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"Peace is Good for Business"

Mission Summary

USS Hyperion, Mission #3

The Hyperion is currently sitting outside the Clarius Drift after their altercation with the Klingons, who've retreated further into the dense asteroid field in search of whatever it is they're here for.


The race is on to discover what it is they're after, and just how dangerous it is if they find it first.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Begin Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


ACTION: The Hyperion hangs in space like a coiled viper, waiting to strike. The Bridge is lit by the red, pulsing glow of the alert lights.


<CO_Captain_Rome> ::crosses his legs:: SCO: Ensign Bontecou?

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::keeps the ship with the fore pointing towards the asteroid field::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::confabs near the sensor array, chatting with a few engineers before tapping her combadge:: *SCI*: Emeric to Bon... tecou... ::can't recall exactly how to pronounce it::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::looks over to the Captain::  CO:  I can't be too sure, sir.  I mean, if it were a mining operation, there would be more and different ships here.  I don't really know enough.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::sighs:: SCI: I'd hate to waste more probes, Starfleet really doesn't like us throwing those away.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::taps his combadge:: *ENG*:  Yes?

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> *SCI*: Are the asteroids reflecting all sensor wavelengths, or just some?

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::stands up and walks over to the conn:: NAV: Ensign, have you prepared the MVAM for possible use?

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Stops a moment outside of sickbay, and taps her badge:: *CO* Captain, are you ready for me to bring the Ferengi Captain to your ready room?

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> *ENG*:  The minerals in the field make it impossible to make anything out beyond the outer few.  It just scatters all the waves unintelligibly  I haven't gotten any scans to work.  They picked a very good place to hide.

<CO_Captain_Rome> *CTO*: Yes, bring him to the Bridge please.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Smiles a little to herself, before straightening her uniform and enters sickbay, looking around for the Captain::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> *SCI*: Any idea what's in these rocks that's causing so much trouble?

<NAV_Ens_OKar> CO: Sssir, the MVAM ssshould be ready on your command.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::smiles at the Saurian:: NAV: Well done, Ensign.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::walks back to his seat, but stands there watching the viewscreen:: SCI: Bontecou, how much closer would we have to get to get a precise reading?

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> *Eng*:  I haven't had a chance to do a scan on the specific minerals, but many types of minerals found in an asteroid could be making trouble for the sensors.  I don't think it's necessarily evidence of anything.  That being said, i'll do a check on the contents of one of the outermost asteroids.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Still tries to spy the Captain in amongst all the Ferengi crew::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::does a quick check of the MVAM navigation systems/flight controls just in case::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> *SCI*: Send us the results. Maybe it's something we can compensate for. Emeric out.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CO:  Well, sir, we'd have to get into the field itself to get any useful readings.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::looks at Bontecou:: SCI: That's the problem right there, isn't it?

<Vigark> ::spots the telltale sign of extra pips and trundles on over:: CTO: You there! Girl! I demand to see the Captain at once, with the authority of the Ferengi Trade Association!

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::He smiles cockily::  CO:  I didn't join Starfleet to do mineral surveys from orbit, sir.  But, before we enter, let me see if I can get an idea of what's in the asteroids.  Maybe Engineering can help compensate and get us a better picture

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Mister O'kar, please put the ship in orbit of the center of attention, let's try and get scans from multiple angles.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Raises an eyebrow, yet again, at being called a girl at her age, but then decides to take it as a compliment.::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: And I didn't join Starfleet to fight Klingons, but hey. ::shrugs::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> Vigark: You are the Captain of the vessel we just rescued, sir?

<NAV_Ens_OKar> CO: Aye Captain. ::quickly formulates an orbit around the asteroid field as directed:: CO: Sssspeed, sssir?

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Half-impulse should do.

<Vigark> ::nods hurriedly:: CTO: I shall make sure your Federation gets the invoice...Unless, of course, we're assured salvage rights for any damaged Klingon ships? ::grins slowly, his ears wiggling::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::sets speed to half-impulse.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::does a quick mineral scan of one of the outlying asteroids, then taps his combadge again:: *ENG*:  Bontecou to Emeric.  The mineral scan detects high concentrations of Arcybite in the asteroids.  That's all I can get, that's probably what's keeping our sensors from working in there.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Grins slowly back at him:: Virgark: I'm the wrong person to barter with.  But I was sent down here to bring you to Captain Rome, if you are ready to depart sickbay

<Vigark> ::hops and claps his hands:: CTO: Hurry hurry, time is latinum!


ACTION: The Hyperion moves slowly towards the closest asteroids in the drift, the smaller chaff around the edges that cloak the larger, more dense asteroids within.


<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::looks around at the other engineers:: *SCI*: Alright, we'll see what we can do. Thanks.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> Vigark: The short time it'll take me to bring you to the Captain will barely cost you anything, I assure you.  ::Starts to lead the way::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::regulates thrusters so they don't drop too close to the asteroid::

<Vigark> ::follows along, his fingers twitching as if just waiting to snatch a strip of latinum out of the air::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::nods and taps his combadge, looking over to the Captain::  CO:  It's not the best of signs, sir.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::brings up the properties of arcybite on a nearby console and frowns some::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: See if you can compensate.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Opens the turbolift doors, and gestures her guest in::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CO:  Ensign Emeric is on it now.

<Vigark> ::steps inside and waits, glancing at the human woman::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> Turbolift: Bridge

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Glances at the Ferengi, trying to get a reading from him, until the TL stops, and she exits onto the bridge::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::turns around to see the Ferengi and does an half-sneer::

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Bring us closer to the damaged Bird of Prey, Mr. O'kar.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::curses silently, and taps her combadge once more:: *SCI*: It doesn't look like we'll be able to do anything from a distant. We'll have to get in close and run a high-density geological scan. That should prevent refraction. Unless the Ferengi know a trick or two, that's the best we're going to be able to do.

<NAV_Ens_OKar> CO: Aye, Sssir, sssetting courssse to intercept. ::his hands glide on the control panel, neatly bringing the ship about::

<Vigark> ::steps out immediately after, eyes locking onto the Captain:: CO: Captain! You must be Captain Rome of Starfleet! What are you doing about the Klingons infesting my mining operations? I've had to pull all of the freighters back after they disabled four of them, i'm earning nothing!


ACTION: The Hyperion swoops around beautifully, guided towards the stricken Bird of Prey which hangs listlessly in space, one wing missing.


<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Steps back, and lets Rome deal with Vigark's....enthusiasm::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::turns around to face the Ferengi and doesn't respond immediately, just waves his over:: NAV: Full stop when we're within comm range.

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: Joanne, use your skills and see if you can access that ship's database.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::taps his combadge::  *ENG*:  Just like I thought, unfortunately.  I appreciate the attempt, though.  Looks like we'll have to get our hands a little dirty.  ::then taps his combadge again, looking over his shoulder to the ferengi and captain::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::stops when the ship is in comm range of the BoP:: CO: Sssir, we are coming about.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::But decides to give a small concession, and walks to the replicator:: Computer: Raktajino

<Vigark> ::scowls and impatiently twiddles his fingers, earlobes vibrating furiously::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigar: Captain, I am sorry for your loss here today. ::points him towards the empty chair next to his as he sits down::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Picks up the cup, and brings it over to Rome::  CO: I'll do what I can Captain

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::smiles as he accepts the cup:: CTO: Thank you.

<Vigark> ::glances around and then picks his way over to the chair:: CO: Yes, well, business is business. I just want to get my mining operations back on track. They aren't even paying me to be in there, you know!

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: Why are they in there?

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Heads over to a vacant console, and starts the initial analysis into accessing the Klingon database::

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::scans the Bird of Prey::  CTO:  Scans detect no life signs on board.. and that ship is a wreck.  Most of the decks have no atmosphere, life support systems are failing..  There's also hull breaches.  We really did a number on 'em.

<Vigark> ::waves his hand dismissively:: CO: Looking for something! I told them that they'd have to pay the regulation fees, plus a 35% commission on the price of whatever they found, and a per-day tax on subspace pollution in my Drift. I was most welcoming!

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::sets a mini orbit around the damaged BoP in order to compensate for drift::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: They did it unto themselves, Mr. Bontecou.

<Vigark> CO: But instead they came in here cloaked, disabled fo-ten of my freighters and now i've lost days of revenue!

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: Sounds like you were extremely generous..

<NAV_Ens_OKar> SCI: They got what they desssserved.

<Vigark> CO: Thank you for seeing that, Captain! The Klingons weren't nearly as inclined.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::steps onto the bridge, and makes her way to the engineering console, still trying to figure a way past the arcybite::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: A shame really....but I have a feeling they were actually looking for something else than minerals....is there something else here?

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::He let out a little chuckle at OKar's words, turning back to his station with a little grin::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Manages to get fragments of information from the database:: CO: I can confirm that Captain, they definitely weren't doing mineralogical scans

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::in Saurian:: Self: And what I need is a good strong drink.

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: On screen. Show me.

<Vigark> ::shakes his head furiously:: CO: Just minerals, and lots of them! I have three hundred mining vessels out there every day and we won't even make a dent in the amount of Arcybite that's there.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::notices Cadet Douglas' absence, and wonders what Rome did with him::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: You know, if there is something else there....I'd gladly help, for the sum of....2% of the earnings.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::looks over at the NAV::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::in badly mangled Saurian:: NAV: Mind your tongue at your station, Ensign.

<Vigark> ::smiles slowly, his mind awhirl suddenly:: CO: Like I said, Captain. I don't think there's anything in there.

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::is surprised at Capt. Rome's knowledge of his language:: CO: Yesss sssir.

<Vigark> ::glances around slowly:: CO: But....

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: Your loss then. I'll take it all for myself.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Puts the fragmented information on screen::  CO: The Klingons performed no geological scans of the planet.  They were after something else.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Taps the console again:: CO They appeared to be mostly interested in charting the Drift, Sir


ACTION: The viewscreen shows an overview of the Drift, with lots of mapped out quadrants. Only the largest asteroid appear to have any scanned information on them at all.


<CO_Captain_Rome> ::points at the screen:: CTO: That large one, bring up all the data they have on it.

<Vigark> ::waves his hands:: CO: I may have...acquired...some data from the Klingon's ship.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Puts it on screen:: CO: That's all I've been able to salvage so far

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: See if Mr. Bontecou can make heads or tails of it.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::leans in:: Vigark: What do you propose?

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::stands up and walks over to the CTO's station to look at the data himself::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Looks over to the SCI station, and inclines her head::

<Vigark> ::suddenly produces an isolinear chip from somewhere:: CO: I'll give you this information, and you promise to share with me whatever it is that's in there. Thirty percent for you, plus a moderate....eight percent finders fee.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> SCI: Shall I send my data so far to you for analysis, whilst I continue mining?

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: Thirty-five....I have the ship.

<Vigark> ::grits his teeth, shaking just a little:: CO:...Thirty two! And a nine percent finders fee.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CTO:  Yeah, go ahead.  Might take some time.  ::nods and returns to his station, tapping at his own console now and mulling over it::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Her eyes light up a little as she manages to uncover an unsent message::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: Deal. ::waves Bontecou over::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> CO: Captain, I think I've found something

<Vigark> ::produces a PADD with the other hand, also seemingly from nowhere, and passes it to the Captain for a thumbprint::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: Give the information to my Science officer.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::He then walks over to the CO, looking to him, then to Vigark::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::sighs, and gives up for now, turning to watch the bridge::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> CO: Information on the asteroid, in an unsent message to the Brigadier, flagged as urgent.

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::starts formulating more evasive patterns for the MVAM as he waits for further instructions.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::chuckles and presses his thumb on the PADD after reading over the deal::

<CO_Captain_Rome> CTO: Play it.

<Vigark> ::grins widely:: CO: A pleasure, Captain. ::looks for the Science officer and passes over the Isolinear rod::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::hands back the PADD::

<Vigark> ::takes the PADD and makes it disappear just as swiftly as it showed up::

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Puts it on screen::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: I'd also like your assistance with navigational data through the drift.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::takes the isolinear rod, walking over to his station, hesitates, then walks over to Emeric, murmuring::  ENG:  How long would it take to see if this thing is booby-trapped?


ACTION: The Viewscreen flashes up with a disgruntled looking Klingon officer. "We've found the traces you were looking for! The signature matches, we're transmitting the coord-" The message cuts out, the time signature puts it at roughly the same time as the brief skirmish.


<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::Frowns some:: SCI: A couple minutes... ::lowers her voice:: I wouldn't worry, though; the Ferengi would be screwing themselves over if they did anything to the Hyperion.

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::perks up at the mention of 'navigational data'::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::furrows his brow:: NAV: Mister O'kar, do we have records of where the Bird of Prey was on that time index?

<Vigark> ::thinks briefly for a moment then nods, taking his PADD down to the conn and handing over the codes for the navigational buoys within the Drift:: NAV: These should be....adequate.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::he shrugs, continuing in a low voice:: ENG:  He just seemed awfully eager.  Thanks anyway.  ::He returns to his station, putting in the isolinear rod to examine the information on it::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::retrieves navigational logs to see if he can pinpoint the past location of the BoP::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: Thank you Captain. I see latinum in our future.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::figures Ferengi tend to be eager whenever money's involved::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> CO: Sssir, the Bird of Prey wasss roughly near the asteroid we previousssly marked on the map. We can make it there in 10 with the navigational data from the Ferengi Captain.

<Vigark> ::beams thoroughly:: CO: Around the corner is always latinum, Captain! I'm glad to see you're more inclined to barter than the other Federation captain's i've dealt with.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::wonders if that's still racist, even though she thought 'tend'::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: A wise man can hear profit in the wind...rules of acquisitions no...22 I believe?

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Half-impulse, go.

<CO_Captain_Rome> NAV: Wait..

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::finds herself watching the Captain again::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::was about to input the command, then waits the order from the captain::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::turns to look at Joanne:: CTO: Joanne, eject a torpedo and have it latch onto the damaged vessel's hull, remote detonation sequence....in case we need a diversion later.

<Vigark> ::looks incredible pleased at the Captain's knowledge of the Rules:: CO: Quite so!

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::tilts his head, reading from his console::  CO:  I'm looking at the information we got from your ah.. business associate.  ::he seemed to chuckle at the last part::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Go ahead.

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Sets up and fires the torpedo as requested::  CO: Let's hope we don't need it, Sir

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::nods at her:: NAV: Now, Mister O'kar.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CO:  Well, it looks like there's been a federation archaeological expedition here before.  The information's not perfect, but that much is clear.


ACTION: The Torpedo fires out, slowly making it's way through space to latch onto the dorsal side of the stricken Bird of Prey


<NAV_Ens_OKar> CO: Aye, captain. ::keys in the command starts following the Nav buoys::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Interesting....go on.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CO:  It's all fragmentary, i've got reports, schedules, other things.  Oh.  The information is about a dig in the Delphi Ardu system, but.. I can't glean anything more than that.


ACTION: The Hyperion makes it's way back to the Drift, entering in one of the small corridors near a nav buoy before slipping deeper inside.


<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: See what else you can find....::turns to Vigark:: Vigark: Does this mean anything to you?

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::keeps attention as the Hyperion moves through::

<Vigark> ::shrugs:: CO: It didn't when I first looked at it, Captain, why would it now? We'll sell you the pickaxe, but you dig the soil.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::nods and continues his examination of the information from the rod::

<CO_Captain_Rome> Vigark: A wise man hires a contractor....but I guess we're it today. ::shrugs::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::Adjusts course as he notices some of the navigation buoys aren't functioning:: CO: Sssir, looksss like the nav data wasssn't totally up to date.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::looks to the Ferengi:: Vigark: We crash, you die too.

<Vigark> ::waves the NAV off:: CO: UNavoidable. The Klingons did a lot of damage in here!

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::wonders what the Klingons could be looking for, that they'd be willing to take such a risk::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ENG: Emeric, how are our shields holding up in here?

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::rotates her chair and checks::

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::dodges around an asteroid that seems to have drifted in the middle of the route::

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::grabs his chair:: NAV: A bit too close for comfort.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> CO: Shields are holding at 98%, Captain. We're hitting some small rocks and debris, but nothing serious.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::rubs his forehead as he pours over the information on the rod, then he perks up, looking over:: CO:  Ah, Captain.  I found something.

ACTION: The Hyperion looks beautifully graceful as it slips between the asteroids, until finally it comes out into a larger open area dominated by one huge asteroid, something akin to a small moon


<CO_Captain_Rome> ENG: I love this ship already.

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ::slows down as the Hyperion edges closer to the large asteroid::

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> ::can't help but grin:: CO: She's highly attractive, sir.

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Go ahead.

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> CO:  I cross-checked the information with federation records.  There was a ship sent out to the Delphi Ardu system, but it never returned.

<NAV_Ens_OKar> ENG: And handlesss like a dream.

<ENG_Ens_Emeric> NAV: Have you been to the main warp core yet? It's a sight.

<CO_Captain_Rome> ::smiles softly as he listens to the Bridge crew::

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Anything else? Known cause?

<CTO_Lt_Feyna> ::Smiles at the console as the crew wax lyrical about the Hyperion::

[21:00:06] *** Vigark is now known as GM_James

<SCI_Ens_Bontecou> ::shrugs:: CO:  I couldn't find anything about that.  It seems awfully suspicious, though, if it's in fact relevant.

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: Aye, check with Starfleet. Let's see if we have anything on that.

<CO_Captain_Rome> SCI: But first, scan that rock.


ACTION: The Hyperion comes to a stop near the Asteroid, once more hanging in space, waiting to see what comes next.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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