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USS Bremen - Stardate 11506.18 - Mission # 61


Su, Part 1


The Bremen, in the heat of the battle, has been pulled into a subspace disturbance that has manifested as a wormhole to an unknown location. The ship, as battered and bruised as her crew, has been spat out the opposite end to find itself near to a pleasant blue/green planet, approximately 2/3 the size of Earth.

They have been hailed. The message is simple. “Welcome, strangers... Welcome.”

<@GD_Aoibhe> <<<Begin>>>

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Tries to get her console to show weapons and shields status::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::walks onto the bridge to relieve Kapanga, who looks disappointed at the timing::

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Steps out of his room, only having been in it to get a shower and a new uniform, after having been dismissed by the doctor::

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::rigorously consults star charts, trying to estimate a location::

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::rubs her knee absently as she looks at the planet through the viewscreen:: OPS: Is the communication coming from the planet?

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Looks at the console, and gives a giant sigh.:: CO: If we can avoid any more skirmishes Captain, at least until Engineering can sort repairs, that would be great

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::checks the nav logs::

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Rounds a corner and enters a TL, then stands still for a moment to take a deep breath:: TL: Bridge.

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: CSO's console flashes star chart after star chart rapidly, trying to find a match in the Federation database.

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The comm message repeats. "Welcome, strangers... welcome". The voice is clearly live, and awaiting a response.

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO: I guess we could ask them our location? ::Shrugs::

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::frowns some in through, and taps a control on her armrest console:: *Planet*: Greetings. I'm Sara Sumner, Captain of the USS Bremen. We seem to have been pulled through what we call a wormhole to this location, which may or may not be a long way from our home territory.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> <thought>

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Voice> *CO*: That... is obvious, Sara Sumner. ::chuckles in a motherly tone:: *CO*: You lit up our sensors in a rather alarming way. My name is Eltaria Dio, grand magister of Su. Do you require assistance?

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> *Eltaria*: Oh, probably... ::smiles some:: We were in the middle of a conflict when the anomaly occurred. We're in pretty rough shape.

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Exits the lift onto the bridge, taking a moment to check what's going on, then frowns as he notices just how very very out of place they are...::

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::really hopes this is a warp-capable civilization::

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Looks up at Harlan entering the bridge, and smiles at him, happy he is finally up and moving::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::suspicious::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> CSO: What are the odds of a perfectly formed stable wormhole appearing as it did that leads right to a planet? Seems all too convenient.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Voice> *CO*: We have a tradition on this planet, Sara. We offer safe harbour and relief to all travellers in hard times. It is the enlightened way. Please tell us what you need, be greedy, we ask nothing but to learn about you in return.

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::scoffs:: NAV: Extremely convenient. I have to wonder if somehow something did this to us on purpose...and I can't find us anywhere on any map so far.

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> CSO: No luck with the navigational sensors here either.

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::antenna pull back at the voice:: NAV: And now these people want us to be greedy and take whatever we want? Yes. 'Convenient' is a word for it.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::glances to Amaru, somewhat in agreement:: *Eltaria*: We would be more than happy to exchange cultural information. All we really need is repair help; we took a lot of damage.

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> CSO/CO: Nav sensors are showing the wormhole is starting to destabilise, shrinking. Might be our only way back!

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Walks over to his console, then sees Jameson smiling and nods back at her::

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::frowns some, muting comms for a moment:: NAV: Do we have impulse?

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> CO: Yes Captain.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::bites her lip and thinks:: NAV: If we go back as we are, we're as good as dead. Can you tell how long before it collapses?

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::Looks to the CSO who'd probably have a better idea than him::

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Voice> *CO*: We have several ship yards on the southern continent. Perhaps one of these will meet your needs. Let me send you their locations and specifications. We are most pleased to extend the welcome to you and your crew on our planet, too. We have much to offer, and are curious about your people.

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> CO: I bet there's some catch, like high parking fees or something.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::unmutes comms:: *Eltaria*: That's very gracious and generous, Ms. Dio, thank you. We do have one other concern, and that's getting back home. The anomaly that brought us here seems to be destabilizing.

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> CO: Going into a destabilizing wormhole is not a good idea in the first place...but we have about 15 minutes.

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Tries to scan for any planet weaponry::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> CSO: If we sent a probe back through the wormhole, maybe we could gain more data to help us pinpoint our new location?

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::runs her fingers through her hair with a frown:: CSO: That's not enough time... ::looks to Amaru and nods:: prepare a probe, Lieutenant. If possible, include a message to Starfleet; let them know we're alive.

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> CO: Captain, we're being scanned from the surface, lots of sources...

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::nods some:: TAC: That's alright. We're not really in a position to take offence.

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> CO: We can only hope the probe doesn't immediately get destroyed, but on it.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Voice> *CO*: Yes.. my people have informed me. Our scans of your ship indicate you haven't the capacity for anything about Quantum speed... We have much we can teach you.

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::runs the name "Su" through the database for any references in fiction or non fiction::

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Shrugs:: Self: True... ::tries to find his way around his patched-up console::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::shakes his head when the search comes back with nothing of note::

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::raises an eyebrow and looks to Amary, mouthing 'quantum speed?':: *Eltaria*: It certainly seems so. Thank you again for your generosity, Grand Magister. ::pauses:: Just, um... just out of curiosity, are there any social norms we should expect? Any requirements we might not be aware of?

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::shrugs to the CO, but looks interested in finding out more::

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Tilts her head in curiosity of her findings - very little detected, mostly defensive, but less than a typical Federation planet::

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Voice> *CO*: OUr women and men hold the same level of authority. I hope that won't be a problem. We are a civilised people and feel that art and science hold greater merit than violence. If this holds true fo ryou, too, then you are welcome to express yourselves and enjoy our hospitality. If you disagree, you are still welcome, but I ask you to respect our traditions and refrain from protest.

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> NAV: Hold on, I might...have a location. ::furrows brow. and antennae.:: We might be somewhere between the Delta and Gamma quadrants. And if that's the case, it'd be decades before we got back to Federation space. With the slipstream, we'd take time off, but I'm not sure the ship could take it. It'd be a strain, at least.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::smiles some:: *Eltaria*: That sounds like a most enlightened philosophy, Grand Magister. We'll start limping towards one of those shipyards you mentioned. Will we be meeting in person?

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> CSO: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, we don't have much of an option.

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Voice> *CO*: I have every hope, Sara. Until then, enjoy your time, and, remember be greedy, we have much to offer. Welcome, strangers, welcome.

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Rests his hands on the sides of the console and takes another look around, not trusting all this sudden calm::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::lays in a course:: CO: Course laid in.

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Tries to pull together some defences while the Captain talks::

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::grumbles under her breath for a moment:: CO: Probe away. We'll see what happens...

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> NAV: Engage. ::leans back in her seat, eyeing the planet, not entirely trusting the situation, but knowing they had little choice in the matter::

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The probe leaves The Bremen as heads for the slowly shrinking wormhole, disappearing into it in short order.

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::engages::

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> TAC/CTO: Encrypt all classified information in the ship's computer. It may not stop them, but we should at least try to be secure.

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The Bremen, under the expert (I assume?) piloting skills of Ensign Amaru, goes to Blue Alert and begins to slowly and gently enter the atmosphere of the beautiful little planet called Su.

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Nods at Sumner, and then at Harlan, before starting to encrypt her little heart out::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::wasn't expecting to land this baby on his first day. Acts confident::

<@GD_Aoibhe> <aNAV_Bleet> ::tries not to look resentful as he sips a cup of camomile tea in the mess hall::

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Looks at Sumner, then stands back up straight and encrypts all the he's got clearance for; then turns to Jameson:: aCTO: That's me done, can't get to anything higher up with my code...

<@GD_Aoibhe> <aNAV_Bleet> ::spills the tea and burns his crotch::

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> TAC: I'll keep going, if you take over monitoring the repairs and tac status for me?

<+CMO_LtJG_Tomesu> ::in sickbay busy treating injured crew::

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::brings the ship down nice and gently as if not wanting to hurt her feelings::

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Nods and brings up the report roll:: aCTO: Right, on it.

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The clouds in the lower atmosphere part as the Bremen purrs towards a perfect landing in the ship yard complex. Immediately, large scanning units unfold from the ground surrounding the Bremen, and begin running over its hull with beams of coloured light.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::sends a message down to engineering, telling them to get a list of required repairs together:: All: I know the Grand Magister says to be greedy, but let's try not to be. An exchange of cultural information is fine, and we'll need to know of a way to get home, but other than that, we're operating on a need-to-know basis, just in case there's some hidden cost to this information.

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> CO: I'd like to ask for a map of the region, if that is okay Captain?

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::nods to Amaru:: NAV: Yes, Ensign. Good thinking.

<@GD_Aoibhe> ACTION: The ship yard hails the Bremen. This time a man's voice come through on all decks without the hail being answered. *ALL*: Welcome, strangers, welcome to the Descorian Da ship yard. I'm Dorian Tar, your liaison officer. You can send any and all requests for materials to me. YOu can also contact me for information on our planet, its recreational facilities and more.

<+NAV_Ens_Amaru> ::nods then starts shutting down the correct systems post-landing::

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Finishes her encryption, hoping that it's suitable::

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> CO: Ma'am, normally I would be falling all over myself about something like this, but it's imperative we get back to the battle as quickly as we can and not hang about too long. If this is considered normal for these people, they must have a way for us to get back, surely.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::smiles some:: *Dorian*: Thank you, Dorian. I'll have my engineering crew talk with yours; may we disembark?

<@GD_Aoibhe> <Dorian Dar> *CO*: No permission required. ::chuckles at the CO's formality:: *CO*: I'll meet you and your crew at the complex's main building. I look forward to meeting new people.

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::nods some to herself:: CSO/CTO: Ms. sh'Hruvek, Commander Jameson, you're with me. ::taps her combadge:: *CMO*: Doctor Tomesu, are you available for an excursion?

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Starts to lock down systems, part of her looking forward to the time away from the damaged ship:: CO: Yes Sir

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Double checks the encryption of a few selected files while the diagnostic roll goes blank::

<+CMO_LtJG_Tomesu> *CO* We're busy down here, Captain, but I'm sure my staff can spare me for a quick trip.

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> CO: Hand weapons, Captain?

<+CO_Cmdr_Sumner> ::thinks for a moment before shaking her head:: aCTO: No weapons. For now, we take them at their word. ::heads for the turbolift:: *CMO*: That's not necessary doctor; tend to your patients.

<+aCTO_LtCmdr_Jameson> ::Nods again, and follows behind Sumner::

<+CMO_LtJG_Tomesu> *CMO* Aye, captain.

<+CSO_LtJG_shHruvek> ::tries to calm her worry as she comes up the rear::

<+TAC_CW3_Harlan> ::Steps away from his console and joins the others with a short nod::

<@GD_Aoibhe> <<<Pause>>>

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