Profile Information

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General Statistics

Lieutenant Commander Ilaihr

Sex: Male

Race: Aenar

Weight: 72 kg

Height: 176 cm

Age: 232 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the position onboard the on Stardate

Physical Description:
Has a meek and unimposing appearance and posture.
Bright blue eyes.
Greyish-brown skin colour.

Has a pleasant demeanour. He is generally friendly and polite to all. However he has a number of personality traits which can rub others the wrong way:
He is honest to a fault and will reply candidly to any question asked.
Is considered by some to be irritating, as he is highly conversational; telling anecdotal stories of his long life to fit the circumstance.

Family & Personal History:
Born in a laboratory in 2170, he was created as part of an initiative to aid the flagging Andorian population after the discovery of the Aenar. Due to Andorian physiology and the difficulties inherent in their reproductive system, Andorian/Andorian mating resulting in a child is a rare occurence. Illaihr was one of sixteen children that were 'born' as a result of these genetic experiments, and the only one to survive.

His DNA currently makes up the primary research material on the Andorian Genetics Council.

Due to a malfunction in the research ship's systems, contact was lost shortly before Illaihr was due to be moved to a proper living situation back on Andor, on his sixteenth name day. The ship drifted into the Oort cloud of a nearby system and was assumed that all hands were lost.

The ship was discovered in 2291 by the USS Devonshire on a routine mapping mission. The initial encounter with Ilaihr did not go well; He was found locked in a stasis pod, the Andorian scientists having given up the only pod for him while they perished, and he awoke to find himself surrounded by humans - a race which he hadn't yet heard of or encountered. In his panic he attacked the crew and attempted to escape. He ended up collapsing in a Jeffries tube from shock and exhaustion.

It took many months for the Devonshire to return to inhabited space, and in that time Illaihr was rehabilitied - primarily by the Vulcan medical officer who had found him in the Jeffries tube; Solir. Illaihr and Solir became fast friends on the journey home, and it was during this friendship that Illaihr's latent Aenar telepathic abilities were discovered.

Upon their return to Federation space, Solir and Illaihr moved to Vulcan where Solir hoped that under his training and guidance Illaihr could hone his telepathic abilities and perhaps even adopt some Vulcan philosophies. It took almost a decade of Illaihr trying to rid himself of emotion - and subsequently failing, despite the great effort - for his Vulcan teachers to finally refuse to attempt his teaching any longer. Solir fought for them to reconsider, but with no reason to remain on Vulcan any longer Illaihr left to find his fortune among the stars.

In 2302 he found himself in command of a cargo ship, which he had won by cheating in a card game against the Orion Syndicate; which is his favourite story. He went on to become a prolific trader and sometimes a smuggler; he was a gun-runner for the Bajorans during the occupation, he supplied a number of war-torn worlds with medical supplies, and was one of few alien traders who routinely dealt with Tholian silk and Romulan ale. It is rumoured that he may well have also used his apparent neutrality as a guise, to act as a base of operations for clandestine Starfleet missions.

Everything changed during the Dominion War; he fled the combat zone and sought refuge in Tholian and Breen space, however after they both signed non-aggression pacts with the Dominion and casualties began to mount, his conscience grew heavy. He began smuggling medical and weapon supplies to the front lines, nearly having his ship destroyed on numerous occasions. He then completely denounced any involvement he had had with the Breen, on them joining the Dominion. Everything went back to normal when the war ended and he started to trade exclusively in rebuilding materials, trying to do his part.

Everything seemed fine for several years, until the fateful day that he was attacked by a Nausicaan raider. He fled and they pursued, until he was finally rescued by a Federation ship. Betty however, his Cargo ship, was finished. At nearly a century old and having served him faithfully for over 80 years she was crippled and beyond repair. His last sight of her was as he tearfully asked the ships Captain to destroy her, so she could go out with a bang. With nowhere else to turn, except for a new leaf, he called in a few favours with some of the Starfleet contacts he'd made in his time trading and suddenly found himself a brand new Cadet in the Academy.

Educational History:
Having commanded a cargo ship for over 80 years he was able to pass basic ships operation with flying colours.
Engineering and Navigation came easily enough, although some of his knowledge on warp technology was outdated.
Passed basic field medicine.
Did not enjoy particular success in hand to hand or armed combat but did have some aptitude for tactical analysis.
Was asked to join the diplomatic corps due to his knowledge of other races and cultures, which he turned down to join Starfleet.

Beyond Starfleet Academy he picked up other useful traits to serve a life aboard a trade ship:
Speaks and reads over a dozen Alpha and Beta Quadrant languages, including English, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Vulcan, Andorian. He is also converational in Dominionese, Breen and Tholian.
Has a library of books from around the quadrant chronicling various racial histories, many on Human, Vulcan and Klingon history.
Due to his years of trading he has garnered a reputation and is somewhat tolerated by some Tholians.

Medical History:
Due to his original genetic engineering, he has some recurring issues such as hip dysplasia and and erratic heartbeat.
Had to have his vision corrected upon acceptance to Starfleet Academy, takes regular Retinax hypos once per year to stave off the Aenar eyesight problems.
His most prevalent trait and medical issue is his telepathic abilities; he is know to get headaches and bouts of exhaustion when he over uses them. Has a telepathic level similar to that of a Vulcan, although the depths of his telepathic abilities from his Aenar heritage are yet to be discovered.

Service Record

11407.25 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as ENG

11505.07 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for Excellence in Service

11611.10 - Promoted to Lieutenant for Uniquely Meritorious Service.

11812.12 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander for Long-Term Excellence in Service and Devotion to Atlantis

11910.02 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as CEO