Star Trek: Engage - Chat-Based Star Trek Roleplaying

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U.S.S. Sentinel : 01:00

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So much more than a story-telling game. And it costs you nothing.

Star Trek: Engage puts you right in the middle of the action from the start of your very first mission. You will meet your crew, report to your Captain on the bridge of your new home in space, and from there, you will play the role you have been trained for.

  • Imagine being the Tactical officer, firing phasers and chasing bad guys across alien worlds

  • Or the pilot, barrel-rolling to avoid enemy torpedoes and flinging your starship through dangerous asteroid fields

  • There's also Medical, where you can fight planetary plagues and save your heroic shipmates from certain death!

  • There are many other positions to suit your expertise and taste. In fact, the options are as endless as space itself.

    All YOU have to do to get started is say “Yes!” to Starfleet's call.

    Join Now!