Profile Information

Adynn G. Sykes

General Statistics

Ensign Adynn G. Sykes

Sex: Male

Race: Human
/ El-Aurian

Weight: 102 kg

Height: 178 cm

Age: 63 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
Brown hair, green eyes, athletic almost muscular build for his body type. Adynn appears to be in his early twenties due to his El-Aurian physiology but is actually much older. The few individuals who can say they know him well would describe him as disciplined, bold, strong-willed and confident but also quiet and reclusive. Adynn has also been known to show obsessive tendencies.

Family & Personal History:
Father: Lieutenant Commander Walter Sykes, Human. 2296-2371 deceased. Engineering Corps, Starship Architect/Designer. Mother: Lieutenant Niama Sykes, El-Aurian. 2120-2367 deceased. Ship's Counselor. Adynn Gerald Sykes was born May 15th 2333 in Funchal Madeira Portugal, Earth. Raised as a starfleet brat between Funchal and San Francisco as well as multiple starbases depending on his parents assignments. He excelled scholastically throughout his juvenile and adolescent years, often taking up extracurricular activities in his downtime including swimming, climbing/repelling, mixed martial arts and even extra orbital skydiving when he was old enough. 2353-2367 survivalist/guide/instructor for small groups who sought training and experience on traversing inhospitable terrains such as desert, mountainous, arctic, tropical and subtropical regions. 2367-2371 returned home to be caregiver to his father after mothers death and fathers retirement until his father passed away. 2371-2390 entered a period of seclusion, little information is known during this time. 2390-2396 attended Starfleet Academy for an extended time and completed a six month cadet cruise on the USS Rapier upon graduation. Currently awaiting first assignment from Starfleet Command.

Educational History:
Graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors, 4th in his class overall. Earned two commendations during this time, The Grankite Order of Tactics and The Sulu Legion of Merit. Majored in SFMC-OCS and double minored in Starship/ Planetary Support Tactics and Covert Operations, receiving degrees in all three areas. Excelled in Starship and Planetary Support Tactics as well as Advanced Combat Training but struggled with Warp Theory and Warp Field Dynamics. Adynn is fluent in six languages: SFS-English, El-Aurian, Portuguese, Vulcan, Bajoran and Klingon. He also began studying the dialects of Romulan as well as he finished his training at Starfleet Academy.

Medical History:
Adynn's last medical evaluation showed him to be in optimal health. Due to being a child of two species, he does possess a few abilities. Longevity, it is uncertain to the extent of his extended lifespan but he is expected to have a normal lifespan that exceeds 500 years. Adynn also has a form of limited empathy but has never taken time to develop this and as a result, it is greatly underdeveloped. He also has an acute sense of time that has been described as uncanny in some instances. It has been theorized that Adynn may also possess a “sensitivity” to space and time itself that would have been passed on by his mother. This is apparent in all the El-Aurian survivors of the Nexus Ribbon which includes his mother but no evidence has shown this ability has past to Adynn.

Service Record

11709.09 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as AUX2

11709.09 - Promoted to Ensign for Graduating Starfleet Academy

11709.20 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as AUX

11711.17 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as TAC

11712.21 - Removed from active duty