Profile Information

Artemis Lauphel

General Statistics

Ensign Artemis Lauphel

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 185 kg

Height: 182 cm

Age: 50 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
Dr. Lauphel stands is a human being of average size build, with eyes a swirl of light blue and brown surrounded in a minor puffiness, as if perpetually fatigued. His face is clean shaven, crowned by a head of straight hair that reveals silver is winning the race against a once youthful auburn color. His jowls have slightly loosened with age and while standing, his posture is admirable, but when he walks he has a minor limp in his right leg.

Family & Personal History:
Artemis grew up on Earth, the child to a widower father who worked as a climatologist in a mountainous region on the North American continent. Since a young age, he wanted to follow in his deceased mother's footsteps, who was an engineer in Starfleet. His father forbid him to join the Academy, citing the dangers of space exploration and defense, after having lost his wife to a battle with the Cardassians.

After his father died of a sudden onset illness, Artemis committed himself to the medical field and reaffirmed his vow to his father that he would not join the ranks of Starfleet.

Artemis Lauphel prospered on Earth, opening up his own medical practice after completing medical school on Vulcan and apprenticing with renowned surgeons from throughout the quadrant.

A chance encounter changed everything, however. After volunteering to aid refugees from the Dominion War, he treated a retired Starfleet Admiral who was his mother"s commanding officer years ago. His patient did not survive, leaving behind a wife, children, and multiple grandchildren. Artemis' experience with his mother";s former Captain and the Dominion War refugee crisis ignited something in him he did not know he had: his mother"s drive for discovery and duty. He enlisted his services with Starfleet Medical shortly thereafter.

Educational History:
Artemis attended Vulcan Medical School after his primary education was complete on Earth. After opening up a successful practice back home, he enrolled in Starfleet Medical where his previous experience helped propel him to graduate with honors, although he found it difficult to keep up with his younger classmates when it came to physical demands.

Medical History:
Shortly after the death of his father, Artemis became dependent on alcoholic substances to complete his medical training on Vulcan. Once discovered by his superiors, a Vulcan counselor offered mind meld techniques to help him overcome his habit. The melds were successful for a time, but the longer he's been away from his therapy, the harder it has been on him to push the old crutch from his mind. The struggle has led to some serious cases of sleep deprivation, although he has learned to embrace it, as the alternative is worse.

Dr. Lauphel also suffers from a minor limp in his right leg that only becomes significantly noticeable when he must move at a faster pace. He suffered a severe injury to his right knee during one of his first assignments with Starfleet. Although the doctor prefers not to talk about it, the rumor is it involved a Gorn.

Service Record

11805.17 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as AUX2

11805.17 - Promoted to Ensign for Graduating Starfleet Academy

11807.10 - Removed from active duty