Profile Information

Kathryn Harper

General Statistics

Captain Kathryn Harper

Sex: Female

Race: Risian

Weight: 72 kg

Height: 178 cm

Age: 42 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the CO position onboard the U.S.S. Atlantis on Stardate 10807.29

Physical Description:
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Build: Athletic

Family & Personal History:
Marital Status: Single
Living Relatives:
Father: Aerpoor Rolik, owner and pilot, aerial tour agency, b.2334
Mother: Aerpoor Jhnal, owner and pilot, aerial tour agency, b.2336

Kathryn Harper was born on Risa, in the small coastal town of Lunat Bay, approximately two hundred kilometers north of Suraya Bay. Her parents operated an aerial tourism business, teaching her to fly their aircraft at a young age. Although her family prospered from the tourism that came to power the Risan economy, they held to the traditional cultural values predating Risa's ascent to the premiere vacation planet in the Federation. Their efforts to instill those values into their daughter did not succeed, as constant exposure to offworlders drew the insatiably curious girl's mind toward the stars, and the rural environment fostered an innate fascination with the natural world.

It was therefore no surprise to anyone who knew her when Kathryn applied to Starfleet Academy immediately upon reaching the Risan age of maturity, approximately twenty standard years, and then immediately left for Earth upon her acceptance. She chose the Science track, but took as many classes in languages and xenolinguistics that she could possibly squeeze in, discovering a natural talent in that area. The Academy environment was also an endless source of fuel for her unquenchable fascination with alien cultures. Kathryn graduated in the middle of her class and was assigned to the USS Federation as an Assistant Science Officer.

Harper's duty fitness reports as an Ensign aboard the Federation were average, and after a bit over a year there she came up for promotion, electing to transfer to a dedicated science vessel, the USS Hawking. By the time she was eligible for promotion again two years later, the Chief Science Officer position aboard the USS Sagan had become available. The Sagan was a small Nova-class vessel, and the small-ship environment didn't suit Kathryn well, as she had trouble integrating herself into that crew, finding it cliquish and insular. After a year of discomfort, Chief of Science aboard the larger Akira-class USS von Braun opened up, and Harper transferred yet again.

The von Braun was a much better fit, but Kathryn found herself growing increasingly bored with her duties in the Science department, although her fitness reports improved to above average levels. With the Captain's permission, she began to take flying lessons from the ship's helm officer. Kathryn qualified as a shuttlecraft pilot and found herself to have an innate talent for flying, likely fostered by the flight instruction she'd received during her childhood. Eventually she was also certified to operate the ship's helm, but by the time she was promoted to Lt. Commander, her Captain had began to notice an apparent lack of interest in her primary duties.

Despite that, her CO approved the promotion anyway and recommended to Kathryn that taking the Command Aptitude Test may provide a cure to her malaise. According to the recommendation, her Captain had noticed the efficiency with which Kathryn had run her department, as well as the respect given to her by her subordinate officers, and felt her a good candidate for a command position. This came as some surprise to Kathryn, as she had never considered herself a particularly effective leader, but she took the test anyway and passed.

Shortly after she entered the pool of command officers, Vice Admiral Blackthorne chose her to command the beta shift aboard the USS Atlantis. The quiet pace of the second shift was a welcome change, as was leaving Science behind. Although the first step in any emergency while she had the bridge was to inform the Admiral, Kathryn did command the ship through several tense situations while the CO and XO were unavailable. After a few years of exceptional service she was promoted to Commander, and temporarily Acting Executive Officer during a period in which the assigned XO had been taken prisoner by hostile forces.

Only a few months after that promotion, the fighter wing aboard Atlantis needed a new CAG, and Admiral Blackthorne chose Harper to fill the vacancy after a rigorous qualification flight on the SF-51 "Mustang" Space Superiority Vehicle. The Admiral felt that her talents were being wasted on the beta shift, and had noticed that a piloting background and natural feel for flying were recorded in her personnel file. She fulfilled this role as well as that of Navigation Officer on the Atlantis’s bridge for several years, with her fitness reports having improved to a rating of excellent.

In early 2395, both Admiral Blackthorne and Captain T'Kirr were killed in a shuttlecraft accident. Starfleet Command decided that an established face of authority from within the Atlantis crew would be the best choice to fill the sudden leadership vacuum. It was deemed that Harper's tenure as CAG satisfied the requirement to first serve as an Executive Officer or equivalent, and given her long-term excellence in service and time at rank, she was promoted to Captain and appointed the Atlantis's new commanding officer.

Additional Information

Until very recently, Kathryn had little interest in her Risan heritage, preferring to study cultures and languages alien to her. She even legally changed her name soon after arriving on Earth because her Risan name contained a sound physically unpronounceable by humans. However, nearly losing her life in mid 2388 caused Kathryn to be increasingly introspective, culminating in a cathartic experience that caused her to call her parents and attempt to connect with them and her roots on a deeper level. After this experience, Kathryn has also returned to wearing her Risan forehead ornament while off-duty, something she had neglected since leaving home.

Generally an affable person, Kate has a sarcastic sense of humor and enjoys leisure time spent with friends, relaxing and laughing together. Kate has a lifelong love of sports, enjoying both the holographic and traditional varieties, and can commonly be found playing in the holodeck during her time off. Her favorite sports are swimming, a natural hobby for a child that grew up in a coastal town, and tennis, which she acquired a taste for while on Earth. At a young age, her parents noticed a musical inclination in Kate and encouraged it by teaching her to sing and to play a Risan flute. As an adult, Kate's singing voice has evolved into a silky alto, and her flute skill easily transferred to the Terran variety of the instrument, one of which she keeps in her quarters.

Although exceptionally talented with most languages, English idioms continually are a source of frustration for Kate. She often confuses them, mixing up words, usually with unintentionally humorous results. However, her mastery of profanity in any language that she speaks is unparalleled.

Educational History:
Current Assignments:
Commanding Officer, USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D
Commander, Air Group, 42nd Fighter Wing

Medical History:
Stardate 10907.28 - Several internal organs genitronically replaced due to disruptor wounds sustained in combat.

Service Record

9508.12 - Entered Starfleet Academy

9905.27 - Graduated Starfleet Academy

9906.06 - Assigned to USS Federation as Assistant Science Officer

10009.11 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG, reassigned to USS Hawking as Assistant Science Officer

10208.17 - Promoted to Lieutenant, reassigned to USS Sagan as Chief Science Officer

10311.20 - Transferred to USS von Braun as CSO

10501.30 - Promoted to Lt. Commander

10502.28 - Reassigned to USS Atlantis as Beta Shift CO

10803.25 - Promoted to Commander for Exceptional Service as Beta Shift CO, and Temporary Assignment as Acting XO

10807.29 - Reassigned to USS Atlantis as Navigation Officer and Commander, Air Group, 42nd Fighter Wing

11604.20 - Promoted to Captain for Assuming Command of the USS Atlantis

11604.20 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as CO

11612.28 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as NAV

11706.14 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as CO