Profile Information


General Statistics

Ensign Skovik

Sex: Male

Race: Vulcan

Weight: 75 kg

Height: 173 cm

Age: 49 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
Body type: Slender, athletic

Hair: black, Vulcan bowl cut

Facial hair: none

Skin: Olive

Eyes: one blue, one green

Eyebrows: black, pointed and well trimmed

Ears: typical Vulcan points

Notable features:
-different color eyes
-single scar across right cheekbone
-somewhat rugged complexion

Family & Personal History:
Homeworld: Vulcan

Birthplace: Vulcan

Parents: T'karr, Sqord

Sibling: T'larna

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Education: Vulcan Science Academy, Starfleet Academy

Childhood: Skovik was raised to be Vulcan and to contribute to science as his parents before him were. However, as his studies continued, he found himself not so much wondering about the universe, but about ways what was known could be applied. He carried on, learning the sciences through the Vulcan Science Academy as his parents wished, though his heart was elsewhere.

Professional experience: Skovik served aboard several Vulcan scientific research stations before joining Starfleet. Skovik, however, did not have the drive for new science so much as the drive to improve and apply the science that already was around him. During his time at one such research station within a stellar nursery, he worked to develop an experimental sensor design that allowed for a method of modeling and analyzing the cores of protostars with much higher resolution than previously possible. From this, the Vulcan was able to reveal detailed information about how stars form within nebulae. Every station, he contributed to the systems, either improving them or inventing them as he saw needed for whatever scientific endeavor in which the station was involved. Through these experiences, he realized he was better suited to the engineering of science, rather than the science itself. So he left for Starfleet Academy.

Educational History:
Vulcan Science Academy:
Skovik graduated with acceptable marks. Areas of study included quantum physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, subspace theory, warp theory, and exotic particle studies. It was noted that while he was very good at what he did, he did not seem to be particularly interested in potential assignments after graduation, taking whatever was given.

Starfleet Academy:
Skovik applied to the Academy after realizing his true calling was to be in the field of engineering, parallel to science, yet not immersed in it. Starfleet seemed a better way to put his skills to use than the Vulcan High Command. Due to prior experience and education, he excelled in all physics related scientific courses and took great interest in ensuring he had perfect marks in his engineering courses. The Vulcan did well in tactical and command courses, but struggled in anthropology, xenobiology, medicine, and xenolinguistics despite still passing all courses. He was a member of the most recent graduating class and readied himself immediately for his first posting as a Starfleet Ensign.

Medical History:
Consistently has had nigh perfect health with no major illnesses or injuries. Does, however, have a scar on right cheek received as a child.

Service Record

11910.08 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as ENG

11910.08 - Promoted to Ensign for Graduating Starfleet Academy

11911.13 - Removed from active duty