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Welcome, everyone, to Star Trek: Engage. The newest chat-based Star Trek Roleplaying game!

We've spent the last 6 months crafting intuitive character and ship databases, pouring our experience as GMs and as players into constructing a game set-up that we hope all of you will find easy to use, and enjoyable to play.

We urge you all to explore the site, view rosters, read character profiles and familiarise yourself with Star Trek: Engage's game system. Read the Cadet Handbook and take the Academy Graduation Exam so that you can start constructing a character of your very own to play with us! If you have any trouble, any questions at all, please get in touch with us over Facebook, Twitter or E-mail and speak with someone from Game Management. We're available to troubleshoot any issues you may have and to help with creating new characters or transferring old ones from other games.

The first official mission will be on the USS Hyperion which will be running every Monday at 2000 UTC from February 17th onwards. You can use the Calendar on the left of the Homepage to see what times ships and stations run. Times throughout the site will always be displayed in your local time, so you need never worry about missing a mission.

Check the Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep up to date on events leading up to the first mission.

Until then, happy character creation, and welcome aboard!

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Current Timezone: UTC


Station Sigma Rho : 02:00


U.S.S. Sentinel : 01:00


There are no ships scheduled for Tuesday