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U.S.S. Hyperion Mission #6

Directed by: C. J. Short





Einar Sigurdsson as Captain Jonathan Rome

Sophie Wakeling as Lieutenant Joanne Feyna

Andrew Rice as Ensign Soule Douglas



Guest Starring


James Greenman as Lieutenant Commander Richard Foxworthy

Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin as Augabrun



SUMMARY: After assisting the SS Brand with repairs, the Hyperion prepares to continue its patrol, hunting for a craft that seemed to be watching the attack on the Brand.




CO_Captain_Rome: ::Steps back out of his ready room after a rather troubling comm from Sara and heads for his seat::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Is on the bridge, and looks up as the Captain enters::

OPS_Augabrun: ::standing at OPS silently, like a good background character::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::pulls himself along the Jeffries Tube on his back, one hand dragging an engineering kit and a plasma torch behind him as he comes up on the neural gelpack relay::

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: Status of the Brand?

OPS_Augabrun: ::makes a noise to get CO's attention.:: CO: In-coming hail, Captain, from Command.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods:: OPS: On screen.

OPS_Augabrun: ::runs a comm over to the Brand, checking in at CO's order::

OPS_Augabrun: ::pops the comm on screen with her other hand. Is ambidextrous::

 ACTION: A elderly looking human man shows up on the screen, wearing a command uniform and Admiral pips.

Adm_Walker: *Hyperion*: Hyperion, this is Admiral Walker.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Walker*: Admiral. What can the Hyperion do for you sir?

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Looks up at the Admiral on screen, wondering if he is one she has had contact with before::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::pulls off the access panel and draws himself over, wishing for a moment that the jeffries tubes on these newer ships weren't such a squeeze, reaching his hands and and carefully cutting the secondary access relay that'd been fused::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: Sir, tactical analysis of the destroyed vessel is almost complete.

Adm_Walker: *Hyperion*: Captain, we've gon over your report. Excellent work defending the brand. We want you to track and neutralize that other ship, if you can. The USS Vonnegut is en route to assist, and is carrying additional crew for your vessel.

CO_Captain_Rome: TAC: Give it to Feyna, Cadet. I want a full report later.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::turns back to the Admiral::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: Self: additional crew...?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: Aye captain

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Smiles a little to herself, a certain cynicism in it, as she prepares for Douglas' report::

OPS_Augabrun: ::wishes Rome had an XO to relay messages to while he was busy chatting on the comm. Hear's CO's comment and breathes a sigh of relief:: CTO: Sir, the Brand is good as new. She's ready to resume her journey.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::turns to Feyna as he transfers the full report to a PADD and passes it to her:: CTO: ma'am

CO_Captain_Rome: ::clears his throat:: *Admiral*: Yes Admiral, we are recovering our engineering personnel from the Brand as we speak and looking forward to continue the chase.....I shall contact the Vonnegut and set up a rendesvouz.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::finishes cutting, pulling the fused relay out and dropping it behind him then grabbing the fresh one and a hyperspanner, reaching into the panel once more to begin fitting it::

Adm_Walker: *Hyperion*: Understood. Send us any additional information regarding these pirates you find, and good luck, Captain Rome.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Looks over at Augabrun::  OPS: Thanks for the update.  They can resume their journey whenever they are rady.  I think we have everything from them that we need.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods:: *Walker*: Thank you Admiral. Hyperion, out. ::motions for Augabrún to cut the comm::

OPS_Augabrun: ::nods to CTO, see's CO signal to her, and seamlessly transfers the nod to him instead:

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up:: CTO: Additional personel ?

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Takes the report from Douglas, and murmers to him::  TAC: Try and remember not to interrupt the Captain when he's mid comm Cadet

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: Set up a rendesvouz with the Vonnegut, and lay in a course for that scout ship.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: The ship is definetly Orion ma'am. But not everything matches up. i

OPS_Augabrun: ::cuts the comm, signals to the Brand. Job done::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Double checks her console::  CO: I haven't received any intel on new crew.  That is the first i've heard of it Sir.  Not that it's all that unwelcome, dependent on their security clearance.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::makes a final twist with a grin of success, pulling his hands out and closing up the panel before tapping his comm badge:: *TAC*: Commander Foxworthy to Augabrun. I've finished with the relay, check power distribution across the auxiliary command subprocessors, you should see things back to normal.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: <*OPS*:

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Turns her head:: TAC: What doesn't add up?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: It was definetly heavily modifed, incredibly powerful, but unstable. Like the early Defiant classes.

OPS_Augabrun: CO: Aye, Captain. Laying in a course...

CTO_Lt_Feyna: TAC: Weaknesses?

CO_Captain_Rome: ::deep in thought::

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: Tell the Vonnegut to catch up.

CO_Captain_Rome: NAV: Engage when ready, maximum cruising sped.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: Not sure, i cant really tell other than its in-built instability.

OPS_Augabrun: ::can't help but snigger a little:: CO: I'll pass your request along, sir. *CEO*: Checking now... ::does the ambidextrous boogie once more::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: She woulda been pretty hardy though

OPS_Augabrun: CO: ETA to the Vonnegut is.. 2 hours.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::makes his way back out of the jeffries tube, crawling backwards to get there, dragging his kit and the fused relay with him::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: TAC: No doubt Douglas, no doubt.

OPS_Augabrun: *CEO*: That looks good. Thanks, Chief.

OPS_Augabrun: ::casts an eye over her extrenal scanning array, cause apparently, that her job now, too:: Self: I wish I had three arms...

CO_Captain_Rome: CTO/TAC: Scan for that ship.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::taps his comm badge:: *OPS*: All in a day's work. Foxworthy out. ::steps out onto the deck, dusting his uniform off before heading into a turbolift:: TL: Bridge.

Adm_Walker: ACTION: The Hyperion engages its warp engines, following the trail left by the myster ship.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: Ill make another analysis of it when i get off duty. The holodeck may be able to give me a better feel for the ship.

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: Who's the Vonnegut's Captain? ::slightly embarrased at having been out of the game for so long to not even have heard of her::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Begins scanning for the unknown vessel::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Initiates a long range scan for the Orion ship, using Douglas' report for a more specialised scan::

OPS_Augabrun: ::bits her tongue at the CO's ignorance:: CO: Captain Udonis Harris, sir.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Looks at the results:: CO: Captain, I can follow the ion trail to the edge of the nebula, but not further.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::steps out onto the Bridge and makes his way over to the Engineering console:: Computer: Computer, transfer engineering controls to the bridge. ::waits for the console to activate, then logs in and checks warp propulsion systems::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: CO: I do not know if they entered or not.

CO_Captain_Rome: Self: They gave him a ship? Starfleet must be running out of Captains.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods:: CEO: Just in time, Commander.

OPS_Augabrun: CO: Oh, they'll give anyone a ship these days! ::laughs at her joke, then realises how terrible it sounds aloud::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: I'd wager they would, it's easier to hide in a nebula

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stares at OPS::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Smiles down at her console after hearing Augabrum's comment, before sneaking a look at Rome's face, which makes her want to laugh more::

OPS_Augabrun: ::looks everywhere but at the Captain::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up and adjusts his uniform:: OPS: I can make fun of other CO's, Ensign. You however, can not. Eyes front, tell me what that nebula is made off.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO/CTO: Make sure we can enter that nebula without losing our main systems.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: TAC: If i was a gambling woman, I probably would too Cadet.  but I'm not...not really.  So let's see if we can find a trace of them in there.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Chuckles at the captains rebuttle of Augaburn's joke::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::checks a few items off his list and smiles, relishing in the purr of the warp engines beneath him before turning:: CO: Understood, Sir. We should get some scans of the nebula before going in and launch a probe for guidance, give us a better view. Nebulas, after all, are the long grass of space. They'd be foolish not to ambush us if we make our way in there.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: That was the idea, Commander. See to it.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: CEO/CO: And while we are using the probe to get an idea of the nebula, we should also use it to see if we can find the Orion vessel in there.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::sits back down, and think this would be when Idrani usually told him to smile and stop being a sourpuss::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Quietly heads over to the replicator, and order's a raktajino::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: <orders:

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods and turns back to his console, readying one of their class 7 probes and sending the confirmation to Tactical for launch while he runs some scans of the nebula::

OPS_Augabrun: ::lowers her head, going bright red:: CO: The Arachnid Nebula is 6.5 billion kilometers in diameter, its primary components are disodium and ethylchlorate which give it its blue colour. ::clears her throat:: CO: It also contains a binary... ::reads on:: CO: ...neutron star system. ::loosk up:: CO: We may develop problems with our sensors in there, sir.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Picks up the steaming mug, and takes it to the Captain, depositing it beside him::  CO: I think you need this.

CO_Captain_Rome: OPS: See to it we don't.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: Firing probe on your mark sir.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::looks up and smiles at Jo:: CTO: Thank you.

OPS_Augabrun: ::taps at her console:: CO: yessir... ::doesn't look up again.::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::puts the mug to his face and breathes in the aroma::

CO_Captain_Rome: TAC: Whenever you're ready Cadet.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Heads back to her station, smiling at him over her shoulder, and carries on finding a way to get proof the ship is in the nebula.::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: OPS/CO: I can boost sensor gain to give us some better resolution, but we'd be dropping our range by a fair whack.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: Self: How to bypass the 'static' of a binary neutron star?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Fires probe, within seconds telemetry confirming what Augaburn had said was coming in::

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Do what you feel is the best option, Commander.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: TAC/CO: I'd recommend that we start launching probes in a scatter pattern along our projected search course, give us some navigation bouys in effect. We can use the probe sensors to map little pockets of the dust cloud on our way through.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::takes a sip of his Raktajino and feels his mood going up:: TAC: Cadet Douglas, prepare tactical maneuvers in case we need to defend ourselves in there.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods and begins making modifcations to the sensors, adjusting the pallette resolution and increasing the gain on the heuristic targetting relays::

OPS_Augabrun: CO: Captain, we're being hailed.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::sighs and looks at his coffee, then rests it on his armrest:: OPS: On screen.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Fires multiple probes at the Lt Commander's order::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: CEO: Foxworthy, that sounds like just the idea we need.

OPS_Augabrun: CO: I'm not sure I can.. origin is unknown. I'll try to clear it up...

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Sighs a little, and really hopes it's not Klingons::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: Yes sir, its just like combat in a swamp sir. Misty, visibility down, enemies could be in the trees or underfoot

CO_Captain_Rome: TAC: Get to it, then. ::smiles::

OPS_Augabrun: ::works hard, trying to keep her nose clean after her gaff earlier:: CO: OK... ::puts comm on screen::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::looks over his shoulder at the CTO with a grin:: CEO: More'n my job's worth to not call 'em like I see 'em.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: I could reprogram some of the probes to emit false ion readings that make them look like the Hyperion

CTO_Lt_Feyna: CEO: Just the kind of Engineer I like!

 ACTION: The viewscreen is replaced by a spinning emblem, a green and silver sickle. It's as if the Hyperion is on hold.

CO_Captain_Rome: Self: Hah. Fine.

OPS_Augabrun: Self: Ugh...

CO_Captain_Rome: ::picks up his coffee again::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::gets the results back from his diagnostic analysis:: CO: Captain, the nebula shouldn't affect our shields overly much. We'll see a drop in regeneration due to the constant pressure not affording the secondary shield generators to kick in, but the ablative armour is fully initiated.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Watches the symbol a little::  All:  Watching that spinning makes me feel a little queasy

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: Have you seen O'kar's piloting?

Adria: ACTION: The emblem disappears suddenly, replaced by an attractive Orion woman sitting in a dark room, her chair seemingly sitting under a spotlight.

Adria: *Hyperion*: Hello!

CO_Captain_Rome: *Orion*: Hi.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::sips of his coffee::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Acknowledges to herself that the woman on screen is pretty, but then pays attention to the content::

Adria: *Hyperion*: I'm sorry for the rudeness. I wanted to test the emblem. What'd you think? Be honest. It's terrible, isn't it? ::seems unsure::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::makes a face:: *Adria*: Yes, sorry.

OPS_Augabrun: ::blinks::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Looks at Feyna with a confused face as he mouths 'What The'::

Adria: @::nods knowingly:: *CO*: See, I want something that seems representative of the people, but how many people are actually farmers, you know?

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Talks quietly so as to not interrupt the Captain's COMM::  TAC: I've had no cause to complain.  Why? You think you could do better?

CO_Captain_Rome: ::shrugs:: *Adria*: Beats me....Miss...?

 ACTION: The Hyperion drops out of warp and sits at the edge of the nebula.

Adria: @*CO*: Oh! You can call me Adria. A pleasure to meet you, Captain...

Adria: @::looks expectantly::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Slightly enjoys the woman being able to throw Rome a little::

OPS_Augabrun: ::finds it weird that Adria and the CO are chatting like they know each other, and yet they don't...::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::smiles, the comm refreshing:: *Adria*: Rome, Jonathan Rome. So, I assume you are broadcasting from inside the nebula?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: No complaints, he can just turn the Hyperion on a penny, and he flings it around things. Makes a man feel slightly nauseous even with the inertial dampeners on

Adria: @::grins playfully:: *CO*: Maaaaaaybe. Or maybe I'm hiding behind one of those asteroids, like I was earlier. We're kind of good at that.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Shrugs lightly::  TAC: I kinda enjoy it

CO_Captain_Rome: ::grins:: *Adria*: So that was you.

Adria: @::bows her head humbly:: *CO*: It was. It was fun watching you blow up my ship. I never get tired of the whole space explosion thing.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: I prefer to be flung around by a Breen to be honest. Atleast i end up with some pretty bruises.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: It get's old fast when you lose people.

Adria: @::waves her hand dismissively:: *CO*: They gave their lives for the cause, and such. I'm sure they were thrilled.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::types in a message to OPS 'trace?'::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: Self: I like her

OPS_Augabrun: ::bites her lip and gets to it::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: TAC: The holodeck is a way to gain bruises.  O'Kar feels more like... a rollercoaster.

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: You know I liked you before... but now you've lost the right.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Likes the pretty green lady less after her last comment::

Adria: @::her smile takes on a somewhat darker tone:: *CO*: My good Captain Rome, the moment I give a shit about your opinion, I'll be sure to let you know.

OPS_Augabrun: ::sends a message to CEO 'boost sensors?'::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::chuckles:: *Adria*: Why the language? We were getting on so well without it.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods at Augabrun::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: To be honest we're lucky he's not a Klingon pilot. We'd've been dead before we made it out of spacedock.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Now Joanne can't decide between respecting and disliking Adria::

OPS_Augabrun: ::can just about tell the signal is coming from somewhere in front of them, so in the nebula... somewhere...::

Adria: @*CO*: That's just the kind of woman I am, Jonathan. I take what I want, and I curse like a sailor while doing it.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Shakes her head a little, to throw herself out of her random thoughts, and continues work trying to pinpoint the Orion ship::

OPS_Augabrun: ::sends a message to CO 'dead ahead'::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: Self: I really like her

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Murmers::  TAC: Make sure we are at readiness, in case 'she' makes a move::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::shrugs:: *Adria*: I'm not your father. But I am a Starfleet Captain, and I have to come after you.

Adria: @::has her smile warm up again as she sits back in her chair:: *CO*: I'm sure you do. Can't have pirates attacking your shipping lanes, now can you?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: was just doing that very thing ma'am ::Prepares the shields, and runs a quick level 1 diagnostic on the weapons::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::shakes his head:: *Adria*: Nope.

Adria: @::stares at the screen for a moment:: *CO*: Tell you what. You find me, and manage to lock weapons on me, and I'l give you a present. Deal?

CO_Captain_Rome: *Adria*: I am... intrigued. What about we just talk this out a bit more... let's find a solution that benefits everyone?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: OPS: What kind of reactivity does the nebula have? What makes it angry?

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Suspects this is the kind of woman who'd want to give Rome a one-on-one present::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::leans back and crosses his legs, keeping an eye on the sensor scan::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Beams to herself, as she manages to isolate a few signatures that are most likely the Orion vessel, at least they match the composition::

Adria: @::rests her chin in her palm and gives a wistful sigh:: *CO*: I would like that, Jonathan. You have pretty eyes. But, I'm afraid I have things to do. Revolution, and all that.

OPS_Augabrun: ::seets TAC run a diagnostic. Whispers over:: TAC: Lemme clear some room for you. You'll get that done a little faster.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Nudges Douglas subtly, and points down to her screen at the data::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::smiles equally wistfully:: *Adria*: I wish it didn't have to be violent, you know?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: What've you got leftenant?

Adria: @::seems to turn serious for just the briefest of moments:: *CO*: Don't we all, Captain?

Adria: ACTION: The comm cuts, the screen reverting to a view of the nebula.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up:: All: Red alert! Battlestations.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::ties the probe sensor data into the main system and forwards the details to OPS:: CO: Probes are online and returning telemetry, Captain and our sensor modifications are in place.

OPS_Augabrun: ::slams her hand on the Red Alert button::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::As soon as the comm cuts, says aloud::  CO: Captain, I think I have them,  no idea on size or speed though

CO_Captain_Rome: CTO: Trap, or you that good?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: OPS: No need to worry, I have the ship running what i call a level 0.5 diagnostic on the weapons and shields almost constantly, the level 1 is a formality

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: She's that good sir

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: Still probably a trap though

CTO_Lt_Feyna: CO: Can't be sure.  I have multiple blips, that match the composition of the outer hull

OPS_Augabrun: ::Gapes at TAC:: TAC: No wonder everything's been running slow! I had Foxworthy crawling through Jeffries tubes all morning trying to find the jam!

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Raises an eyebrow at Douglas, realising that's the first really nice thing he's said about her since they met::

CO_Captain_Rome: CTO: Take us after her.

CO_Captain_Rome: CTO: She's extremely smart, be watchful.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Sends the co-ordinates to the NAV::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::walks over to the conn and stands behind the pilot::

 ACTION: The Hyperion makes for the nebula, shields raised and weapons at the ready.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: CO: And extremely interested in you.  ::Tries to hide her smirk::

CO_Captain_Rome: CTO: So she also has good taste.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: OPS: the captain likes me doing dianostics all the time, i thought i'd come up with a low power solution to that. There shouldnt have been a jam.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Laughs aloud::  CO: Modest, as ever

CO_Captain_Rome: NAV: Prepare evasive maneuvers to get us out of the nebula quickly.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: OPS: Its a hierarchal subroutine, that keep tabs on the primary sub-systems, and filters down if it finds an error.

OPS_Augabrun: TAC: It's fine... I was just running a few backgrond programmes, myself. Yours just tipped it over the edge. Next time.. ::looks down at her console:: TAC:... just lemme know. ::peeks to the side at TAC:: TAC: Buy me a drink to make it up to me?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: OPS: Romulan Ale good?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::frowns at his readout:: CO: One of the probes has stopped returning telemetry, Captain. Nothing on the sensors, just gone...If Adria is targetting and taking them out, they must have much better sensors than ours. I don't like this at all...

OPS_Augabrun: TAC: Better than water. ::grins::

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Neither do I, Commander.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: OPS: Not with the hangover you'll wake up with.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::smiles slight as an idea comes to mind:: CO: Captain, have you ever heard of tracer rounds?

  ACTION: The Hyperion's shields start to shimmer as it encounters the interstellar dust of the nebula.


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