Profile Information

Cybal Horanda

General Statistics

Ensign Cybal Horanda

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Weight: 80 kg

Height: 168 cm

Age: 29 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
Cybal is an African American women with smooth dark skin, light brown eyes, and waist length dreaded her, which she usually keeps up in a pony tail.
She's short and slightly chubby, has a mole under her right eye, and a big smile.

Family & Personal History:
She grew up in a large house with lots of family.
Her home included a great grandmother, both sets of grandparents, her mother and father, her 4 siblings, a few of her parent's siblings, their spouses and various children.

Cybal's affectionate yet overbearing family causes most of the stress in her life. Their idea of "helping" often make situations more problematic then they needed to be.

Most of them are in Starfleet, those that aren't work in some capacity with technology. As such, her family is spread far across the galaxy. She's likely to run into someone she's related to at any given moment.

Cybal's soft personality made her somewhat distant from most her her family. Though she got along well with mostly everyone, she preferred the company of her younger sister, Quinne, and her older cousin, Adisa. Unfortunately the trio broke apart once Adisa joined Starfleet.

Educational History:
Cybal went into Starfleet Academy at 19, along side a cousin the same age, and did relatively well. She wasn't the best of the best, but she didn't fail anything and was a diligent worker.

She found many different topics interesting and didn’t settle in on a ‘major’ until the last moment. She took many extra classes in subjects she found fascinating, which ranged from biology to wood carving. While she never failed a class, being stretched so thin had its downside as she wasn’t able to give any particular subject her full concentration.

The one thing she excelled at is alien cultural, she is great at understanding and seeing things from different people's point of view.

After her 4 years at the Academy she prolonged her studies by joining an abroad program for 2 years, in which she visited various planets and experienced other cultures.

She is currently working on becoming a doctor while functioning as a temporary nurse on the USS Bremen.

Medical History:
Heart attacks and strokes run in the family, despite the advancements in medical technology.

Service Record

11508.05 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as SCI

11509.25 - Promoted to Ensign for dedication to duty

11510.09 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as MED

11604.14 - Awarded the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry for your life-saving efforts in reference to Captain Kesh Suder

11604.14 - Awarded the Medal of Commendation for for exceptional crew conduct in relation to the safe recovery of Twissel to our dimension

11604.28 - Removed from active duty