Profile Information

Emilaina Acacia

General Statistics

Ensign Emilaina Acacia

Sex: Female

Race: Human
/ Betazoid

Weight: 130 kg

Height: 166 cm

Age: 27 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the AUX2 position onboard the U.S.S. Atlantis on Stardate 11807.25

Physical Description:
Emilaina, or Emily as most of her friends call her, is a lithe, serene girl with kind eyes and a compelling smile. She is of average height and build, and nothing about her tells you she'd be much help in a fight. She has long, wavy, black hair and piercing blue eyes.

Family & Personal History:
Emilaina grew up on Earth with her human mother, and her two half-human, half-betazoid sisters. She is a middle child, with one older sister, and one younger. Through most of her childhood the three were inseperable, spared most of the usual sibling rivalries of youth by their empathic abilities.

She did not see much of her betazoid father growing up, as he was a Starfleet medical officer himself. When he made the rare appearance at her home on Earth, they would have grand family outings and "bonding experiences". There were times during her youth where she resented his absence, but she understood his choice.

Her mother did not have to work for them to survive, but she chose to become a groundskeeper at a local college. Emily never really understood the obsession with plants, but to this day she finds herself caring for flowers to keep a part of her mother with her.

Her family is alive, and they are all close. She seldom gets to see them anymore, but she exchanges logs regularly with her elder sister who has also joined Starfleet, and sends her mother and younger sister on Earth souveniers from space.

Educational History:
The Acacia sisters went to a public school for most of their childhood, but for high school, each of the girls chose to be homeschooled when their mother gave them the option. When she was 15, Emily visited a starbase to meet up with her father for a short visit. This time, though, she found herself staring out hte window, drawn to space. She finally understood his decision to leave Earth.

For the next three years, she poured herself into medical studies. She learned everything she could about medicine, anatomy, and alien diseases. She kept up with her other studies, enough to pass the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Her mother bought her practice exams, and she studied them dutifully. At 18, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy, on a direct medical track. At her father's urging, she took enough credits to be eligible for officer positions, but she has always cared about medcine the most.

She is in the late stages of her studies, ready to be assigned to a ship to study under a Doctor, and work on her Doctoral thesis. She has a particular interest in alien bacteria, but all sorts of alien diseases have fascinated her since childhood. She wants to be a researcher, but more than that, she wants to travel the stars healing the sick wherver she finds them. She is currently studying patterns in evolution between different infectious diseases, with the intent to find ways to counteract antibiotic resistance in alien bacteria.

Medical History:
Emily is generally in perfect health. She inhereted from her father a strong sense of empathy, which has always been a difficult thing for her. Her interest in the sick and infectious diseases has often exposed her to negative emotions, which has caused her to struggle with her own mental health from time to time. It does give her some advantages as a medic, but not without its drawbacks.

Other than that, she could stand to exercise more, and to eat better. That said, couldn't we all?

Service Record

11807.25 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as AUX2

11807.25 - Promoted to Ensign for Graduating Starfleet Academy