Profile Information

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General Statistics

Lieutenant Noemi Idaris

Sex: Female

Race: Trill

Weight: 51 kg

Height: 165 cm

Age: 33 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Noemi has reddish-brown hair that reaches the bottom of her shoulder blades. She generally likes to keep it in a loose braid, but has nothing against letting it loose. Her spots are a medium brown and almost like dappling, almost random. She has green eyes and tends to use colored contacts to change her eye color from day to day, as if she can't decide what color to stick with. Her face is generally round, with rounded features. She has a button nose and what can only be described as "average" lips. When irritated, her face can scrunch up and seem almost "Klingon-like" as one former crewmate commented once.
When off-duty, she generally wears a tunic and leggings, always in brown or green colors, sometimes rust reds, but never anything bright. She hates when people wear "loud" clothing and it is a pet peeve of hers when someone wear bright yellow.
When on-duty, she normally wears her uniform, but might sometimes remove the outer jacket, allowing her move maneuverability in combat maneuvers.
She has a few scars on her arms and torso from various combat situations, and a couple from holodeck programs with the safeties off.

Family & Personal History:
Noemi was inspired to join Starfleet by the stories her father would tell her when she was a child of his beloved cousin. After hearing that his cousin had been joined, Noemi tried her hardest to get into the program, but failed out near the beginning due to her short temper and "violent tendencies". Her father coached her to never give up and convinced her to do something else with her talents.
Throughout her life, she has always had two people with her to support her: Her father, Joran Idaris, and her older brother, Tilorn Idaris. They encouraged her and supported her through everything, especially after her mother died while giving birth to Noemi due to rare complications.
Even though her childhood was relatively boring, it did have its highlights, especially in school.

Educational History:
At fourteen, she was accepted into the Symbiosis Commission's program to train potential hosts. At sixteen, she was ejected from the program due to "an excessively short temper and numerous altercations between her and other students/faculty members."
After much persuasion from her father and brother, she joined Starfleet later that year. She did well in her tactical, combat, and command courses. Her marks in her engineering, navigation, and piloting classes were mediocre, but passable. In her medical, science, and other minor courses her marks were poor and she struggled with her patience in what she called "slow and boring classes".
Although she did well in the classes that comprised of her chosen major along the Tactical career track, she almost didn't graduate due to her low marks in other required courses. However, with plenty of convincing from her third-year Tactical Systems instructor, she chose to take extracurricular courses that would boost her marks in those classes to an acceptable level.
So, at the age of twenty, she graduated Starfleet Academy as an Ensign and was first assigned the to Utopia Planitia Shipyards.

Medical History:
She does have several scars from combat situations. There is a long scar on her lower back, one on her lower right arm, a criss-crossing series of scars on her upper left arm and shoulder, and a small scar on her upper chest.
Her psych file notes that she has a mild form of obsessive-compulsive disorder that generally manifests itself in the state of her quarters. Her file also notes that she has "an extremely short temper that could be equated to a stick of dynamite with a very short fuse. If you light the fuse, it only takes a matter of moments for it to explode in your face."

Service Record

11411.19 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Proteus as TAC

11503.09 - Removed from active duty

11604.27 - Assigned to the Station Sigma Rho as CTO

11604.27 - Promoted to Lieutenant for exceptional performance during the Tzenkethi incursion, upholding the finest traditions of Starfleet Security