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USS Bremen - Stardate 11507.23 - Mission # 64


Su, Part 4


Roll up, roll up, and see the greatest show on Su! New attraction unveiled today! Meet members of the distant, mysterious “Federation�. Watch in awe as the males display dominance through violence! See the blue woman!

Entrance just 17 Quatloos. 10 Quatloos for students.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <<<Resume>>>

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::enters Sickbay with...Antonia in tow::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::tiredly taps her combadge, flashing a rude gesture to a passing patron:: *CSO*: Sumner to sh'Hruvek?

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Sits in the 'lounge', with her tricorder running, monitoring things around her::

<@GD_Aoibhe> @ <Antonia> ::trots in after CEO:: CEO: Sweet. This looks like stuff I've seen in the history books. Look how big everything is.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::looks at her annoyed:: Antonia: Shush.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::chilling in a corner, sheets of her bed propped up into a tent-like structure:: *CO*: Yes ma'am?

<@GD_Aoibhe> @ CEO: Sorry. ::clears her throat::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::perks up:: *CSO*: Holy shit, it worked. Are you in one of these bullshit exhibits?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Antonia: You may not care about the temporal prime directive, but I'm in command of the ship now. Means I must care. So no talk of....family.

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: Some idiot SU kid splots his face onto NAV's viewing window and blows a raspberry.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::looks around for the Doctor but realizes he's away on the away team::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> *CO*: Is THAT where you went? And here I thought perhaps they actually were treating you with slightly more decency and slightly less deceit.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Computer: Computer, activate EMH.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> CEO: So, you do believe me. ::smiles shyly::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Antonia: For now...

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> CEO: Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @EMH: I need a DNA analysis between me and this woman here. A thorough one.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::gets up and lightly kicks her window, her foot sore:: *CSO*: Nope. Bunch of asshats parading past... Have any of the Su officials contacted you?

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> *CO*: Not since bringing us to our rooms. Um, exhibits. Cages, cells, whatever.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> CEO: For what purpose exactly? ::eyes CEO up and down suspiciously:: CEO: Information like that can only be given out to authorised personnel. I'm barely even able to record it in my own memory files, myself.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @EMH: For my own purpose you annoying collection of photons. I'm acting Captain, check your files.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::rubs her forehead:: *CSO*: Okay... we need a way to contact the ship. I've tried for about an hour, but I'm not getting through. Can you think of a way to boost our combadge signal?

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> CEO: Hmm... ::raises an arched eyebrow:: CEO: Very well. This way, miss... ::guides her over to a biobed:: CEO: Anything else I can do for you? Prostate exam? Lollypop?

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The door to CSO's enclosure slides open, revealing a keeper in a blue jumpsuit, carrying a small devise.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @EMH: Plastic surgery....the non temporary kind. Check the shipsboard sensors for the Su, they've been scanned. I need me and her to look like them.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> CSO: Come with me, miss.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::taps his badge:: *Bridge*: Bridge, any luck reaching the away team ?

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> *CO*: These rooms are designed to be like on the ship, but a little better. I could see if they've left behind any kind of...limited technology to cobble together, but I doubt they'd want to give us much shot--::she whispers when the door opens:: hold on, someone's here.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Notices the number of people passing by has decreased drastically and thinks it might be about time to start into action::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::pulls back a corner of her sheet-fort:: Keeper: For what purpose?

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Bridge> *CEO*: Er... still trying, sir... There seems to be something jamming the signal. I'm working through the interference now...

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> CSO: To help us understand you. You won't be harmed.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @*Bridge*: Keep trying....but don't make it look like you're trying...

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::glances over at the EMH taking DNA swaps from Antonia::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::frowns:: *CSO*: Can they hear me? Tell them I need to speak to Dio. Now.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Bridge> *CEO*: Er... kay...

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @*Bridge*: Keep me updated.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> Keeper: You should have as much information on my species as we provided you from our database. No further inqueries are necessary. ::clears her throat:: My captain requests an audience with Dio. Can you arrange that?

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> CEO: Your turn.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> ::sits on her biobed, swinging her legs, looking around with interest::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Antonia: This device of yours, how many people can we use it on? ::walks over to the EMH

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Notices someone in the room with shHruvek:: *CSO* Are you okay Lt?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::keeps looking at her, knowing her story makes no sense but somehow....feels like he can trust her completely::

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> CSO: That's not my job. My job s to bring you to the behavioural examination room. It's quite painless. We prefer to learn first hand, in controlled environments. ::smiles benignly:: CSO: If you come peacefully, your compatriots will be fed today.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> ::fishes around in her pocket:: CEO: I'm not sure. I'm a pilot, not an Engineer.. look.. ::throws it to CEO:: CEO: Mom said you'd know how far it can extend.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::in a hushed tone:: *aCTO*: Standby. ::blandly smiles back at the keeper:: Keeper: Ah, bribing me with harm to my officers. That seems a little barbaric for such enlightened people.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::grabs the device and quickly begins studying it's controls::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> *CSO*: Then we starve. We're in non-compliance mode, Raqiin.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Antonia: Your m- Nia, she approved of this mission?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::grabs a Medical tricorder from the equipment tray and starts scanning the device::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::starts looking around the room for a piece of debris large enough to make an effective weapon::

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> CSO: I'm ovvering a reward for your co-operation. No harm will come to them if you refuse... but they will be rewarded if you are willing. It's that simple.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> Keeper: Being fed is not a reward. Not being fed is a punishment. It's THAT simple.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Continues to scan as she waits for shHruvek::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::taps her badge again:: *aCTO*: You there, Anya?

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> CEO: Scans complete, Captain. ::nods with satisfaction:: CEO: I have bad news.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::glances at the EMH, not knowing if being proven right or wrong is bad news::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @EMH: Spit it out.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> ::sighs:: CSO: Very well. ::leaves, the door sliding securely closed behind him::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Gives a small smile into the empty space:: *CO* Good to hear your voice Captain

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::smiles briefly:: *aCTO*: We're not giving them anything easy; if they want something from us, they're gonna have to take it. We need to be more trouble than we're worth.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <@EMH> CEO: You cannot marry this crew member. The genetic familial connection is very strong. Honestly, I'm surprised you weren't aware you had a half-sister on board. She shares a little over 50% of your genetic structure.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> *aCTO/CO*: All right, they've gone. It sounds like we won't be getting any more food today, or at least for now. They wanted...behavioural examination. To learn first-hand. But they left when I didn't comply.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::feels sick::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::runs to the nearest waste disposal and throws up::

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: Gas starts to billow into CSO's enclosure.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> ::stares at CEO's reaction:: CEO: Oh, that really helps with my self-esteem. Thanks.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> *CO* Sounds like fun Captain, but we know they are abe to gas us We need to disable that ability first

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::manages to force himself to stop and retrieves a sterile cup of water from the nearest biobed and chugs it down::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::squints for a moment, trying to figure out what that is--then jumps into action, tearing down the sheet to wrap around her mouth and nose like a makeshift mask::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @EMH: Did you access the internal scans of the Su ?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::taps his badge:: *ENG*: Tony to Mackenzie, get down to Sickbay. Now.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::sits on the biobed and flips the device open once more::

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> CEO: Yes... I can produce a fair facsimile of their features, but you are both shorter than the average Su. I suggest tall shoes to compensate.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> *aCTO/CSO*: Listen; they have the upper hand, here. They're gonna try to study us, and until we get some outside help, all we can do is be as non-cooperative as possible. Don't answer questions. Don't do what you're asked. If there's something you can do to sabotage your rooms, do it.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @EMH: Alright. And Doc, this falls under Captain's prerogative. All of this is classified.

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::Starts looking around for obvious vents::

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The purple gas continues to fill CSO's enclosure, stinging her eyes.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> CEO: I've forgotten already. ::toddles off to prepare for surgery::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Looks around, trying to find something to use as a climbing structure::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::sprints through the doors into Sickbay, her eyes wide:: CEO: What's wrong??

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::pulls a desk over to underneath a vent, using an end of the sheet to rub at her eyes to no effect. she climbs onto the desk, stuffing a pillow against the vent to try and stifle the flow. if there's something she can use to open the vent...then block it up...::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @ENG: Relax Mac, I'm fine. ::looks over at Antonia:: I don't hav- I can't explain right now, but the Captain and the senior crew are being kept prisoner by the Su. And we'll be next.

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: CSO starts to feel dizzy

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::grabs her sheet and starts tearing it into strips::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::looks worried, and glances between him and Antonia:: CEO: Alright boss. I trust you....how do you know this?

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::starts stuffing bits of sheet into the holes as best she can::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Starts to climb up a unit, but stops and grabs the sheet off her bed first::

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::or tape something across it, or fill all the circular slots, or...or...her stalks twist in different directions, and her knees wobble:: *CO*: I'll...keep you...updat..ed..if I-- ::drops over, off the desk and onto the floor in a heap::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Using her teeth, starts to pull apart the sheets, stuffing it in the holes around the top of the walls::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @CEO: She's....Security, they picked up a transmission that verifies this. And we can't get through to the AT.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> Mac: Yea... Security.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::looks unimpressed:: CEO: You are such a bad liar, you know that right? But fine...like I said, I trust you. So what, do we attack?

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: CSO's room clears of gas and the keeper re-enters through the door. Picking CSO up, he carries her out of sight, disappointing the gaggle of teenagers who were watching the whole drama unfold from outside.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::shakes his head:: ENG: We infiltrate. ::throws her the device:: This is something from...SFI, it mimics alien biology. It has a circumference that can cover 3, maybe 4 people. I need you on the team with us.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> CEO: She's ever shorter than I am...

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::puts her hands on her hips and turns to face the woman:: Antonia: Excuse me?

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> *aCTO*: Can you see sh'Hruvek's enclosure? What's happening?

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> ::carries CSO to an anti-grav trolley and rolls her to a nearby research building. Past enclosures containing mysterious, alien species, some in water, others flying on glass domes, other, more familiar bio-mechanical species pacing in lone frustration back and forth in their cages.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> *CO* All I have is a tricorder, no visuals anywhere

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> Mac: Well... you are...

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::turns to look at Tony who just shrugs::

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> *aCTO*: You don't have a giant window you can look out of?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @ENG: Mac, I need you to go replicate us Su clothing, use the scans we have of the Su. And tall shoes for us all. We need to blend in, then report back here for some surgery.....speak of this to no one, the Su are still onboard.

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Looks out of her windows at the stragglers:: *CO*: No visuals worth reporting. No visuals of crew.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> ::picks CSO up, rests her gently in the central of three coffin-like boxes and closes the lid::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::sighs:: CEO: You owe me an explanation before this is all over, okay? ::returns the device to Tony before heading back out, giving one last glance at the woman before leaving::

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<antonia> ::waves at Mac:: Mac: I like her. Is she single?

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::finishes stuffing all the holes she can find (ha!) and looks around, trying to find something else to do::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::looks over at his....daughter:: Antonia: You really are my daughter, aren't you ?

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Edit to CEO:>

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> ::fiddles with some dials and presses a bit, blue button::

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The coffin-box glows, and the two similar containers either side start to pulse and flash excitingly::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::walks over to an imaging scanner and places the device down, activating the 3D hologram setting to study the device properly::

<aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Finishes stuffing her holes, and moves to the door, and looks to see what is sealing it::

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> ::waits for the two external boxes to stop steaming and starts to roll them both out of the research lab, with the help of a few orderlies. They pass the flying species, and the swimming species, and the maybe Borg, maybe not? species... back to CSO's enclosure::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Antonia: This is fascinating....the field creates some sort of a harmonic field that resonates within the user's DNA...so the field itself isn't picked up on scanners, but the readings come from the user directly.....I've never seen this kind of technology...::looks over at Antonia:: You said you weren't an Engineer? Why not ?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Antonia: It runs in the family.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Keeper> ::Rolls both boxes in, opens them, and lifts out... a male Andorian and a female Aenar, both semi-conscious from the gas earlier. Carries them individually to the bed and makes a quick exit, locking the door behind him::

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> CEO: Well... I can fix stuff. I mean, I did pilot our ship for a few years after Mom d-... ::looks panicked:: CEO: I can fix things... but I don't, y'know.. I rather just fly...

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::smiles:: Antonia: Like your mom.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::turns to face her:: Antonia: If I fix this...you....you're still, you know? you still exist ?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::walks over to the biobed where she sits, taking a step closer and studying her face::

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> ::relaxes, thought she let the cat out of the bag there.:: CEO: Well, I do exist. I exist right now. ::thinks:: CEO: So.. whatever happens, I'm back on the Hyperion with Mom. Right?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::reaches out to touch her, but quickly pulls his hand back::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @Antonia: Yes....and if this works out, you won't have a childhood like the one you described....I promise.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::clears her throat, standing in the doorway with a box filled with replicated clothing::

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> ::anticipates the touch, then looks disappointed when he changes his mind:: CEO: Yea... ::smiles sadly:: CEO: That'd be good.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::turns around to face Mac nervously:: ENG: Great, you're back. Erm..

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: Both CSO's begin to come to.

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>CEO: What the hell is going on Tony?

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @::looks sheepishly at Antonia and back at Mac:: ENG: We need to talk I think.

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<Antonia> MAC: It's not what you think...? ::shrugs uncomfortably::

<@GD_Aoibhe> @<EMH> ::looks at Mac:: CEO: Should I scan her now, too?

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <shHruvek#1> ::groggily pushes herself up on her hands and knees, blinking...and blinking:: Aloud: What...what happened to my eyes? Where--

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @<ENG_Mackenzi>::looks at the EMH:: EMH: Scan me for what ?

<CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::takes off her uniform jacket, affixing her combadge to her undershirt and crouches in the corner, holding her makeshift club::

<CEO_LtCmdr_Adalberto> @EMH: Shut up.

<CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> <shHruvek#2> ::rolls over and bats at his companion, mumbling sleepily:: shHruvek#1: Nn, gimmie five more...

<@GD_Aoibhe> <<<Pause>>>

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