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"Child's Play"

Star Trek: Engage Transcript “CHILD'S PLAY”


Directed by: Aoibhe Ni



James Greenman as CO Captain Rhodri Griffiths

CJ Short as ENG Ensign Ilia sh'Torar

Kyle Renaud as TAC Ensign Darloch

Shawna F as SCI Cadet Raqiin sh'Hruvek






Mission Summary:

After a somewhat successful attempt to reduce the stress on the Bremen's hull by using a broad-spectrum warp field to pull them out of the rift, Cadet shHruvek sensed rising panic from the so-called “Magic ghost”


Meanwhile, Ensign shTolar has made the discovery that all the micro-fractures and all the major faults they had been discovering as a result of the stress, describe a roughly ovoid shape within the Bremen's structure. Possibly a ship?

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<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::sat on the bridge, wondering just how much good he's going to be as he goes over the SIF diagnostics himself::


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::triple checks the geometry for the warp field, then checks the progress on keeping the anti-matter containment field from failing, which would suck::

#03* GM_Aoibhe is now known as MED_Lena_Moree


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> ::arrives at the quarters of Lena and Laney Moree, preparing herself for an upset kid and an equally upset ~magic ghost~::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::opens a comm channel:: *SCI*: Griffiths to sh'Hruvek. Cadet, let me know if you need anything from up here.


<MED_Lena_Moree>::hefts Laney in her arms and hugs her tightly as she answers the door to SCI:: SCI: Come in... please... ::sounds stressed:: SCI: Have you found anything else out? Are we getting out of here yet?


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> *CO*: Yessir...I'll let you know. ::tries to smile but comes out strained:: MED: We're doing what we can. It's slow going, but the ship hopefully won't do any more rocking for now.


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::taps her combadge:: *CO*: Engineering to the Bridge.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> *ENG*: Griffiths here. Go ahead, Ensign.


<MED_Lena_Moree>::breaths a deep sigh:: SCI: Good news. Laney keeps saying that her friend is very angry. I can't get much more out of her than that and the fact that he says it wasn't "her turn"... I don't know what that's all about...

<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::looks like all is well up here for the moment ::  CO: permission to return to the brig to see if the newest batch of music lessons is loosining the lips of Relar?


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> *CO*: The warp field is ready to go, sir, on your command. We've also dispatched teams to try and get the more critical damage repaired.


<MED_Lena_Moree><aENG_Bario>ENG: And we just got the paint dry on this baby. ::sighs:: ENG: Ain't it always the way, sir?


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> MED: Her turn--like a game? ::having all of this filtered through a child, from a being they know nothing about, makes it hard to figure out what all's going on:: MED: It's all right, I'm not going to make her do anything else. Not in her state.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::gives a nod to the Klingon as an affirmative:: *ENG*: Understood, good work. Do you think we'll be warp capable once we're free of this snare, or are we going to need a tow home?


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::shrugs:: aENG: Well, it keeps Starfleet's Corps of Painters working, I guess.


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> :: heads to turbo lift heading to brig::  :: arrives at brig  with new music selections in hand::   Relar:Good evening care to continue with more earth music lessons or did you care to answer questions honestly today?


<MED_Lena_Moree>SCI: Thank you. ::hushes Laney as she sniffs into her neck:: SCI: What's the plan, then? What's Captain Griffiths got up his sleeve?


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> *CO*: Damage to the nacelles is largely superficial. We should be fine after some minor repairs.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::smiles, a look of relief on his face:: *ENG*: Glad to hear it. Let me know if I should break out the duct tape and bailing twine.


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> MED: We'll have to try talking to this being another way. I hope you don't mind me taking over your quarters since...I don't know if this guy will show up just anywhere. ::sighs:: MED: I just need to figure out a better way than talking to a wall...


<MED_Lena_Moree><aEng_Bario> ::hears an alarm sound, then a second, his whole console lighting up:: ENG: Sir! Minor hull breach! Deck 9, Aerowing Shuttle Dock! We're venting!


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> *CO*: Will do. We're already chewing a bunch of gum in preparation.


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ENG: Forcefields! ::runs over to the console to check the damage:: *CO*: New problem, sir; hull breach on deck 9.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::brings up the damage control report with a frown:: *ENG*: Lock it down!


<MED_Lena_Moree><Relar> TAC: This is torture. ::looks worse for the weear:: TAC: You cannot do this without consequences.


<MED_Lena_Moree>CSI: You're empathic, right? You've.. sensed this being already?


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> :: Reaches up to wall console starts prepairing todays list of music selections starting with Gwar but due to the volume of band turns down the volume  in the cell


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::checks in with sh'Hruvek:: *SCI*: Any luck, Cadet? We're running out of time...


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> ::wait, she's got this. she was just reading about this, right?:: MED: ...Yes, and I think I have an idea. You wouldn't happen to have anything up your sleeve to, I don't know, enhance my abilities a little more? Alter my mental state.


<MED_Lena_Moree><Relar> ::winces visibly:: TAC: Your superiors will be hearing about this...

<Tac_ENS_Darloch> Relar: we could stop this and talk aabout what intrested you in the stolen maps


<MED_Lena_Moree><aENG> ::engages forcefields:: ENG: No luck, sir! Energy to that section of the forcefield emitters is offline!


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> *CO*: Sir, I have an idea, but I don't know if you're going to like it. It's all I've got right now.


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> Relar: now if i wanted to be in trouble the music would be blaring but i have kept it at a level we can still talk tho you have been reluctant  but you can stop this any time


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> aENG: Damn it... evacuate the area, and raise forcefields in a larger radius. ::indicates the fields to activate:: *CO*: We're having trouble with the forcefields, sir; we're evacuating the area.


<MED_Lena_Moree>::looks at SCI with wide eyes:: SCI: Um... Not... on me, but... ::bites lip:: SCI: We'd have to check with the Captain, and I can't guarantee your own safety, but a dose of phylocine might do it, coupled with a neural enhancer...


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> *SCI*: We're out of options, Cadet. If you have something, i'll listen.


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::After 5 min i reach up and switch the music to the Barny theme song on repete but i also turn the volume back to what it was before Gwar still being able to talk::


<MED_Lena_Moree>TAC: I don't know! ::looks stressed:: TAC: I don't know what was interesting about those maps! I took them because I was ordered to! At least one of us seems to be capable of following the rules around here. You, you oaf! You think you can't be touched, that you are safe from retribution for this imprisonment, this lack of respect! ::raises a hand, andpoints a finger right at TAC:: TAC: Arrogant fool. You will pay for this slight.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::frowns at the report from Engineering, standing up and pacing the command circle:: *ENG*: Use the site-to-site transporters to get everyone off that deck and lock it down. How's the SIF holding?


<MED_Lena_Moree><aENG_Bario> ENG: Aiy sir!


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> *CO*: Doing drugs on duty for the sake of chatting up a trans-dimensional being won't get me reprimanded, will it? And, well, a neural enhancer might help. This thing can only see Laney, just like only she can see it.  I think it's just because she's young, and youths have a different mind--I can fill you in on the details later, sir; do I have your permission to do something dangerous and crazy?


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> Relar: Ok that is the first honest thing you have said to me since you came aboard Who ordered you to get those maps i want the correct name and location where they are stationed please. Said with the biggest smile i can muster::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::stops his pacing mid-step, a deep frown on his face. This is what he'd been trained for, making these decisions, but it was never as simple as just giving an order:: *SCI*: Like I said, Cadet, we're out of options. The ship is coming apart at the seams. It's now or never...


<MED_Lena_Moree><aENG_Bario> ENG: Sir! the rift in the hull on Deck 9 is spreading despite the forcefields. It's cutting right through it... ::opens up a schematic, showing the line as it curves its way around in a circle, describing the shape of the ghost ship::


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::reaches up and shuts the music off::


<MED_Lena_Moree>::nods at SCI:: SCI: OK... just a second... ::steps aside and orders the necessary equipment to be brought down from Sickbay::


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::curses:: aENG: Evacuate everyone along the path! Prepare the warp field! ::runs back to the MSD:: *CO*: Sir, the breach is spreading; force fields aren't having any effect. We need to activate the warp field, now!


<MED_Lena_Moree><Relar> ::visibly relaxes:: TAC: Smart move... and tell me, Klingon... if you were in my position, if our lives were reversed, would you become a traitor to your race as fast as you expect me to?


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::chews on his lip slowly, feeling practically useless as his ship comes apart around him:: *ENG*: Pull power from every available system for Structural Integrity, keep this ship together for as long as it takes. Weapons, Shields, Life Support, whatever we can spare...Just hold out a little longer.


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> ::possibly hurting herself wasn't covered in pacifism 101...:: *CO*: We'll get things set up as fast as we can, sir. I'll tell him...what we're trying to do. What we can both do to help each other.

<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::taps his comm badge again:: *SCI*: Cadet, please tell me you're ready to communicate with the aliens. We're going to have to activate the warp bubble again, and this time they probably won't last half as long...You have 5 minutes.


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::runs her hands through her hair in exhasperation:: aENG: Everything to the SIF, and I mean everything!


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> *CO*: Five minutes...no problem... If the ships stop coming apart, you'll know I'm getting somewhere.


ACTION: A nurse arrives at the Moree quarters with a a med kit. Lena grabs it.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> *SCI*: Sounds good to me, Cadet. Griffiths out.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::switches the comm channel:: *ENG*: Griffiths to sh'Tolar. Ensign, keep us together for five minutes. Whatever it takes, understand? After 5 minutes...hit the switch.


<MED_Lena_Moree>::turns to SCI:: SCI: Ready? ::sets up a hypospray and taps the neural enhancer once or twice::


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> *CO*: Understood, Captain.


<MED_Lena_Moree><aENG_Bario> ENG: Yessir! Even the power from the turning dessert trays in the Mess hall!


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> MED: Let's get this show on the road. ::settles herself in a seat, as calm and prepared as she can make herself::


ACTION: Lights flicker and dim, air units hum to silence, the ship seems to shudder and die a little as every evailable scrap of power is directed at the ever-increasing tear in the hull on Deck nine


<MED_Lena_Moree>::administers the hypo, and rests the enhancer on SCI's temple:: SCI: Just remember I'm here. ::kneels beside her and holds her hand::


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::gets into a defencive stance incase cell doors drop::


<MED_Lena_Moree><Relar> ::looks around as the lights dim and the forcefield shimmers briefly:: TAC: Trouble in paradise?


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> Relar: Just another day in space


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::watches the clock::


ACTION: The forcefields in the brig drop and Relar makes a suicidal run for it.


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::Tackles Relar to subdue him not to hurt him badly::


<MED_Lena_Moree><Relar> ::makes a grab for TAC's phaser::


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> :: deflects Relars attempt at my phaser and trys to subdue him


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> ::eyes flutter, enhancer bringing emotions into sharp clarity, even thoughts rising from Lena, the panic of the crew starting to crowd, and drug settling into her system--and it's there, somewhere in the room, she can--she thinks she can see it, so she has to try, willing her thoughts outward:: Ghost: ~Are you there?~

<MED_Lena_Moree><Relar>::is strong, not as strong as a Klingon, but he struggles regardless, frantically clawing at TAC's face, trying to get free::


<Magic_Ghost> ::seems to turn, in a ethereal mass, towards SCI, half words coming across to her, a sense of surprise at seeing her::


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::thinks Relar fights like a Targ:: Tac:Let CO know that Relar is loose i have him contained for the moment  and lock this room down  no one gets out


<Magic_Ghost> <aTAC_Boom> TAC: Aiy Sir! ::steps outside and goes to lock outer door, finding it won't close:: TAC: Door's are not functioning sir!


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> ::everything's blurred and overwhelming, and she's squeezing Lena's hand:: ~Ghost: If you can hear me, if you can understand me, you need to make a broad-spectrum warp pulse now. Right now! Push the ships apart!~


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> aTAC: Manual over ride and get more security here Relar must not be loose on this ship


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::feels his ship rumbling beneath him, straining and screaming in pain. Unconsciously he rubs his hand along the rail, trying to soothe himself and his vessel:: Self: Come on...


<Magic_Ghost> ::appears to stand, as solid as a trail of smoke from a candle and moves towards SCI, ghostly features examining her, a face without a mouth floating over her:: ~SCI: Yes... My turn~


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::hovers her hand over the warp controls as the tear spreads to deck 10::


<Magic_Ghost> <aTAC> TAC: On the double.


<Magic_Ghost> <Relar> ::Spits at TAC::


<Magic_Ghost> ::turns away from SCI and dissipates as it moves to the other side of the Moree quarters:: ~SCI: Now... Now...~


ACTION: The Bremen beings to rumble and shake, much as the Ghosts's hip must have been when the Engineers tried to free the Bremen alone before.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::grips the rail harder until his knuckles whiten, counting down the seconds::


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::Now i know Relar fights like a Targ:: Relar: you will not win this ::Continues to contain Relar trying to stay three moves ahead of him::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::feels the ship shuddering harder, slapping his comm badge:: *ENG*: Griffiths to sh'Tolar.  Now, Ensign!


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::hits the control, initiating the warp bubble::


ACTION: The shaking of the ship knock both TAC and Relar off their feet. The struggle continues on the ground.


<Magic_Ghost> ~SCI: Fare well, strange travellers~


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> :: Tries to roll to gain the top mount position to help contain Relar::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::holds on tight with one hand, hitting the ship-wide comms with the other:: *Shipwide*: This is the Captain, all hands brace for turbulence!

ACTION: For a moment, SCI catches a glimpse of the ghosts's world, strange walls and consoles appear before her, intersecting with the Moree quarters. Everything seems more organic, and very alien, then it seems to move away, slipping past faster and faster


ACTION: Warp bubble initiates and the Bremen shakes once more, a violent shudder before everything calms down slowly.


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> ::Braces for turbulance while maintaing the dominant position::


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> ~Ghost: Wait!~ ::but it's all vanishing, moving, a goodbye:: Self: Wait...


<Magic_Ghost> <Relar> ::stops struggling:: TAC: You may win this round, Klingon. But the superior empire will prevail.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::finds himself breathing heavily, holding onto the rail:: *ENG*: Ensign sh'Tolar, report. Are we free?


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::takes a look at the internal sensors::


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> *CO*: The tear has stopped... structural stresses have reduced... looks like it, sir. ::sighs in relief::


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::lets out his own slow sigh:: *ENG*: Begin damage control, get us moving again. We'll sort everything out when we're back in spacedock.


<CO_Cmdr_Griffiths> ::taps his comm badge again as he closes that channel:: *SCI*: Griffiths to sh'Hruvek. Cadet, what's your status? The fact that we're not dead says you succeeded.


<ENG_Ens_shTolar> ::turns to face the engineering department, leaning against the console, suddenly feeling rather fatigued:: ENG: Let's get a team suited up and get that tear patched up. We need to be warp ready as soon as possible.


<Tac_ENS_Darloch> Relar: i will release you to the brig again however any other plans of escape will be stopped  :: grabs phasor in holster and releases Relar to allow him to return to his cell while awaiting cage to pop up


<Magic_Ghost> <Relar> ::as stubborn as he is, nonetheless realises he is beaten and slinks back to his cell, a wad of TAC's beard hair still in his clenched fist::


<SCI_Cdt_shHruvek> ::still out of it, not all there at all:: MED: Tell the voice if I'm okay or not...I can't really tell.


<<<End Mission>>>


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