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The Tzenkethi War ends.

It was a hell of a run.

The U.S.S. Bremen kicked us off when she received a call for help from the recently-deposed Tzenkethi Autarch, hinting that this act of aggression from the Tzenkethi wasn't an entirely unanimous thing. The Bremen and her crew successfully returned the Autarch to her rightful place after much hardship, some cat-and-mouse, and the loss of a nacelle, just in time to help with the last push to drive the Tzenkethi out of Federation space.

The U.S.S. Hyperion and her task-force spent the war causing mayhem to the Tzenkethi lines, everywhere the enemy forces hoped she wouldn't be, there she was. Successfully countering a sneak attack by the Breen, occupying a Tzenkethi world in a counter-attack and finally stabilising the port flank of the final attack on the Tzenkethi lines at Sector 621.

The U.S.S. Atlantis held everyone one together even through the thickest of fighting. Where there was a battle going on, the Atlantis was leading the way and holding the line steady, her indominitable figure casting a shadow over the Tzenkethi forces wherever they attacked. Without the Atlantis and her crew, the Starfleet lines would have crumbled at the centre, though she paid the price - Heavily damaged, she had to be towed back to a shipyard for repair.

The U.S.S. Sentinel assisted with the evacuation of Sigma Rho station early in the conflict, helping to pull over three thousand civilians from the front lines. While they were unable to stop the Tzenkethi from taking the station, it is still under Tzenkethi control even with hostilities ended, the amount of lives they saved more than makes up for the loss of materiel. From there they found and rescued an Andorian taskforce that had been captured by Ferengi looking to make a quick profit in the War Salvage market before joining the final push at Sector 621. Damaged and drifting, they too were towed back to a starbase for repair and refit.

Quite the exciting time! If you want to read up on the missions as they happened, the logs that tied the community wide missions together, then hope onto our forums to read them for yourself. You can also find the Community-Wide specific forum here.

We'll be spending another year ramping up to the next Community Wide arc, so if you want to get in now on the ground floor then sign up and make your character! We have tons of openings across four different ships and several different time zones. In the meantime we have several special event missions planned, and more great stuff coming every month.

We look forward to seeing you out there, on the final frontier.

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