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Welcome the USS Atlantis!

Hello STE players new and old!

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new addition to the Star Trek: Engage family, the USS Atlantis!

The Atlantis has been running for well over a decade under the dutiful care of Ian Blackthorne who will be joining us as the Atlantis' GD and CO. It'll take us a few more days to finalise the patch and get the Atlantis attached to its new home here at Engage but we're sure that once you speak to the current Atlantis crew on our forums you'll be clamouring to secure your place onboard.


The Atlantis runs at 2100 EST every Wednesday, you can find their OOC lounge on the STE chat servers under the #LostHarbor channel.

Give Ian and the Atlantis crew a big welcome to STE, I for one can't wait to get stuck in with them!

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Current Timezone: UTC


Station Sigma Rho : 02:00


U.S.S. Sentinel : 01:00


There are no ships scheduled for Tuesday