Profile Information

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General Statistics

Commander Benedict Wolfe

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 93 kg

Height: 210 cm

Age: 38 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Benedict Wolfe is tall for a human at 210 cm. Years of training for combat duty have earned him a heavy, muscular build, and he is not one to be toyed with. His dark hair is kept perfectly to regulations, no longer or shorter. He likes his black eyes as they are very difficult to read.

Wolfe has a scar on his throat from time spent performing in professional wrestling. He gained scar when the opposing player brought an "illegal" razor into the ring. At the time when the other performer was supposed to slice a gash in the side of Wolfe's face, Wolfe lunged, the other player missed and instead wounded his throat. Wolfe would not let a life-threatening wound keep him from winning. When told by the referee to be pinned so he could leave and get the medical attention he obviously needed, Wolfe instead strongarmed his very worried co-performer, who willingly went into a hold so as to end the match.

When not in combat, Wolfe walks with a slight limp.

Family & Personal History:
Born into a military and Starfleet family in Carlisle, Benedict Wolfe grew up the youngest of five boys. All were trained early to be tough. Until Benedict was eleven years of age, his father's orders were very stable, not requiring any moving. When this changed, Benedict found himself living in Georgia, which was quite the change from everything he knew. For years he worked to hide his accent and fit in, mastering the "American" accent, which is how he usually speaks today unless provoked to great anger.

Benedict got a late start with Starfleet, choosing instead to involve himself in professional wrestling, where he made a name for himself as Cannonball. While enjoyed the fame, he eventually tired of the company and its ownership, and left the pro wrestling industry to pursue his career.

Educational History:
Age at matriculation into Starfleet Academy: 23
Date of matriculation: Fall, 2387
Major: Tactical Operations
Minor: Engineering

With his past in professional wrestling, a career path in tactical operations came naturally to Wolfe. He excelled at courses requiring mathematical processing, and uses his abilities to send weaponry in both conventional and unconventional methods. When subjected to tactical weapons testing, the instructors were forced to give a passing grade when he destroyed all the targets, though sometimes in ways for which he was investigated for cheating.

Medical History:
Slight limp, though he does his best to cover it up when people are looking.
Scar on throat. See "Description."

Service Record

11512.18 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as CTO

11905.22 - Promoted to Commander for Extreme Long-Term Excellence in Service and the Highest Devotion to Atlantis