Profile Information


General Statistics

1st Lieutenant Randen

Sex: Male

Race: Zaldan

Weight: 82 kg

Height: 203 cm

Age: 26 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
Tall, bulking, muscular, brown hair & eyes. Webbed hands. Zaldans respect physical strength as well as sincerity. He has been trained in body as well as mind. He probably could be a body builder in another life.

Family & Personal History:
Randen was born on Zalda (also known as Dolium V). Raised as a typical Zaldan with stints of being on Qo'noS when his father was the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Endured many physical contests of strength like their own version of the Scottish Caber Toss. A happy healthy life was the goal of the Zaldan people and in that regard Randen was no different. Eating right, exercise and staying active was just as vital to Zaldan children as their education and exercising the mind.

He was the son of Ambassador Rond and Dib (his mother, a cook). He had 2 bothers, Adon and Peat, and a sister Daun. Randen was the 2nd of the 4 children, junior only to Adon. Adon followed their father's footsteps in a way and went into Zalda politics. Peat became a Freighter Pilot to fly freight across the Federation. Daun is a college students with hopes of becoming an teacher. Randen chose Starfleet to explore the galaxy and also to defend the Federation during times of war if needed. And for their first duty being for the truth. A motto he holds dear to his heart.

Educational History:
Randen had the standard Zaldan education both knowledgeable and physical. His father was stern and made sure Randen did well in school and always did his homework first thing when he returned home. The order of things were: homework, chores, exercise and if there was time left, fun before bed. He like all Zaldans learned to respect sincerity above all else. They believed in total honesty and it was engrained in his brain. They often dislike people acting happy around them as they learned deceit can be hidden behind a smile. He learned to see those people as dis-genuine.

Randen then attended Starfleet Academy at 18 to begin his Starfleet Career.

Medical History:
Randen is in peak physical condition being both healthy and strong. A closer scan of his bones may show he's been in a few good fights and had some injuries in his youth.

Service Record

11504.09 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as TAC

11509.23 - Promoted to Ensign for Excellence in Service

11711.17 - Removed from active duty