Profile Information

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General Statistics

Cadet Cameron Corcoran

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 85 kg

Height: 180 cm

Age: 33 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Blonde (slightly curly) hair, blue eyes, average build, pale complexion

Family & Personal History:
Born: Hampshire, United Kingdom
Marital status: Single
Family: Catherine (mother), James (father), Christian (older brother), Bradley (younger brother).

Educational History:
Cameron Corcoran entered Starfleet Academy at age 18.
Before commencing at the Academy, his academic record was unremarkable. Conscientious and persistent, he only barely qualified for the Academy. Once he was accepted however, he excelled in all of his subjects.

Medical History:
Normal childhood diseases.

Service Record

11612.03 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Tempest as SCI

11701.27 - Assigned to the Station Sigma Rho as SCI