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Star Trek: Engage Transcript Stardate 11405.08



Game Directed by: Aoibhe Ni



James Greenman as CO Commander Rhodri Griffiths

Sophie Wakeling as XO Commander Anya Nicole Jameson

Einar Sigurðsson as CEO Lt Commander Anthony Adalberto

CJ Short as CTO Lt. Henry James Sumner

Andrew James as CMO Lt. Ajala Ecchumati

Kyle Renaud as TAC Ensign Darloch

Shawna F as SCI Ensign Raqiin sh'Hruvek

Dave Butler as OPS Cadet Rohan Mór

and Wesley Cowan as NAV Cadet Vincent Calhoun     



Mission Summary:

USS Bremen has picked up the crew of the USS Hooke, and everyone has had some time to settle in as they make their way towards the Episadi Cluster. Enroute, it is discovered that a Bremen crewman named Bill Ashington has died in his sleep of hypoxia.

We join the crew as they look for reasons why this has happened.


<<<Begin Mission>>>


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::arrives at the dead crew mans room as ordered::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::examines the room quietly, looking to the vents:: TAC: Ensign.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: whats going on? Yes Sir?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> TAC: Mr. Ashington here has died from hypoxia; the vents in his room were sealed up, and the room was flooded with nitrogen. Just his room. ::turns to look at the klingon:: What's that sound like to you?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::tries to access the required information:: CO: Captain, I am unable to locate any signs of infiltration into the environmental systems.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::steps out of his ready room, his face full of thunderclouds:: CEO: That's not good enough, Chief. Someone had to have tampered with that system, something should have alerted or flashed up on a screen somewhere - Why didn't it?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::pulls out his tricorder and starts scanning the concentrations of nitrogen still in the room::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: sounds like i wont get to the Holodeck any time soon :: pulls Padd and starts looking at security logs for Bills room to determine if anyone broke in or were let in::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CEO: Your guess is as good as mine at this stage sir, I believe it must have been a manual operation. I have to go to the source, there might be something there.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::frowns and turns to Darloch:: TAC: You do understand one of your crewmates was just murdered, right?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::covers the body with a sheet:: CTO: I'm ready to remove the body. Do you need to take any scans for your investigation before I do?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::turns back to Ecchumati:: CMO: I'll take a quick scan before you take him. ::moves to the body and gets an initial scan, looking for anything out of the ordinary, beyond his being dead::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: Wait...the duty logs, a Crewman Noran Dest...Engineering...his ID is the last to log into the environmental controls. Over six hours ago.


ACTION: As CMO steps out of CTO's way, she steps on something that crunches a little underfoot.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> CMO: Looks clean. ::turns to look at what she stepped on::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::swivels his chair towards the secondary console and brings up the repair and maintenance schedule for that time::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::moves aside, getting up from her knees to stretch her legs and get a breath of air. Puts her hands on her hips as she turns away and hears something under her foot:: Aloud: What's this? ::bends down to see what it is::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::frowns deeply, taking his seat and thinking for a moment:: CEO: Crewman Dest? Where is he right now, is he logged into anymore systems? Can you monitor any more changes that he's made since that time?


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::arrives at Ashington's quarters, her own equipment in tow--looking stern and stoic:: CTO: It sounded like a helping hand could be used, sir. Just to make sure nothing else surprises us in this room.

<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: Of course i am Sir  just dont deal well with death where there is nothing i can do to stop it or dont even know how or who was at fault i prefer death when both parties have a similar chance of life or death


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> CTO: Jewellery. Looks like Mr. Ashington may have had company here recently.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: There's no mention of the Environmental systems on the repair or maintenance schedule during that time Captain.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> Computer: Computer, is Crewman Noran logged into any ship systems at this time?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::glances to Darloch:: TAC: Go over the security logs; I want a list of everyone who entered these quarters for the last 24 hours. Also check for transporter activity. ::turns back to the doctor:: CMO: An earring, perhaps?


<Computer> CEO: Crewman Noran Dest is currently off duty.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> CTO: Looks like a small chain, connected to a disc; pin on the back. ::nods:: Looks Bajoran to me.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> Computer: Computer, list all systems Crewman Noran Dest accessed for the past six hours on my console.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO :already on it  will have full logs as soon as possable  :: takes tricorder and starts scanning for recent bio signatures on the door bell and the common multi touched items including the Earring while awaiting the results from the security logs::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::crouches down to examine the piece:: CMO: Even better. Bajoran earrings tend to be personalized. ::furrows his brow as he glances off to the side:: Self: Hello... ::reaches under the bed::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::taps his comm badge:: *CTO*: Griffiths to Sumner. Have you anything to report?


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::stands again:: CTO: I'll leave that to you and get started on the autopsy. ::looks at the covered body as she uses her combadge to arrange for people to move the body::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::taps his combadge:: *CO*: We're gather preliminaries, sir. We've found a Bajoran earring, and the murder weapon. ::examines the cannister he pulled out::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::reads from the list:: CO: Environmental controls, plasma flow regulators, bio-neural gel pack transfer strengts on decks 7 and 8....Sir, he's logged onto Holodeck 2 right at this moment...."Bajoran Mud Spa, Number 5".


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::attempts to access the module attached to the cannister::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods:: CEO: See if he's made any changes that'd be considered...unorthidox. ::switches back to his comms:: *CTO*: Lieutenant, we have a possible lead. One Noran Dest, currently in Holodeck 2. He was logged into the environmental systems around the time of Crewman Ashington's death. I want you to speak to him, cautiously.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: Sir you might want to look at this


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::heads out of the room into the corridors which feel nice and empty and fresh in comparison::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: Aye Captain. ::accessed the keylog::


ACTION: CTO finds cannister partly burned out, including the little display window, but the memory circuits seem to be fine.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CO*: Understood, Captain. I'll put him at the top of my list. ::moves towards Darloch:: TAC: What have you got?

<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: Hands CTO the Tricorder showing the results of the scan that the DNA belongs to med Crewman Lott Dyl found on door pad::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> TAC: Lott Dyl... who did Ashington share these quarters with?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::sitting back in his chair, he quietly fumes, wondering just how far this thing was going to run:: NAV: Cadet, what's our ETA to the Episadi Cluster?


ACTION: Bill Ashington's body is beamed to the Bremen's morgue, leaving the room somehow even more moribund than it was when he was there.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::enters the morgue and prepares for the autopsy::


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> CO: Sir, from my estimates, I'd say we're about five days, maybe a little more, from the cluster.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: pulls up info on staff quarters and tries to determin who is supposed to be in this room::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::takes out his own tricorder and tries to access the memory circuits of the cannister::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: that would be Dyl and Bill assigned to these quarters


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::starts the autopsy, talking to the computer details she discovers as she goes along::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods, checking some reports on his chair console with a quiet sigh:: NAV: Thank you, Cadet. ::glancing upwards for a moment, he worries slightly:: How are you feeling about the current situation, Mister Calhoun?


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> CO: Sir?


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> :: turns around to look questioningly at the CO ::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: checks over the security Padd and tries to catch up on the progress of

any security breaches in this room from the door being over written or if any transporters were used Prior to the MO beaming the body to Medbay::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> NAV: Your thoughts, Cadet. The possible murder of a crewmate, on what should be a simple scientific expedition. I'd like to know what you're feeling.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> TAC: Alright... it's possible Dyl's DNA is there coincidentally, but we'll add him to the list all the same. ::frowns as he looks at the timer:: We're gonna need Engineering to look at this.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::checks Padd to try to locate Dyl's current location::


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> :: looks unsure, but answers regardless :: CO: Well, not knowing the crew that well, I'm not sure what the motivation would be. I'm worried, of course, since it is, as you said, a simple expedition.


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::has been quietly running some scans around the room in the background, realizing she's not fit to comment on what seems to be a murder investigation:: CTO: ...Sir? This vent is hermetically sealed. Should we crack it open, see what the blockage is?


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> CO: I guess you could say that this has been one hell of an introduction.


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> ::moves past the preliminary stage of the autopsy, enjoying the quiet despite the morbid situation::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: Captain, I've cross-referenced the crewman's tasks to the logs, he was handling normal maintenance on all of the systems...except Environmental. Those systems are not marked for repair or maintenance until next week.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::looks over to sh'Hruvek, having almost forgetten she was there:: SCI: Scans aren't telling us anything?


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO: Dyl is currently located at the Gym  did you want me to escort him to your office ?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods over at the conn:: NAV: That's for sure, Cadet. Thank you. ::turning, he looks over at Engineering:: CEO: Any reason you could think of for him to be in those systems?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::shakes his head:: TAC: No. ::hands Darloch the cannister:: Take this up to Adalberto, tell him we need to access the memory circuits. It should tell us when the cannister was planted.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: Captain, I only just arrived onboard. I have not been briefed on any minor engineering issues yet, so I am unable to guess. But, considering the circumstances I believe he should be questioned.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CTO:Understood will catch up with you with the results after


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::nods once more:: CEO: Hopefully Lieutenant Sumner is already on that.


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::shakes head slightly:: CTO: All I've got is there's some kind of polymer? Self: At least it doesn't seem to be another body...


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::nods to Darloch:: SCI: Go ahead and open it up. Contact me if you find anything interesting. I'm going to pay the holodeck a visit. ::motions for a couple security officers to follow him::

<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::pulls up Location of Adalberto from Padd in hallway::  *CEO*: CTO has sent me with urgent evedence for you to examine will be there shortly


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::nods with a quiet 'yessir' as she goes about trying to open a (professionally, it seems) sealed vent::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::taps his combadge as he makes for a turbolift:: *CEO*: Tony, I've got a present headed your way. Out of curiosity, would you consider Noran an essential crewmember?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::taps his badge:: *TAC*: Alright Ensign. I am on the Bridge.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::lowers his voice:: *CTO*: Henry, I've never even heard of the guy. We just arrived here, remember?


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> *CEO*: I'm gonna take that as a no, then, for various reasons. ::steps off the TL and heads for the holodeck::


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> ::Heads to Bridge as fast as turbo lift can get me there:


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *CTO*: Alright. Be gentle.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::just laughs into the comm before closing it::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::inputs a security override into the holodeck controls and steps inside the steamy recreation::


<CMO_Lt_Ecchumati> Computer: Increased nitrogen levels... breathed in at a slow rate. Fatal levels coincide with initial suspected time of death, approximately six hours ago. Cause: hypoxia. I believe Mr. Ashington would have been asleep throughout.


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> ::Glances  up as the arch appears. Looks utterly terrified, jumps further into the mud bath large and away from three very pretty, very muddy, very naked Bajoran women::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::smirks heavily as he examines the scene:: ENG: See... this is why you go with number 5.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: arrives at Bridge and heads streight to CEO with the package::  CEO: Welcome aboad wish my introduction was under happier times but any way here is what CTO wanted you to look at to determin when it was planted   :hands the cannister over::


<SCI_Ens_shHruvek> ::lo and behold, once the vent is open, there's a polymer film stretched all across the inside. she wriggles herself into the vent just far enough to reach out a hand to grab at the film, take it down, return proper air flow::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::takes the canister and turns it over and back:: TAC: And....this is ?


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> ::stutters:: CTO: Lieutenant! I'm sorry... did I over-lap with your time? ::looks very worried as the women make their way over to him again, fawning on him and ignoring CTO:: Computer: Freeze programme!


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::waves off the apology:: ENG: No, no; I just needed to ask you a few questions.


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> ::seems confused:: CTO: OK...  


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CEO: this is the cannister found in Bills Quarters we believe it contained the gas that ended him


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::glances about:: ENG: Do you know a Crewman Ashington, Mr. Noran?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::raises an eyebrow:: TAC: 'Ended him' ? You really are Klingon, aren't you? Fine, let me have a look. I will report back to you if I have something.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::chews on his lip slowly, going through the most recent reports from Astrometrics, anything from Crewman Ashington that would give a hint as to the motive behind this attack::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::places the canister ontop of his console:: Computer: Computer, scan and create a holographic 3D model and show me.


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> CTO: Bill? Sure, he's Crewman Lott's bunkmate. ::scratches his ear, curious about the line of questioning::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ENG: Ever hang out with him?


ACTION: A nifty 3D model builds itself in front of CEO's face.


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> ::shrugs:: CTO: Sometimes. He tends to be about when I meet up with Lott and a few friends... why, sir?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::reaches out and uses his fingers to enlarge parts of the canister:: Computer: Computer, the components used in this timer device, do they originate from Starfleet issue technology?


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> CEO:Thank you   ::Heads down to the Security office to try to get an more indepth security report and timeline for the last 24 hours of  the murder  scene::


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ::sits on a nearby bench:: ENG: Mr. Ashington's dead. There was a problem with the environmental controls in his quarters.


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> <Computer> CEO: They do not. The components originate from several different sources. Orion, Bajoran, civilian Federation...


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> Computer: Bajoran? Show me the origin of that piece.


ACTION: 3D model in front of CEO zooms in on the gas release mechanism, highlighting it, and the small broken catch that would have set off the devise itself.


<TAC_Ens_Darloch> :: arrives at Security office and begins compiling relevent Data once complete sends all info relating to death to CTO as well::


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> Computer: List all known Bajoran devices which have that component.


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> :: trying not to pay much attention to the action behind him :: Self: I'm a bit more interested in the Orion parts...


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> ::eyes widen:: CTO: Oh no! Is... ::stands up, realises he's naked and covered in mud, sits back down again:: CTO: Is Lott OK?


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> NAV: Orion parts can be fun, kid. But right now all roads lead to Bajor.


<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ENG: Yep. He's working off some steam at the gym. It's funny, we looked up the environmental controls, and an interesting name came up as the last person to access them.


<NAV_Ens_Calhoun> CEO: Of course, sir.


<ENG_Crewman_Noran> CTO: ...who? ::feels like he's being lead down a path, here::

<CTO_Lt_Sumner> ENG: One Noran Dest.


<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CO: Captain...this canister contains one Bajoran part, a common aerosol release system...used in the warmer parts of Bajor to dust crops...but it has been modified.



<<<Pause Mission>>>


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