Profile Information

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General Statistics

Cadet Hrerl S'Nau

Sex: Male

Race: Caitian

Weight: 136 kg

Height: 183 cm

Age: 35 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:

Physique: Extremely athletic and slim though a decent amount of strength is present but nothing above the normal standards for somebody of his condition

Fur/Hair: Black and neatly trimmed wit the exception of some bushy black sideburns that are also trimmed and made up as neatly as possible though they still show a wild flare to them

Eyes: Left: Blue
Right: Yellow

Scars: The only scar that can be seen is on his body is just below his eye that moves vertically down his face on a diagonal down to his bottom lip and is pink in color

Family & Personal History:

Birthplace: The homeworld of the Caitian people which is known as Cait.

Early Life: Hrerl had a rather calm childhood on his home planet while living in their home on the mountains with his mother whose name was Tripa'l according to Hre. Since they were far away from the nearest settlement Hre didn't have many friends except for a boy named "Billi" By the town instead of his real name, the two would regularly travel down into the forests below the mountains to go fishing and play games with eachother however this all ended when a wild beast known as a "Krinli" Which when translated means "Deadly" In Caitian, The thing was essentially a giant lizard that stood on two feet and is extremely hostile. After a few seconds Hre's friend was dead from a few scratches to the chest and the boy himself had been nicked on the face just before his mother could shoot the animal to death with a hand phaser left by her husband. After that he was diagnosed with depression and would not speak to anybody for about two years.

Later years: During the two years of silence during his childhood Hre was very interested by the biology of his race and others so he started reading about them for a way of dealing with the loss he sustained, this small hobby would eventually become his main choice for a career as he would begin apprenticing at a local chemist for about Ten years as a full time assistant for the doctor and a trainee.

Starfleet Years: After Many years of being an apprentice for a doctor the idea of joining Starfleet had been flying around the local villages and colonies for a while and the young at Person thought it would be a chance for him to expand his knowledge of biology and science and propel him somewhere higher in the medical community. After a few years of training at Starfleet academy and other years of study and rigorous training he set out to be a Medical officer on a starship

Educational History:

Starfleet Training: Hrerl came out top of the class during his basic training and medical studies which gave him many different opportunities in Starfleet of which he chose to be a medical officer.

Subjects he was good at: The one that will stand out the most on his file would be his Study in the medical and biological fields and surgical training, Basic Combat training was also one that he excelled in as his physique helped was in peak condition for the moves taught.

Subjects he was bad at: The whole biological part of his medical studies were his best..but the technological part was a no no, If you asked him to fix a scanning machine or perform anything that would involve upper medium or high level knowledge on the technological workings of the ship or any medical would lose him in a second. He does know basic stuff..and is till studying to try and be more familiar with whats infront of him in a more technological sense.

Medical History:
Medical exam: The subject shows an above average condition mentally and biologically.

Scars and markings: One scar is located on his face that stretches from the bottom of his eye down to his bottom lip

Service Record

11701.01 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Tempest as MED

11701.27 - Assigned to the Station Sigma Rho as MED