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USS Bremen - Stardate 11508.06 - Mission # 66


Su, Part06

Summary: Half the Bremen crew are trapped in zoo exhibits, the other half are in the crowd. Tensions are mounting as the Captain makes an impassioned speech from inside her enclosure to the assembled crowd to no avail.

CEO Adalberto and his Away Team stare on in horror at their fellow crew mates trapped and unable to escape. We join our crew now, as Adalberto and his people make a move to free their compatriots.



::rejoins Antonia and Mackenzie with Jackson in tow:: ENG: Alright, have any of you located the transporter inhibitors in place?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> <ENG_Mackenzie> CEO: Nothing yet Boss, but give me a moment.. ::glances down at her tricorder half hidden in her sleeve::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Is sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall next to her door::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::puts the finishing touches on her little Starfleet symbol, leaning against the glass as fatigue sets in:: Crowd: We serve Starfleet. Our first ships were simple; metal cylinders with chemical boosters.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::turns to Jackson:: ENG: Anything kid?

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Finds the info terminal only displays biological data about the exhibits and a map of the compound, which he quickly memorizes before heading back to the door from where he was released::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: Nothing yet sir

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::nods at Jackson:: ENG: Keep it up, Cadet.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: ok, so what are we looking for?

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Crowd: With simple electronics and our understanding of mathematics and physics, these... flimsy tubes took us from our birth world, and let us set foot on our sattelite, the Moon.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Partially listens to Sumner telepathcally as she knots the piece of material methodicaly in her hands::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> ::breathes slowly to try and get into a more meditative state of mind:: Chan: I'll be fine. I just...need to get my head on straight. ::frowns:: There are a lot of people out there...but not around us. Someone must be kicking up a fuss...

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::motions for the away team to follow him to a service door:: ENG: We need to bring down whatever is stopping us from using transporters to get the crew out safely.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Chanqiin> ::glances at the only hastily and poorly semi-blocked glass:: Shen: Think you can try to make contact with the crew again? Get an update? Maybe Jameson?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> :: continues to look around ::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::retrieves a small mechanical tool from his tunic and attempts to unlock the door::

ACTION: The crowd thickens around the CO's window, curious faces mingling with zoo officials, looking on with stren faces.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::takes a breath to steady her hand as she draws a rough approximation of the lunar lander:: Crowd: That was the start. Over the following century, we sent countless probes into our planetary system, eventually beginning to colonize a neighbouring planet.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Glances over to the crowd, welcoming the distraction there, then rings the door chime:: Door: Hello, anyone?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: sir I found something

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Turns the sheet in her hands, and performs a final knot before carefully manoeuvring the item, giving herself a self satisfied smile at the outcome::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::Rests her head against the glass, trying to keep it together:: Crowd: In the next century, we unlocked the secrets of warp drive. Now, we could travel to other stars. We met new species.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::turns to Jackson:: ENG: Tell me.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> Chan: I can try. Just...don't crowd me, I'm fine, I'm fine. Go back to doing whatever noisy distracting nonsense you were doing. And don't pout.

ACTION: The reception room door sighs open, revealing an empty room.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Feels Sara flagging and murmurs aloud:: Self: Come on Boss, you can keep going. ::Does her best to send a wave of...something to her, to help revitalise::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: I found a power source 500 meters to the west

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::looks at Jackson's tricorder:: ENG: It's worth a look, good job kid.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Looks inside at the empty walls, then shrugs and steps through the door:: Empty hall: Hello?

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: thanks

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::rolls up his sleeve and taps the commbadge:: *Bremen*: Away team two to Bremen. We've located a possible site 500 meters west of our location. Can you transport us there without the Su picking up the trace?

ACTION: TAC's voice echoes a little, but no-one comes to see who is calling. He's completely free to snoop.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Crowd: The... Humans are drawn to the unknown. Our lives are short... ::closes her eyes and swallows::

<GD_Aoibhe> <Bremen> *CEO*: Er... we can beam you over there, sir, but I can't guarantee they won't notice. Their technology is far more advanced than ours. Who knows what they may pick up...

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: sir I would like to try to break it without sitting off an alarm

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Stands, and moves to a less conspicuous corner, and begins to move around with the make-shift weapon in her hand, preparing for the next person to open her room door::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *Bremen*: Use the same parameters as last time, make them think it's a field test, repairs. We'll have to risk it. Place us just outside, somewhere with no lifesigns around.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: We're moving west Cadet, when we get there you might get your chance. ::smiles::

<GD_Aoibhe> <Bremen> *CEO*: Yes sir.. I'm on it!

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::feels... something, in her mind, and takes a deep breath, straightening a little:: Crowd: Our civilization is built upon the discoveries of those that came before. Each new star system, each new species, each new anomaly improves us.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> Away team: Stand by for transport.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> :: stands by::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Crowd: We are even improved by our setbacks.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Wanders in further, assured nobody is here to watch, at least not in person, and moves towards the hallway leading to the holding pens' entrance square::

ACTION: CEO's Away Team, consisting of CEO, ENG, Mac and Antonia beam to the site of the power source. As they rematerialise, they see a small hut-like building that must contain the power conduits they are searching for.

ACTION: A small child, around 4 or 5 years old throws a gooey treat at CO's window. It sticks, and slowly slides down the glass, tracing a line through some of her blood drawings.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::motions for the Away team to move forward slowly with stealth as he retrieves his compact phaser from his tunic:: *TAC*: Adalberto to Harlan. We've located a possible power station. You have your orders if we get the power down. Don't wait for us. Adalberto out.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> ::sneaking around and peaks inside the hut::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Heads back to the door, satisfied, and crouches nearby in anticipation::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Anyone in there? ::whispers::

ACTION: TAC's way is clear out into the air again. He sees the Borg in its pen, pacing back and forth exactly as before.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::remains silent for a moment, watching the child, slowly slumping down against the glass:: Crowd: My life is nothing to you. I know that, now. I am a curiosity, an inferior being. You don't know the facets, the complexity.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::motions for Mac and Anthonia to go around the back::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: sir just one technician, working on an open conduit, and a tool box by his side

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Scan the door for locks.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::cringes as Tony's communication echoes through the hollow corridor:: *CEO*: Acknowledged, commander. Harlan out... ::walks on and frowns as he passes the Lonely Borg, then looks for the correct door signs for his crewmates::

ACTION: The two women nod to CEO and sneak around to the side as ordered.

ACTION: CTO's door slides open.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Waits a moment for someone to walks through her open door::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::powers up his phaser and sets it to heavy stun::

ACTION: SCI is tossed into CTO's room, the door slides closed again.

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> :: blinks in surprise::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::watches the child:: Crowd: I am the youngest of three children. My father was abusive. My only friend as a child was my older brother, Henry.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Is about to use her garrotte, but stops when she recognises the uniform, and bends down to the Cadet:: SCI: Are yu okay? Did they hurt you?

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> :: shakes head :: aCTO: I'm okay, just a little ruffled. :: looks at garrotte:: aCTO: Were you going to choke me?

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Approaches the door bearing blue marker, a circle with two antennae, and looks for any kind of control pad next to it::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Crowd: We comforted each other. We relied on each other to cope. When Henry came of age, he joined Starfleet. He always loved the sciences, and it was the best way to get away from our family.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Shakes her head:: SCI: Not you, no. One of them ::Gestures her head to the door::....maybe

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> ::scans the door for a locking mechanism::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: no sir there is none

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::raises the phaser:: ENG: Follow me.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Crowd: I miss him. I love him. Because of you and your elitism, I will never see him again.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::walks to the door and activates the opening mechanism and quickly jumps in, firing a stun beam at the engineer inside::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> :: follows CEO::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Finds only two simple buttons, one red, the other green, pauses to glance around, then slowly pushes the green one::

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> :: Stands up and looks around room :: aCTO: Do you have any idea of how to get out of here yet?

ACTION: The technician inside the hut collapses in an inelegant heap over his tool kit, the half-repaired contuit he was working on open and visible to CEO and his team.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::quickly checks the area for other technicians::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: You're up kid, find me a way into their systems.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::lowers his weapon as he finds no other Su in the hut::

ACTION: CSO's door opens for TAC without complaint.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::wipes lightly at her eyes, though it wasn't entirely necessary:: Crowd: I won't see Thalev again, either. I had just gotten him back; he'd gone on a mission, and he was missing for over a year. I grieved for him, thought him lost. And then he came back to me. The the war started. Then we were stuck here.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> ::starts, staring at the door with sightless eyes from the floor::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> :: looks at his tricorder to find another way in::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Chanqiin> ::whirls on the door, ready for a (naked) fight, but relaxes when he sees who it is:: TAC: Harlan! How did you get out?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: We need to disable the transporter inhibitors in place around the others....if we can't, we take the whole power system out.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Gestures to the least monitored corner of the room, and heads over there:: SCI: Not as yet, hence the weaponry. And I know the Captain is trying to use words ::starts to sounds a little perturbed:: and her own mortality to get out

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::climbs back to her feet with some difficulty:: Crowd: Is this entertaining you? Huh?

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Can feel the CO dropping::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: yes sir. ::starts to disable the transporter::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Blinks, than leans in, hoping to find shHruvek, but finds... err.. two?:: Chanqiin/Shenqiin: Glad to see you, and you... ::shakes it off and regains focus:: No time to explain, here, take these! ::tosses a portable transporter to each of them::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: sir I think I got it

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> ::grabs it out of the air as easily as if she wasn't blind:: TAC: Wait--we can't leave yet; the Su did...this to us. They should be able to fix this.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Show me. ::walks over to Jackson::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> SCI: Wait a sec...::Tries to bundle up her energy and send a message to any telepath out there:: ~ALL: Find the Captain, she needs help~

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: Yes sir. :: starts to show the CEO his work::

ACTION: ENG's work is good. The transporter inhibitor will power down with one final command.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> Crowd: Have I brightened your afternoon? ::punches the glass with what strength she has left:: You little shits... you would destroy our lives for your amusement, for curiosity. We've seen people like you. We've fought them. We've beat them.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Well done kid....we have a small window to act in here, don't do anything without my order. Understood?

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> ~aCTO: Acknowledged.~ TAC: Nevermind, go get the captain out. But we ::nods to Chan:: have to try and straighten this out.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: Yes sir

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> Shenqiin: Then go and look for the equipment needed, the place looks empty for now. I need to get these things to all of the crew, now... Go, and hurry! ::moves to the next door::

ACTION: The crowd outside the CO's window clap and cheer, some waving small thank you flags in appreciation for the lesson.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::taps his commbadge:: *TAC*: Adalberto to Harlan. Come in.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::trembles slightly, the glass the only thing keeping her upright:: Crowd: And we'll beat you too. ::grunts lightly as her legs giveway, her bloodied arm leaving a garish smear on the glass, her breathing laboured::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Chanqiin> Shen: Okay...guess we're starting room by room then. Come on. ::moves out of the room and looks around, at the doors with symbols indicating others. he ignores them and moves to a door lacking those indicators::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Hits the green button on the door with a female head bearing blue and black hair, then hits his badge:: *CEO*: Go ahead, Tony, I'm with the crew.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *TAC*: Good job Chief....have they all received their emergency transporters? We've found a way to disable the transporter inhibitors....as son as I do you will all be beamed back.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> *CEO*: Brilliant work, commander. I've got only three of 'em to pin on people, but shHruvek has to fuse herself together again first...

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::picks out four emergency transporters from his pocket and hands one to each member of his away team:: ENG: Place this on you. As soon as the field drops, this will beam you back to the ship.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> ::can still 'see' some of the exhibits, gaping as she trails after Chan:: Self: Is that a Borg...? ::shakes her head:: Chan: I think this way. That room over there. Come on.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *TAC*: Come again Chief? There was one for each member of the crew.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Chanqiin> Shen: Got it. Stay close. ::tries the door...and it slides open:: Guess they weren't expecting any unauthorized personnel... Wow, look at all this equipment!

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: yes sir :: places the emetgency transporter on::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::looks at Antonia and Mac:: Antonia/Mac: You too.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::feels her consciousness slipping::

ACTION: CSO enters the room, and finds it deserted. The machine that split her is exactly where it was the first time, three chambers in a row, the outer two open and empty.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Waits for the captain's door to swoosh open:: *CEO*: Yeah, well, since she's been split into two race halves, we need to get her fused, otherwise i'm one transporter short here...

ACTION: CO's door swooshes open

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> Chan: We can't bother with it right now. What do you think? There's...I don't know. We were unconscious at the time, but it has to be something that looks like...that? ::points to the three chambered equipment:: We don't have time to do anything but guess.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *TAC*: Damnit Chief....what about the others? Tell Raq to get her shit together, we need to get the Captain and Commander Jameson out.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Chanqiin> Shen: I don't like just *guessing*. We don't know what that does, and we don't have a--

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> SCI: I;ve sent the others to find Captain Sumner

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Shenqiin> Chan: Stay like this, then, we have to hurry. ::gives him a nudge and jumps into one of the open pods::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Throws the ensign a quick smile:: SCI: We are at least safe here, for now.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Scans Sumner's cell, finding her slumped on the floor. Then rushes in, not minding the onlookers outside:: CO: Commander!

ACTION: CO is semi-conscious, covered in her own blood.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::mumbles something unclear::

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> :: looks worried :: aCTO: Is the captain okay, sir? Did something happen?

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Chanqiin> Shen: We don't even know how it works...! ::glances over it for a moment before throwing his hands up and poking at a couple buttons, then gets into the other pod:: Self: Since how am I the more sensible one here...

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> SCI: She played the only card she had, a little too well. But I have faith in ShHruvek and Harlan, They'll find her.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::As he kneels down next to her to feel her pulse:: *CEO*: Sumner passed out, she needs to get to sickbay, preferably our own... CO: Sara, can you hear me? ::pins the TR button on her::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::taps his fingers against his mechanical leg, then perks up as the transmission comes over::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *TAC*: Then we must act Chief.

ACTION: The machine seems to react as the two CSOs climb into the pods, the control panel showing a scan of both bodies before the lids of the pods start to close slowly.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::trembles slightly::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <Chanqiin> ::as the doors close:: Shen: For the record, if something horrible happens, we both know which version of us is to blame.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::looks at his away team, all showing sign of stress as with each moment passing it becomes more likely someone will locate them::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: We must get out of here and fast sir

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Agreed kid....but we have to have all of the crew...we have only got one chance at this.

ACTION: The machine hums and beeps, hissing as it powers up. White light streams out of the two occupied pods, before being joined by a heavy glow in the central pod. Then, just as suddenly, the whole unit powers down, the centre pod door hissing open to reveal a complete and whole, and totally naked CSO, back to her former self. But naked.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Lifts Sumner off the floor and moves out of the room, risking more damage instead of keeping her still. Then hits the remaining door's opening button with his boot:: *CEO*: Right on it, Tony. ::Yells at the unmarked door:: CSO: Raqiin! Hurry up, would ya!

ACTION: FYI, CSO is naked. In case you'd forgotten.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: I understand sir

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::taps his foot::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::drops to the floor, dizzy and tired and disoriented, but shaking her head to try and clear it:: Aloud: Just...five minutes...

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Hears yelling outside the room, and moves closer to the door::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> TAC: Harlan! Is that you?! Horanda and I are in here, but we are safe. You get the Captain?

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> ::moves to the door::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> ::Helps shHruvek up and holds her study::

ACTION: The crowd groan in disappointment as the CO is removed from her enclosure, then dissipate to go poke the Borg or something.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *TAC*: Chief!

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> Self: Dammit.. ::hits the green button to Anya's door again:: shHruvek: We haven't got five, I need that second transporter button here, now!

ACTION: CTO's door finally slides open

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> Self: thank goodness

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::The door in front of her and Horanda opens:: SCI: Come on, let's go! ::Tucks the garrotte in her shirt::

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> ::follows closely, not wanting to get left behind::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::her antenna are skewed all over in dizziness:: ENG: What, wait--uh. The transport--the buttons--the things! ::makes a motion to the floor, where both of herselves dropped theirs. thankfully. conveniently!::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Rushes out of the room, and goes to assist Harlan with Sara:: TAC: She's still breathing....::Puts pressure on the wound::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Tosses a transporter button through for Jameson, then looks at Horanda:: SCI: The blue naked lady back there has your transporter button.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> TAC: Are we the last to leave?

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> *CEO*: Almost there, just one button to pin! ::looks back at the blue, and very naked, lady, then back at Jameson:: aCTO: Yes, we're all here now.

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> ::Politely doesn't stare at blue naked lady and gets transporter button::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *TAC*: Hurry up!

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Gives Horanda an encouraging smile:: SCI: Engage it! ::Looks over to Harlan, and co-ordinates her activation with his::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> *CEO*: Ready for transport!

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Hit it!

<SCI_Cadet_Horanda> ::hits it::

ACTION: The transporter inhibitor powers down, and the entire crew, in various states of distress and undress beam back onto the ship and into the Bremen's transporter room.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: yes sir ::hits the button::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *Main Engineering*: Main Engineering, activate warp core breach!

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::bleeds::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *Bridge*: Bridge, this is Adalberto. Prepare for liftoff!

ACTION: Bremen's warp core begins its slow and steady climb towards a power overload.

<GD_Aoibhe> <aNAV_Bleet> *CEO*: Yes sir! ::sounds freaked out over the comm::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::kneels down by the Captain's side:: *Sickbay*: Sickbay, medical emergency transporter room one.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *Bridge*: And Bridge, beam every Su off this ship!

ACTION: The floor beneath the crew shifts as the Bremen begins to rise, straining against it's moorings before finally snapping them and lifting off into the Su evening air.

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::surprised this actually worked, then moves off the TR pad, shirt and hands red from Sumner's blood::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Still has her hand on Sara's wound, but is slowly getting covered in her blood::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> *Bridge*: Inform the Su we have a warp core breach imminent and need to make distance immediately. I'll be right there.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Jackson, get to Engineering.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> aCTO: Commander, Bridge with me.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> CSO: Raq, nice tan lines.

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: may I take shHruvek to sick bay first please

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ENG: Engineering!

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> ::heads out the door::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Looks down at herself, and shrugs:: CEO: If I lose another Captain, i'm going to need more that Suder's stash. ::Follows him to the bridge::

<TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Frowns and moves out after both commanders::

<ENG_Cadet_Jackson> CEO: yes sir. :: Leaves and foes to engineering::

<<<Pause Mission>>>

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