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USS Bremen - Stardate 11508.13 - Mission # 67


Su, Part 07

Summary: Well, everyone's made it out of the zoo with nerry a scratch on them, somehow...

We rejoin our crew as they take their places on the Bremen as she breaks her moorings on the planet surface. The warpcore is counting down to an overload, Adalberto's great escape plan, and the Su seem to be very focused on not technically “harming” their guests.

The ship is space-worthy, but its weapons systems were only half-repaired by the time all the Su engineers were chased off board.


<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::rubs her arm absently as she steps onto the bridge:: All: Where are we at? ::moves to the command circle::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::steps through the doors and onto the bridge after Sumner, then over to his console, somewhat absent looking::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> ::goes to the bridge::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> SCI: Horanda, any pursuit?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: am I needed on the bridge sir

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::glances around for Adalberto:: ENG: Yes. Take the engineering station, Cadet.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Is performing multiple scans for any following enemies::

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> CO: Nothing, sir. It seems like there's no pursuit so far.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: yes sir ::walks towards the engineering station and sits::

ACTION: The Bremen, with, let me remind you all.. the warpcore counting down to overload... breaks through the upper atmosphere of Su.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: What's the status of the warp core?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: it's stable sir

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::raises an eyebrow and checks her arm console:: ENG: Right...

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> aCTO: How are our weapons coming, Anya?

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO: Well, if I have to fire at something, I could improvise. But I'm pretty sure most of our power is to the engines right now.

ACTION: The main viewer shows the blue of the Su evening turn to the black of space, several orbital platforms hove into view.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: Sir it's stable but counting down to the warpcore overload sir

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: How much time?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: about 60 seconds sir

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> Self: Shit

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: Sorry sir 50 seconds

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO: Well, they throw some spanners in the works.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::frowns:: aCTO: Are those platforms armed?

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Gestures to the platforms::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO: Checking now, if I can see anything ::Performs a scan of the platforms::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> All: I'm getting signs of activity on those orbiting platforms ..

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: sir may I make a suggestion

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: Sure.

<Ops_Ens_Mor> Bridge: We have an incoming transmission coming from the planet. On a registered frequency. Shall i put it on screen?

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::nods to Mor::

<Ops_Ens_Mor> ::On screen::

ACTION: Look who it is!

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: If the weapons are armed we should disable them sir

<Magister_Dio>::smiles at CO:: CO: Well, that was all very fascinating, Sara. Thank you, thank you so very much for your commitment. We were fascinated by your savage desire for freedom over safety. Truly fascinating.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::grits her teeth and types in a command for Main Engineering to deactivate the overload:: Dio: I swear, if you tell me this was all an experiment, I will turn this ship around and come kick your ass personally, Dio.

<Magister_Dio><Nurse_Dar> ::saunters over to CSO:: CSO: How's the head, Lt?

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::frowns at the sight of Dio and her optimism::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::shakes said head around, tugging at the sleeves of the leftover uniform that was lying around:: Nurse: It's one head right now, and that's all that matters... I should get to the bridge. See, I'm not dizzy anymore or anything. ::well, her antenna still skew a little awkwardly::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Frowns over at Harlan, and continues to try and put together decent weapons capability::

<Magister_Dio>CO: Oh, well... ::looks relieved:: *CO*: That would be very much appreciated. Yes. It is time you came back now. We have so much more to learn about your people. Their sexual practises... interbreeding... especially among your... blue... Aernian? ::looks unsure:: *CO*:... yes, her DNA was most interesting. Splitting her into a binary life-form was but phase one, you see. So, yes, please return. ::face goes deadly serious::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> TAC: Weapons...

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::glances over to Jameson, giving what she hopes is a significant look:: Dio: My people have a phrase for anyone who gives such a command: eat a dick, Grand Magister. We've had our fill of your hospitality. ::motions for Mor to cut the comm::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO:Might I recommend you keep the core overload a possibility. They seem to like us as their pets/.

<Magister_Dio>::opens her mouth to ask if "adik" is some kind of Earth delicacy, but is cut off mid-thought::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Nods at Jameson:: aCTO: All that's been patched up is ready to go..

<Ops_Ens_Mor> ::Cuts comm:: Mumbles to himself: Adios asshole

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: Do we have warp drive, Cadet?

<Magister_Dio><Nurse_Dar> CSO: Stand up for me... and take a deep breath. ::scans the CSO, checking her blood pressure, O2 sats, etc...::

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> ::quickly scans the planet and surrounding space to see if the So are attempting to tractor in the ship, or otherwise forcibly bring the ship back in::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: yes sir we do

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> SCI: Can you scan the surrounding space? We came here through an anomaly, there must be some sensor information to help us get back.

<Magister_Dio>ACTION: The orbital platforms suddenly begin to spin, a web of light spreading out between them.

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> CTO: On it, sir. ::changes task at hand to follow orders::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: sir we should disable them before they trap us!

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> Nurse: I'm fine, I need to get to the bridge. ::but to do so, she has to stand. without holding onto the bed. right. she can do that. look at that standing. huffs a

little, but takes the deep breath as asked:: I can get a thorough examination later, can't I?

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Starts to target the nearest platform with torpedoes:: CO: I'm locked and loaded captain. Request to fire?

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: You think?! ::looks to Jameson:: aCTO: Do it!

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Fires::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Bleet: Soon as there's a hole, warp us through it; any heading.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> TAC: Whenever you want to join in ::Gives him a grin:: I have torpedoes if you want phasers?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: yes sir

ACTION: The targeted platform rocks under the Bremen's fire, but it's shields hold. Several steady lights begin to flicker, though.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Smiles a little:: aCTO: Gradly ::takes control of the phaser banks and shoots concentrated arcs at the nearest platform::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Looks down at her console:: CO: There's been an emergency unauthorised beam out. Trying to get more info

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> <eh, gladly>

<Magister_Dio><aNAV_Bleet> CO: As long as it's big enough for us to fit, if you'll pardon my French, sir!

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> CO: Sir! Scans reveal a unit on a nearby moon! It's small, only a few rooms it looks like...

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> SCI: What kind of unit?

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Curses fluently:: CO: It looks like the beam-out was to that same moon.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> aCTO: Do we know who?

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Sends the Captain an encrypted message to her chair containing: Legit codes. Starfleet command staff::

<Magister_Dio><aENG_Mac> *CO*: Sir! Antonia is missing! She.. ugh, she knocked me out, and now I can't find her on board!

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> *MAC*: Is Adalberto with you?

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> CO: The unit appears to be a building of some sort, with a habitable environment. There's a power surge emitting from it, currently.

<Magister_Dio>ACTION: The Tactical team's fire power finally get the best of the orbital platform, and it explodes in a hail of stars and debris, taking, regrettably, several innocent Su with it.

<Magister_Dio><aENG_Mac> *CO*: He's out cold beside me... ::shakes her head:: *CO*: What happened, sir?

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::retargets to the opposite platform::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::swallows and looks to the viewscreen, only now realizing she has no idea who Antonia is:: *Mac*: Is Antonia a member of the crew?

<Magister_Dio><aENG_Mac> *CO*: ...er...

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> *Mac*: YES OR NO! NOW!

ACTION: The lunar unit powers up, an array on the moon's surface emitting a series of high frequency waves that rocks the ship violently.

<Magister_Dio><aENG_MAC> *CO*: No, sir! But she's... I mean.. I can't tell you. I shouldn't even know. You have to ask Adalberto, sir! I'm... god, I'm sorry.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::looks to Bleet as the ship rocks:: Bleet: Get us out of here, now! Maximum warp!

<Magister_Dio><aNAV_Bleet> CO: eeeeeeeh! ::thumps his console as the ship shakes him around on his seat::

ACTION: A disruption appears in the fabric of space, a wormhole forming in front of the ship.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Takes a moment to wonder if those were Adalberto's codes used::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::grips her armrests, staring hard into the void's gaping mouth; wherever it led, she hoped it was better than here:: Bleet: Take us through.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> ::looks on the engineering console for any problems in the engines::

<Ops_Ens_Mor> Bridge: Just got a character based response on our trixial comms array..."GO!" That's all that was sent

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO: Home?

<Magister_Dio><aNAV_Bleet> CO: Aiy ma'am. ::punches it, launching the ship into the unknown wormhole::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::detects massive distortion on his scan panel, then looks up at the screen and blinks a few times::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::gave a shrug:: aCTO: That, or literally anywhere else in time and space...

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Throws her a grin:: CO: Agreed

ACTION: The ship zooms boldly forward, being swallowed up by the mouth of the wormhole in nanoseconds. The crew are buffeted violently as the Bremen is flung through space and, possibly time...?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: sir so far we are good

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: Thank you, Cadet. Let me know if that changes.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: yes sir. :: continues to watch the console for any changes::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: sir something is wrong

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::watches the flikering viewer, her heart pounding in her chest::

ACTION: Sparks fly from ENG's console as a hundred little faults light up his console.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::gets thrown to the floor, squeaking out an Andorian curse:: Self: What now...? ::screw the physical, she's going to go against medical advice and just bolt to the nearest lift to the bridge. rolling her sleeves up since they're overly big on her.::

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> ::tries to scan the wormhole, hoping to collect some interesting data on it::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: the structural Integrity is down to 33% sir

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Holds onto her console, a little at a loss that there's nothing to fire at, or to even pretend she's back at her safe position of OPS::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: All power to the SIF!

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: yes sir. :: puts all power to the SIF::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::braces herself against the walls of the turbolift as it shoots her to the bridge. is the damn ship coming apart around them?::

ACTION: ENG's console protests with a loud warning klaxon. The deflector dish is starting to show stress fractures!

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> Self: Only one for us to go, onward.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> <one way>

<Ops_Ens_Mor> CO: Eehh Captain im picking up a really degraded data stream, its intact and ready for decryption. We picked it up just before warp so I'd hazard it may not be complete. Shall i push to your console sir?

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::tries to make sense of the readings on his console::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> OPS: Sure. Maybe it'll distract me from our ship flying apart.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO: Better this than with the Su? I would vote for yes.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::looks over the data stream on her console::

ACTION: A dark at the end of the tunnel comes into view and before the crew know it, the Bremen comes hurtling out of the wormhole, listing and spinning sickeningly, and crashing her starboard ventral surface full on into a Tzenkethi cruiser.

<Ops_Ens_Mor> CO: Uploaded Captain, file integrity is better than I would've hoped

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: sir the deflector dish is starting to show stress fractures sir. ::tries to stabalize the warp core::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::stumbles out of the lift onto the bridge, trying not to trip on the way. that'd be a bad way of reintroducing herself. but she definitely ends up clinging to the back of TAC's chair so she doesn't go flying around and hurting herself again:: Aloud: Are we blowing up again? I really hate it when we do that...

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::gets half-flung from her seat as the ships collide:: All: Fuck was that? Report!

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> Self: Whoa! ::tries to get a tactical situation reading as soon as the scanners will let him::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Rights herself, and quickly looks at her scanners:: CO: It's an inactive Tzenkethi cruiser Ma'am. Looks like we are back. and we missed the end of the


<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Self: Inactive... sure... ::climbs back into her chair:: All: Let's get our bearings. We need to know where we are, and when we are.

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> ::moves to sci station 2 for shHruvek to take her place::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> All: Hmm, we appear to be in a graveyard, all dead Tzenkethi hulls out there...

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Checks again:: CO: I'm not getting the most...stable data from the sensors. But I would agree with Harlan.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::once again tries not to trip going to the station, nodding at Horanda:: SCI: I missed all the fun, I see...

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::looks back at shHruvek hanging on his chair:: CSO: Oh, welcome back, in one piece..

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: sir we should scan for any lifesigns

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> CSO: *quietly* Glad to have you back, though.

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> <::quietly::>

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ENG: First thing's first, Cadet.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: yes sir

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> ::scans for any damage::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> TAC: Better now that I'm one person, yeah. ::running up those scans, squinting at the results when they start coming back::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> All: Anyone? Location? Date?

ACTION: ENG's scans reveal damage, oh, so, so much damage. You name it, that wormhole shook a crack into it.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::the room totally isn't spinning or anything:: CO: Ma'am, we're back. The same place we got sucked into, in the middle of the battle. Just...it looks like we're late to the party. By a few weeks.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> TAC: Any of those Tzenkethi have live computers we could update our systems with? Or at least find the stardate and location?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CO: sir we have damage all over the ship from the wormhole

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> aCTO: Checking now... ::works the few controls that are still operating::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::rubs her eyes, finally breathing a small sigh:: OPS: Contact Starfleet Command. Give them a report. ::slumps in her chair:: We're gonna need a tow.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> aCTO: Got a few small craft that are sort of intact, trying to get into their computer cores now.. ::types frantically::

ACTION: TAC's fiddling with the innards of the Tzenkethi shuttle's computer pays off. Wow, isn't he oddly good at hacking into alien systems for an enlisted man...

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Thinks Harlan deserves a strong drink once they are safe at a station::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> ::gets up and rushes back to engineering::

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