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General Statistics

Cadet Jarok Paradike

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 70 kg

Height: 172 cm

Age: 29 years old

Current Assignment

Currently Awaiting Assignment

Physical Description:
Jarok Paradike is half-Human and half-Vulcan. His eyes are dark, his ears are pointed, and his hair is a dark, almost black brown, all of which could easily be attributed to his Vulcan heritage. However, his face is more reminiscent of a European male's, and his biology (other than his touch telepathy) is also human-like in composition.

While Jarok is on the shorter side of the male spectrum, he more than makes up for it with his well-built body; he doesn't look like a body builder at any rate, that's for sure, but underneath his uniform, it's obvious that he exercises regularly.

Jarok has no scars, although on his right shoulder, there is a small black dot that Jarok insists (to this day) is from a classmate jabbing him too hard with a pen in Primary School.

Family & Personal History:
Jarok grew up caught between two worlds; that of Vulcan, and that of Earth. When he was very young, he often would have abrupt changes of mood, constantly trying to decide if he should be emotional or stoic.

Around age 10, after a discussion with his parents about why the Vulcan side of the family didn't ever call, Jarok decided to follow his human heritage and reject the Vulcan way of life altogether. Some of his Vulcan cousins that had been friends to him before the decision were cut off, although he didn't feel guilty about that decision until he was 15. By that time, the cousins had rejected him back, and any hope of reconciliation was lost.

At 17, Jarok forwent college and joined Starfleet right off the bat. He tried his hand at the tactical and command tracks at first, but eventually settled on medical, because he would rather save lives than take them.

Jarok spent his whole life in San Fran, both growing up and going to the Academy; because of this, he is eager to be assigned to a ship and go somewhere new for a change.

T'val, Vulcan, Starship Engineer. While Jarok views her as very strict and stoic, T'val is, in fact, very lax in Vulcan terms. She originally administered repairs to trader ships to Vulcan, but after meeting her husband, she transferred to working on Federation ships on Earth in order to stay close to her family.

Felix Paradike, Human, XO and xenolinguist aboard the USS Challenger. Met T'val on a Vulcan space-station during shore leave and kept in contact ever since. Left the Challenger after it was obvious that his wife was pregnant and transferred to the xenolinguistics research department of Starfleet.

Vulcan relatives-
While Jarok's relatives are still on relatively good terms with his mother, they refuse to even think about Felix and Jarok. A few of his cousins were nice to Jarok, but he stopped contacting them after his rejection of his Vulcan ancestry.

Human relatives-
Most of them live on the West Coast, and some of them even live in San Fran, allowing for frequent family get-togethers. The human side of the family is much more accepting of T'val than the Vulcans were of Felix, and since Jarok is the youngest among all his cousins, he is often flocked with attention and affection. The family traces its roots back to the Southern United States and, before that, Northwestern Europe.

Educational History:
Even if he liked school and books in his youth, Jarok was far from a braniac. His grades throughout Primary and Secondary school can only be described as something 'a little better than average, but not good enough to be considered exceptional'.

However, once he joined Starfleet, it was obvious that his earlier grades had been judging a fish on its ability to climb; he excelled in all his classes that required on-the-spot thinking and action, such as tactical training or command classes. Despite his clear aptitude in the for the mentioned subjects, however, Jarok eventually decided to join the medical track, because he'd much rather save lives than take them.

Medical History:
Jarok is mostly human in composition

-organs in human locations
-small blood vessels
-red blood (type Ab+)
-human strength/stamina

...with a more Vulan-like brain and nervous system

-a certain degree of control over bodily functions
-touch telepathy

Allergies: seasonal, fur (cat fur, sehlat fur, and a few other types)

Service Record