Profile Information

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General Statistics

Ensign Sam

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Weight: 70 kg

Height: 172 cm

Age: 32 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Sam has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Sam has a scar down her right eye from being attacked by someone with a knife

Family & Personal History:
Sam's mother died when she was young, she is an only child and was always fascinated with space and starfleet when she was able to join starfleet she didn't hesitate to join. Sam excelled it security and tactics.

Educational History:
Sam Struggled through school but during starfleet academy she exeled in security and tactics

Medical History:
Besides the scar down her right eye Sam has a great medical background

Service Record

11612.15 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Tempest as AUX2

11701.27 - Assigned to the Station Sigma Rho as OPS