Profile Information

Tyler Slade

General Statistics

Ensign Tyler Slade

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 79 kg

Height: 178 cm

Age: 31 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
Brown hair, one blue eye, one green, broad chest, muscular build jagged scar on right cheek

Family & Personal History:
Born and raised in the southern United states on a farm. One brother one sister. Single never married. Parents deceased in alien epidemic. Completed medical school at top of the class a year early.

Educational History:
Attended starfleet academy as a teen, and returned after completing medical school. Initially began being trained as a command officer but switched to medical. High marks in both majors. Not proficient with engineering or zenolinguistics. Highly proficient in medicine, piloting, weapons, tactics, and astro metrics.

Medical History:
Family killed by alien epidemic I am the only one to survive due to unknown increased immunity. Causes quicker healing than most humans are capable even without treatment.

Service Record

11412.02 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as MED

11505.07 - Promoted to Ensign for Excellence in Service

11510.29 - Formally reprimanded for Violation of Standing Regulations

11605.29 - Removed from active duty