Profile Information

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General Statistics

Ensign Raifi Teryl

Sex: Male

Race: Trill (Joined)

Weight: 91 kg

Height: 186 cm

Age: 38 years old

Current Assignment

Currently Awaiting Assignment

Physical Description:
Raifi has brown eyes, curly dark hair and has a slight stubble on his face. Typical Trill markings run up the side of his body. Raifi is a bit overweight, but carries the weight well.

Family & Personal History:

Educational History:

Medical History:
A joined Trill, Raifi is the fifth host and the third to serve in Starfleet. He is a bit overweight, but otherwise physically fit. Suffers from a rare genetic disease that results in dips in isoboramine levels, requiring a strict benzocyatizine regimen. The condition known as "Symbiont personality disorder" can result in latent memories or behaviors to surface. Due to his condition, Raifi can not use transporters as they might damage the Teryl symbiont.

Service Record