Profile Information

Anthony Adalberto

General Statistics

Commander Anthony Adalberto

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 83 kg

Height: 188 cm

Age: 37 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
Tanned complexion, physically fit and has a bio-mechanical replacement limb instead of his left leg.

Family & Personal History:
The Adalberto family is widely known in Italy for its contribution to art. Tony took another direction than his ancestors and never paid much heed to art or history.

He was a troublemaker from an early age, Tony frequently got into fights on the streets of Rome.

Thrown out of his home at the age of 16, he took shelter with his uncle which then helped get him to Starfleet Academy .

He met his best friend on the first day of Starfleet Academy when he and Ethan Michael MacAllister were assigned as bunk buddies. During their studies they were very close knit and spent almost all hours together, studying or partying. After the two had gained some reputation as the Academy's party brigade, some setbacks followed, such as being brought on charges for running an illegal casino on campus grounds or holding the first intergalactic wet t-shirt contest the Academy had seen.

Ethan and Tony had a bet going on for almost two years, which one could seduce more women, but came to blows when both men fell in love with the same girl during their game. The fight was settled with the only way they knew, drinking and when they both woke up, she had left them a note saying she wanted neither one. Since then this story has been told at every occasion when they meet.

Educational History:
Majored in Tactical at Starfleet Academy, specialized in hand-to-hand combat and defusing explosives. His studies took a year longer than usual due to an attempt to cheat on his command simulations. A reprimand has been marked on his service record.

Became assistant teacher to Professor Rogers in advanced Tactical and hand-to-hand combat in his last year at Starfleet Academy, then took over the class when the professor retired.

Spent summer leaves running protection inside the Sol system for freighters.

Spent three years as a teacher, then applied for a Tactical position on board the USS Scimitar, captained by his old friend and bunkmate from Starfleet Academy, Ethan MacAllister.

Went back to school after his incident on stardate 10811.03 as the doctors at Starfleet Medical informed him that his career as a Tactical officer was unfortunately over.

Spent three years studying Engineering at the Academy and returned to duty as Chief Engineer shortly after graduation.

Medical History:
Broken bones on many occasions, as well as a ruptured kidney at the age of 19 and multiple concussions.

Stardate 10811.03: Severed limb by a Bat'leth. Doctor Abmeraz of the USS Scimitar managed to stabilize Tony for surgery and prepare it for a bio-mechanical replacement on Earth where Doctor Swestin led his rehabilitation.

Service Record

10603.09 - Promoted to Ensign for good service to the United Federation of Planets

10701.09 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for continued good service to the United Federation of Planets

10808.18 - Promoted to Lieutenant for continued good service to the United Federation of Planets

11212.06 - Awarded the Captain's Letter of Commendation for outstanding dedication to duty

11308.29 - Awarded the Medal of Commendation for actions above the call of duty performed during the New Juarez incident

11308.29 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander for successfully completing the Starfleet Command Readiness Examination

11401.21 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Hooke as CEO

11404.29 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as CEO

11406.05 - Awarded the Captains Letter of Commendation for performing your duties with dedicated care and attention

11408.11 - Awarded the Starfleet Silver Palm for injuries sustained in the line of duty (Starbase 621)

11508.23 - Awarded the Tzenkethi War Campaign Ribbon for dedication to duty during the Tzenkethi War

11508.23 - Awarded the Admirals Letter of Commendation for excellent service in defence of the Federation

11509.25 - Promoted to Commander for continued dedication to duty, and bravery in the face of extreme danger

11604.14 - Awarded the Starfleet Silver Palm for outstanding departmental leadership at a time of great peril. This medal was applied for, in your behalf, by the staff of Engineering en masse

11604.14 - Awarded the Medal of Commendation for for exceptional crew conduct in relation to the safe recovery of Twissel to our dimension

11608.08 - Removed from active duty