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"Peace is Good for Business"

Mission Summary

USS Hyperion, Mission #4


The Hyperion is currently in orbit around a large central asteroid in the Clarius Drift, a collection of mineral-rich asteroids in Ferengi space. The "map" uncovered from the archaeological dig files and the captured Klingon data suggests that whatever the Klingons are looking for, it's here. But have they found it in time?


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Begin Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Is standing at a station near Tactical, looking into the option of using the torpedoes::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::frowns some, looking over her work::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Using Tac to continue monitoring the Klingon vessels::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::pinches the bridge of his nose:: SCI: Mr. Bontecou, report.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::Looks down at his PADD, then at his console, then over his shoulder, conducting a scan of the asteroid::  CO:  I'm working on a scan of that asteroid now.

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::starts to formulate escape routes out of the asteroid belt if necessary::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Report when you have something. ::Stands up and walks closer to the screen::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::decides to speak up:: SCI/CO: I think I have a way for us to more-accurately scan and map the asteroid field.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::turns around:: ENG: I am all ears.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::looks over his shoulder to Emeric, amused::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> CO: We'll need to utilize both the primary and secondary sensor arrays, but I think, if we flood the area with sensor waves, we can get a basic map of where all the solid matter is... including enemy ships. ::walks over and hands her PADD to Bontecou::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> CO: Sssir, I don't like the look of thisss. The only sssafe waysss out are through the pathsss marked by the bouysss. Prime areasss for ambussshesss.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Takes a moment to glance around, looking at the Engineer for a moment with interest, before resuming her monitoring::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ENG: Unlesss we find another path, that isss.

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Ensign, I want your opinion on this. ::nods at Emeric::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> CO/SCI: Our primary sensors will effectively be blind, but if we attune the secondary sensor array to scan for where the primary sensor waves are interacting with solid matter... we should be able to see some outlines.

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Then find me some less safe ways, in case.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::looks up thoughtfully, then takes the PADD, reading it and nodding:: CO:  It's plausible.  The problem is, the primary sensor array is needed to conduct the kind of scans I need to get a good picture of the large asteroid.  It'll help if we have to make a hasty escape.

<NAV_Ens_Okar> CO: Sssir, I'll try, but the asteroidsss are conssstantly moving.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::nods some:: SCI: It shouldn't be too hard to get it set up in a pinch.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::turns to Emeric:: ENG: Make the preparations in case we need another ace.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::pats the Saurian on the shoulder before moving back to this chair:: NAV: Space is always moving.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Gives a small smile down at the console, at how well the crew are finally working together::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::nods and smiles some, glad the Captain likes the idea, before moving back to her station::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::glances up at Joanne and smiles, seeing the smile on her face::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::makes another of his slightly disturbing grins before returning to his console::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ENG: Emeric, a word.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::nods and returns to his station, smiling as he continues the detailed scan of the important asteroid::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Can feel the Captain glance at her, but keeps her attention on the sensors::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::looks over her shoulder, wondering if she did something wrong:: CO: Yes, sir. ::gets up::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::sits down in his chair::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::approaches the Captain's chair, trying not to look too apprehensive::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Wishes Douglas was here::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ENG: Prepare the main warp core for a cold restart sequence, I'm thinking we might need to power down to hide the ship later...

<CO_Captain_Rome> ENG: We might need to bring power back online with a moments notice. Have you ever done a cold restart?

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::looks over his shoulder, quickly::  CO:  Captain, I have something.  There's an EM field emanating from within the asteroid, possibly from within a hollowed out portion.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> CO: Captain, During my monitoring for the Klingons, I have spotted something in the area of the asteroid.  I can't get any details, other than that there are 2 presences

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::frowns some:: CO: I think I ran a simulation once, for a Galaxy core... Three cores at once could be tricky, but I'll get everyone started on figuring it out. ::seems unsure::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> Self: I wonder why the Klingonsss haven't attacked usss already...

<CO_Captain_Rome> ENG: Just the main core, the others will kick in when needed. ::nods and motions for her to head back to her station::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Can we send a team in?

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::turns to Joanne:: CTO: Explain.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::moves back to her station, and starts relaying the Captain's orders to put together a sequence for a cold start::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Shrugs, as she continues tapping on her console::  CO: I have nothing else Sir.  I was performing a tachyon scan, and it came up with two 'blips' in the vicinity of the asteroid.  I currently have no more clarity than that.  But I am working on it.

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: Klingons?

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> CO: Potentially, and the most likely.  But it could be any other vessel.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::nods:: CTO: Prepare the ship for combat.

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::thinks for a bit:: CTO: Sssir, might a MVAM be on the table if we meet overwhelming oddsss? It might make it easssier to essscape. Although if they have overwhelming oddsss, why haven't they attacked usss? Very un-Klingon-like.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CO:  There's plenty of room, about a cubic kilometer.  The EM field is a very old style shielding system.  We might be able to overcome the shield by matching its frequency with that of our transporter.  The shield should provide an atmosphere inside.

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Should? ::raises an eyebrow:: Please be sure before we do send a team in.

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> ::Turbolift comes to a halt as the doors open::

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Relax Mr. O'kar, most likely they haven't spotted us this deep in the field..but that might change.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Starts working on the second console, to get the ship into combat readiness, but raises her head to smile at Okar:: NAV: I think it just might be table worthy.

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CO: sorry I'm late sir, i was running simulations in the holodeck to work out a pattern to the Klingon's movements

<NAV_Ens_Okar> CTO: Good, I can't wait to run sssome of thessse manueverssss. ::smiles::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CO:  Well, shields on modern ships are controlled by computers which automatically change its frequency to prevent just that.  This one might just be that old.  We could have Engineering try to transport in a small object.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Sees Douglas walk onto the bridge, and give a very quiet sigh of relief.  She had her hands full dealing with the two consoles::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::looks sternly at Douglas:: TAC: To your station, Cadet. And during red alert I expect you to stay there, unless ordered.


ACTION: The conn console blinks with an incoming wide-band transmission


<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Do it.

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> ::Moves over to the tactical station with haste and takes up his position:: CO: Yes Sir ::He said with a grin::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> TAC: Can you please make sure that MVAM is in readiness, in case we require it::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> CO: Sssir, we have an incoming wide-band transssmissssion.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::leans back:: NAV: Audio or visual?

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CTO: I thought you'd never ask ma'am ::brings up a tactical diagnostic of the MVAM on the TAC console::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::murmurs to herself:: Self: I'd you'd checked into your shift on time, you would have been asked earlier

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::taps his chin, then his combadge::  *Transporter Room 3*:  This is Ensign Bontecou, please get a storage crate and follow the instructions that i'm sending... now.  ::and then he would send a set of instructions to change the transporter frequency and try to beam the crate in::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> CO: Only audio, Sssir.

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Let's hear it then.

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::puts transmission through::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::crosses his arms::

<Brigadier_BratH> @*Hyperion*: I know you're out there, Starfleet! I know you've found what i'm looking for, but you're too late.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::looks to Joanne::

<Brigadier_BratH> @*Hyperion*: Catch me if you can, Federation. You won't be able to stop us now!

ACTION: The message repeats.


<CO_Captain_Rome> ::motions for O'kar to close the channel::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Looks up and meets Rome's eyes, giving him a non-verbal gesture which insinuated 'You're the Captain, Captain::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::immediately closes the channel::

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: Where's the brig's ship?

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> CO: The 'blips' are here....::Brings up a visual on screen::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::crosses his legs::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::ponders what the Klingons are actually looking for, turns towards Cadet Douglas:: TAC: Maybe they found a cassse of Romulan Ale? ::chuckles lightly::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Mr. Bontecou, find a way to get a team down there.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::He grins and smiles brightly, looking over his shoulder:: CO:  It worked!  Transporters should work!  The atmosphere inside is breathable, too.

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CO: Sir, he's trying to draw our hand, which means he's starting to get worried.


ACTION:: The blips show up on the viewscreen around the central asteroid, on the other side of the large chunk of rock


<CO_Captain_Rome> TAC: You're right, Cadet. ::nods at him as he stands up and turns to face the crew::

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: Joanne, assemble an away team.

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> ::chuckles slightly at O'kar's comment:: NAV: Well they can't have it

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Holds in the sigh she wants to give at Rome, but instead starts looking through resources::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> SCI/ENG:  Emeric, Bontecou, you are with me

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: Be careful.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::stands and nods, trying to ignore the rush of excitement and dread as she makes for the turbolift::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Smiles over at Rome:: CO: aren't I always? Wait, don't answer that...

<NAV_Ens_Okar> CO: Sssir, ssshould I move in clossser to make the triangulation easssier?

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CTO: Shall I accompany the away team leftenant

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Heads to the Turbolift, to get kitted up::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::Sighs, and then stands up, nodding to Feyna and following her::  CTO:  Yes, m'am.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::holds the lift for the others::

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: No, let's stay where we are. I don't want the Klingon's to know what we're doing.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::joins them in the turbolift, grabbing a belt with tricorder and phaser somewhere along the way to the transporter room.::  Self:  Maybe we'll get the crate back.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Heads to the Transporter room, looking over her companions subtlely as they travel::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Pats her torso, to ensure she still has her knife::

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CTO: It would be my pleasure ma'am. Dont get shot whilst you're down there leftenant, we have a holo-training program at 02:00 hours

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::glances over to the CTO, thinks better of asking how long she's known the Captain; not a great time::

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CTO: Would be nice to see you you partake

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> *TAC* If the away mission allows it, count me in.  I'll be there.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::affixes her tricorder and steps onto the transporter PADD, trying not to psych herself up too much about what could be over there::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::huffs nervously, keeping his hands on his sides as he walks, stepping onto the transporter as well::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Reaches the Transporter Room, and turns to the two officers.::  ENG/SCI: I'm pretty sure you know what we are supposed to be doing down here, and you both have your own objectives.  Just don't forget we need to work as a team.  ::Gives them a rare genuine smile::

<CO_Captain_Rome> TAC: Cadet, arm all torpedo tubes with quantum torpedoes, wide spread in all directions except the away team's destination..fire only on my order.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::nods and briefly returns the smile::

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> ::Smiles a wry smile as he briefly plans a grueling holo-program for all, as the MVAM activation button stares at him from a distance::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CTO:  Yeah..  ::smiles nervously::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> SCI/Eng: Are we ready?

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CO: Aye Sir ::Arm all Fore and Aft torpedo bays with torpedoes::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::takes a deep, steadying breath, remembering what the Captain had said to her earlier, about needing to be at their best:: CTO: Yes, Ma'am.

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::while idle, tries to scan to see if there are any other transmission currently being sent::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::just nods quickly and closes his eyes::

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Plot an escape course out of here.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Smiles at the Transporter Chief to beam::


ACTION: The transporters hum, and exactly five seconds later the Away Team find themselves standing in what looks like an ancient industrial complex. The small room they're in adjoining others through huge arches and long corridors


<CO_Captain_Rome> ::looks at his armrest console and sees that the transport was successful::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> @::glances about as they rematerialize, pulling out her tricorder and scanning the area::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> @::crouches as soon as she beams, finding a defensive position, and whipping out her phaser::

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::plots the escape course and readies the thrusters just in case::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> @::draws his tricorder and scans all about, keeping his hand near his phaser when he isn't pushing buttons on the tricorder::

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> NAV: O'kar did you have time to look over that PADD of MVAM manoeuvres....just in case?

<CO_Captain_Rome> TAC: Any update on the Klingon fleet?

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> @::Murmurs:: ENG: Any life signs?

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> ::begins scanning for any Klingon movements as per the Captain's order::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> @::feels her mouth drop open slowly:: SCI: Are you getting this, Bontecou?

<NAV_Ens_Okar> TAC: Sssomewhat, I've been trying to build up to them, but I have been busssy.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> @::nods to Emeric::  ENG:  Yeah..  this place is old.  Think, 300 millennia old.  Makes me not feel as proud of beating that shield.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> @::Sighs impatiently:: ENG/SCI: Someone tell me, or am I going to have to drop the phaser to get my tricorder?

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> @CTO: I'm reading several Klingon lifesigns... about a dozen.

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> CO: Sir three Klingon Bird Of Prey decloaking around us!!!

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> @ENG: Distance?


ACTION: Six Klingon vessels decloak, four birds of prey and two Vor'Cha class battlecruisers.


<CO_Captain_Rome> ::turns to face Douglas:: TAC: Launch torpedoes.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> @CTO: They're spread out... four are headed this way! ::finds some cover::

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Get us out of here!

<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> ::begins firing torpedoes at full spread:: CO: ok the sensors were wrong!

<NAV_Ens_Okar> ::stars evasive maneuvers::


ACTION: Shouts in Klingon echo down the hallway, quickly followed by crackling red disruptor blasts. Looks like these soldiers don't even bother with questions.


<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> @::quickly takes cover, taking out his phaser, holding a tricorder in one hand and phaser in the other::  Self:  How did I get myself into /this/ mess..

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> @::Starts calculating the best way to dispose of the Klingons before they realise....but the disruptor blasts interrupt::


ACTION: Explosions fill the space around the asteroid, along with mineral debris. Sensors are suddenly a LOT less efficient.


<TAC_Cdt_Douglas> ::Targets the Vor'cha with torpedoes and phasers primarily::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> @::feels for a phaser, suddenly realizing she forgot to grab a phaser:: Self: Aw, hell...

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> @::Starts firing back, each phaser blast hitting its target::


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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