Profile Information

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General Statistics

Cadet K'Beth T'Kar

Sex: Female

Race: Klingon

Weight: 49 kg

Height: 162 cm

Age: 27 years old

Current Assignment

Currently Awaiting Assignment

Physical Description:
Looks more human than Klingon. Long brown hair worn in pony tail, brown eyes. Badly scarred right leg and back from destruction of family ship.

Family & Personal History:
Father, K'Lar, was salvage ship owner, full Klingon. Mother, Mary, full human was Starfleet science officer who left the fleet to marry K'Lar. Twin brother B'Lar who is studying at Starfleet medical.

Father and mother deceased when ship was destroyed by the Borg on a salvage mission. K'Beth and B'Lar barely escaped with their lives. Bother badly injured. Were rescued by Starfleet science ship and brought back to Starfleet medical on Earth. After recovery from injuries, both joined Starfleet.

K'Beth studied science, B'Lar went into medical.

Educational History:
Starfleet academy. Science.

Medical History:
Constant limp from injuries, but doesn't slow her down. Occasional issues with pain from leg and back but doesn't let that stop her from anything. Strong for her size and weight. Has insomnia.

Service Record