @TAC: Not for me. ::Smiles again::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods and begins widening the search patterns, launching buoys further out from the shuttle positions::

Adria: ::shows up on the viewscreen, clapping enthusiastically:: *CO*: Bravo, Captain; I do love me a light show!

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: Pretty sure I picked that trait up off the Klingons, and the taste for Gagh.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::smiles:: *Adria*: Just for you.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::hears Adria's voice over the comm line, stays silent as she works to search her out::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::looks over at the viewscreen:: CO: She must have a way to cut through thr interference, Captain. The picture is too clear. ::begins monitpring the subspace channel its coming from, looking for a lock::

Adria: ::tilts her head adorably:: *CO*: You shouldn't have. I must say, it's good to see you back in command, Jonathan. Whatsherface was... well, she doesn't have your spine, you know?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::raises her eyebrows, mouths "I was on the ship 5 goddamn minutes!"::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: I think all this "Chance to get blown apart from every direction" is a bit unsettling. With out so much as goodbye bleddy kiss.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: I couldn't be bothered. ::walks over to his chair and sits down::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: Asss opposssed to randomly getting tagged by a sssniper? I'll take my chancesss with sssensssorsss, thank you very much.

Adria: ::pouts:: *CO*: I've made you mad, haven't I? All these games I like to play...

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::frowns down at his readings:: CO: I'm getting elevated neutrino readings, I can figure out a source. ::quietly sends a signal to the shuttles with a direction towards the orogin of Adria's subspace comm signal::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: I dont usually have to worry about that, I'm the sniper. Although I have a fine place as a bullet magnet when ranged assault is out of the equation.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::shrugs:: *Adria*: No, just really bored.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::gets the message from CEO, and relays it to NAV, without a word::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::notices the transmission from the XO and subtly changes heading, making it gradual as a means to not draw attention::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @ ::gets himself riled up with the thought of honourable combat:: NAV: Thats why I love the Klingons, they use freaking swords man!

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ :: changes her vector accordingly and moves forward at half impulse, keeping her shuttle systems as low on energy as possible::

Adria: ::grins excitedly:: *CO*: I can see how that might be. Now that you've entered my little playground, though, things are about to get much more exciting.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::sits up:: *Adria*: Now we're talking.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::sends another text message "Unknown distance. Go quiet. Adria can see. Hyperion set to engage on your mark."::

Adria: ::leans forward, a hungry look in her eyes:: *CO*: You should be proud of Mr. Madsen, Jonathan. He hasn't said a word beyond his name and rank. And believe me, we've done some horrible things to make him talk.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::smiles:: *Adria*: Now you're making me angry. That's not a good thing, for you.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::contuinues her own passive scans. Nods at CEO's message, relays to NAV, and replies with a message of her own "Acknowledged. Advancing at half impulse"

NAV_Ens_OKar: @::matches speed with the XO::

 ACTION: The shuttles cut through the nebula, heading the direction of the neutrino emissions.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @ ::Can hear the conversation the Captain is having with Adria over the comm. Self: Bitch..... ::Looks at Okar with eyes of cold steel:: NAV: We need to find her now.....

Adria: ::laughs, almost to the point of a giggle:: *CO*: Oh, Jonathan. You want know what I like most about our relationship?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::prepares a holy hell of torpedoes and readies phasers for lock::

NAV_Ens_OKar: @TAC: We will, I'll make sssure of it!

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: No, but I have a feeling you're about to tell me.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::is feeling very tense. Would usually crack a joke at this point, but has to keep quiet with the open comm. Grimaces at her own jitters.::

Adria: *CO*: It's new. We could go in so many directions from here, you know? A new relationship... well, it gives you a chance to make an impression. ::slowly sits back in her chair, all mirth gone from her expression:: And I have such an impression planned for you.

 ACTION: The comm cuts.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: @NAV: I would find the utmost pleasure going aboard and 'teaching' that Adria and her crew a few of the finer points in interrogation.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::confirms the comm is closed:: CO: The shuttles are closing on her last known positiom and we have a package waiting to deliver as soon as she shows up on sensors.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::hears the comm cut out:: *CEO*: Hey, Spanners! Is there any possibility that the vector you have us on leads out the other side of this nebula before we find her, cause this all seems to be dragging out a bit, you know?

 ACTION: The sensor panels of both shuttles light up as multiple ships are suddently detected, as well as weapon locks. Through the green clouds, scouts appear, their weapons flashing as plasma crashes into the shields of the Horizon and Skyline.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: @ ::spoke too soon: *CO*: Contact!

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: *XO*: Unknown, Firelocks. Its just a rough estimate on her position.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::growls and opens up with everhthing the Hyperion has, aiming for weapons and engines::

CO_Captain_Rome: CTO: Fire everything!

Adria: <<<Pause>>>

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