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"Child's Play"

Star Trek: Engage Transcript “CHILD'S PLAY”


Directed by: Aoibhe Ni



James Greenman as CO Captain Rhodri Griffiths

Brian Bailey as XO Lt. V'Lor

CJ Short as ENG Ensign Ilia sh'Torar

Kyle Renaud as TAC Ensign Darloch

Shawna F as SCI Cadet Raqiin sh'Hruvek






Mission Summary:

With mircofractures appearing in several sections of the hull, Engineering has its hands full with structural integrity tests and emergency repair work. In the meantime, one of the few children on board has come to the Bridge crew's attention after Cadet sh'Hruvek made unexpected telepathic contact with a possibly sentient being.


While the threat of a Romulan incursion is still on everyone's minds, Ensign Darloch has been ordered to give up on interrogating their prisoner, frustrated with Relar's lack of co-operation.

We pick up just as Captain Griffiths and Cadet sh'Hruvek prepare to speak to the little girl, Laney Moree.


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