Profile Information

Ian Blackthorne

General Statistics

Vice Admiral Ian Blackthorne

Sex: Male

Race: Betazoid
/ Human

Weight: 95 kg

Height: 188 cm

Age: 54 years old

Current Assignment

Transfer order SFR-02-0933-3440

Assigned to the AUX position onboard the U.S.S. Atlantis on Stardate 11701.03

Physical Description:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Faded Blue
Build: Fit

Family & Personal History:
Marital Status: Divorced - Elizabeth Walker, Married - T'Kirr
Living Relatives:
Mother: Jaina Blackthorne, Ambassador, b.2320
Son: Ross Blackthorne, Starfleet Academy, b.2376

Son of a career Starfleet officer and an ambassador, Ian Blackthorne spent the majority of his childhood on the move. Ian grew up primarily in the care of his mother; he was shuttled between her various diplomatic postings, living on several planets in the process. Occasionally, his father's ship would be assigned to transport his mother to her next post, or a vacation or shoreleave would re-unite the family, but the fact that Ian was raised mostly by his mother is evident in his self-identification as Betazoid, rather than Human.

Initially fascinated by watching birds, Ian's interest in flight quickly surfaced as he grew. At age six he broke his right leg from jumping off the roof of his mother's house on Betazed while trying to use a bedsheet as a parachute. Leisure time was spent in any available holodeck playing with flight simulators, starting out with aircraft and then moving into space. From about age ten onward, Ian also began trying to build air and spacecraft in the holodeck, with greater success as he approached adulthood. At age eighteen, he was accepted into Starfleet Academy's engineering and flight training program.

While in San Francisco, after the succession of girlfriends typical of fighter jocks, Ian married Elizabeth Walker during his senior year. Elizabeth was a civilian student of geology at USF, and although hesitant about becoming a Starfleet wife, the young couple vowed to make their marriage work. After graduating with honors, Ian attended Starfleet Top Gun School and placed first in his class, earning the prize of an immediate promotion to Lieutenant JG.

Ian was assigned to the USS Armstrong as Helm/Operations and fighter pilot, serving with distinction there for eight years. He would visit Elizabeth at every chance, but as time passed, the stress caused by the distance involved in their relationship became increasingly apparent. Upon his promotion to Commander, he was assigned as Executive Officer of the USS Yeager and Commander, Air Group of the 76th Fighter Wing. After three years of continued meritorious service, Ian was promoted to Captain and Commanding Officer of the Yeager after her previous CO retired.

Although he finally had his own command, Ian's marriage to Elizabeth was enduring incredible strain. Having achieved what he had set out to do in Starfleet, Ian agreed to retire and move to Earth to settle into a civilian life with his wife. Unfortunately, before he could do so, the Dominion War broke out, and Ian felt that he could not abandon his duty to the Federation. Elizabeth did not agree, and the two were divorced after twelve years of marriage.

Ian continued to command the Yeager during the war until his father was killed aboard the USS Atlantis while on a mission to recover a captured Galaxy-Class starship. Stricken, Ian stepped down from his command and transferred to Starfleet R&D on Earth, taking the lead on a project to design a new space superiority fighter. His engineering and piloting background came together in the new Mustang fighter, the visionary design specifications winning him a promotion to Commodore.

Over the next few years, the Mustang project continued toward implementation, and once the prototype exceeded expectations, Ian was promoted to Rear Admiral. He continued to refine the design even further while still in the allotted timetable, and the fighter went into production two years later. When Admiral A.C. Zuriyev was promoted to Director of Alpha Quadrant Operations, the command of Third Fleet's flagship USS Atlantis came available.

Considering that Atlantis was his father's ship, and that it would give him a chance to personally oversee the deployment of the new Mustang fighters while putting him back in the center seat, Ian applied for the position. He not only got the job, but a promotion to Vice Admiral for the success of the Mustang project. Ian assumed command of the Atlantis, Third Fleet, and became CAG of the 42nd Fighter Wing, continuing to fly combat fighter missions despite his flag rank.

Six months into the assignment, Blackthorne's command of Third Fleet would be put to the test when first contact was made with a race from intergalactic space only known as the Crystalline. Unfortunately, that encounter escalated into full scale war, ultimately resulting in the total loss of Starbase 16 and the destruction of several starships. Following a climactic battle at Starbase 22 where Third Fleet deployed countermeasures against the Crystalline regenerative abilities developed by the Atlantis crew, peace was attained when Atlantis escorted a hybrid life form created from the regenerative effect to the Crystalline homeworld.

A few years later, Elizabeth abruptly returned to Ian's life, to give him the news that she had been pregnant at the time of their divorce. Ian had a son named Ross, and the knowledge that she had kept this from him for nine years was not received well. Still, he vowed to do right by his son, and arranged to meet him on Atlantis's next return to Earth. Before that could happen, Elizabeth and Ross were abducted by agents working for the Orion Syndicate, presumably to personally strike at Ian.

Fortunately, the two were rescued by independent mercenaries and delivered safely to the Atlantis before Starfleet could respond. While waiting for news of the fate of Ian's ex-wife and son, the Atlantis discovered the derelict Daedalus-class USS Horizon, missing for over two hundred years. Upon their return to Earth, Ian oversaw the donation of the Horizon, historically notable as one of the first warp-seven capable starships and now the only surviving ship of its class, to the Smithsonian Institution.

Since this incident, Ian has striven to contact his son regularly and visit as often as his duty has allowed. In late 2386, a burgeoning romance between Ian and his then Chief of Science, T'Kirr, finally came to fruition after over a year of rising tension that grew from years of service and shared ordeals. During the next two years, T'Kirr became Atlantis's Executive Officer, and the couple found their working relationship tested. Nevertheless, they managed to form an effective, cohesive command team while maintaining their personal dedication to one another. On New Year's Eve in 2388, Ian and T'Kirr announced their engagement at a festive party on the promenade of Starbase Vinland, and a year later, they were married in the ship's botanical garden.

Additional Information:
Once described as a man that "doesn't tolerate anything secondhand" by a colleague, Ian Blackthorne enjoys relaxing with the finer things in life; his favorite vices are Cuban cigars, English gin, and single-malt scotch. In what little spare time his position affords him, Ian flies vintage aircraft in the holodeck, his favorites being a Grumman seaplane created as a gift from several members of his crew, and a Stearman biplane. It is also rumored that he shoots a particularly vicious game of pool.

While in command, Ian has shown an almost unrealistically idealistic willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to advance the greater good, or at least his perception of it. The most notable example of this was the efforts of the Atlantis crew to stop the war with the Machen Bren, by using a stolen cloaking device to go deep into their territory and incite rebellion against their corrupt leadership. Despite being captured, imprisoned, and losing control of his ship, Ian successfully convinced the Machen Bren system lords to form a united front in opposition to the Orion backed monarchy, thereby bringing the war against the Federation to a close. Hailed as a hero upon his return to Earth, Ian declined promotion to full Admiral, stating that he "had all the rank he needed."

Although the Machen Bren situation turned out well in the end, Ian has occasionally run afoul of his superiors by failing to pay regulations that he considers to be pointless the respect they deserve. The most recent example of this was a formal disciplinary action placed on file for repeated failure to obey the thrusters-only rule inside a spacedock while he was at Atlantis's helm. Blackthorne considers the rule a crutch for incompetent pilots, and responded that there were no injuries or damages incurred during his impulse powered arrivals and departures. It could be said that such smug confidence in his own abilities is evidence of an overly inflated ego, a character flaw that has gotten Ian in trouble on occasion.

Further disciplinary actions are on file, but require clearance of Commodore rank or above.

Educational History:
Current Assignments:
Commander, Third Fleet
CO, USS Atlantis, NCC-1021-D

Medical History:
Blackthorne was medically disqualified from being the CAG of the 42nd Wing in mid-2387 due to a recurrence of night-blindness that was originally surgically corrected at age eighteen.

Service Record

8505.05 - Promoted to Ensign on graduating from Starfleet Academy

8508.12 - Graduated Starfleet Top Gun School with promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade

8706.31 - Promoted to Lieutenant for continued good service to the United Federation of Planets

9001.29 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander for successfully completing the Starfleet Command Readiness Examination

9302.22 - Promoted to Commander for outstanding dedication, leadership, and service to the United Federation of Planets

9604.03 - Promoted to Captain for taking command of the U.S.S. Yeager

9907.01 - Promoted to Commodore for outstanding dedication, above and beyond the call of duty

10101.05 - Promoted to Rear Admiral for outstanding work on the Mustang fighter project and implementation

10305.12 - Promoted to Vice Admiral upon taking command of the Third Fleet Flagship U.S.S Atlantis

11604.20 - Killed in Action

11612.28 - Re-Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as CO

11706.14 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Atlantis as AUX