Profile Information

William Worth

General Statistics

Ensign William Worth

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 91 kg

Height: 181 cm

Age: 29 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:

William has an angular face and piercing eyes. Jet black hair and a small goatee add to the intense look. He is rather tall. He tends to stroke his chin when thinking. His ears are on the smaller side, and he is build with a ever so slightly muscular frame.

Family & Personal History:
"Yeah, I grew up on Blue Horizon, with my mother and brother. Dad died when I was young. Yes, the terraformed planet. It was always busy, especially around Da Vinci Falls, where my condo was. I learned some people skills, that's for sure! *laughter* I got a tricorder set when I was 13. Started scanning everything I could find, actually. I was a madman... One time, I found a strange fish in the falls, and the tricorder (a very basic starter model, I might add) didn't pick anything up from it. I captured it and kept it as a pet for most of my teenage years. I learned later that it was an evolved form of a species first observed when the terraforming process began, and was thought to be extinct. That was my first major discovery... and I'm hoping to have many more here soon, once I graduate."
My relationship with my mother was... less than friendly. We despised each other. I had my brother, but he was usually kept seperate from me. I was... alone. For most of my teenage life. But then I got to Starfleet, and things changed. I have friends. I have people I actually care about.
-Interview of William Worth

Educational History:

Exobiology- 90\100 - NOTES: William is very good at identifying the functions and systems in alien biology, as well as inferring what an unknown part may be used for.

Planet Biology- 79\100- NOTES: William struggles with focusing and memorizing the known species of the galaxy, but he is very good at drawing hypotheses and conclusions.

Exoarchaeology- 99/100- NOTES: This kid just has the passion. He dreams of finding ancient alien tech or something, I know it. He's excited and hard working, and has a knack for the unknown.

Ethics- 90/100- NOTES: William is very ethically minded, and loves to contribute to debates and offer solutions to the galaxies most troubling and complicated ethical issues.

Exosociology - 87/100- NOTES: William is the type of guy that can fit in with a completely alien culture within days. He's got the capacity to empathize and learn new ways of life.

Stellar Sciences- 77/100- NOTES: (no comments found)

Medical History:
"No outstanding medical complaints. William is healthy and fit, besides a minor headache when walking in for his checkup.
-Dr Carol Mulgrew, Starfleet Academy

Service Record

11807.23 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as OPS

11807.23 - Promoted to Ensign for Graduating Starfleet Academy

11810.10 - Removed from active duty